Comparative Essay On Monster Culture

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To better comprehend the nature of monsters two authors, take on different perspectives of monster culture. Stephan T. Asma demonstrates the personal experience of monsters in his piece “Extraordinary Beings.” While Scott Poole takes on the more educational stance in his piece “Monstrous Beginnings.” These two pieces are examples of presenting critical thinking through an emotional appeal to monster theory while providing logic to overall educate the reader on monster culture.
The two authors are reliable authors, Scott Poole has received a PhD from the University of Mississippi, and a M.T.S. from Harvard University. Monsters in America: Our Historical Obsession with the Hideous and Haunting was published in 2011 from the Baylor University
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This thought enables fear within the audience because it emphasizes the realism of serial killers in everyday life.
According to Cohen’s piece on Monster Culture, Cohen states in his sixth theses, “The Monster Is Really a Kind of a Desire.” Poole incorporates this by using the vampire. The vampire was originally used to represent the fear of blood and death. But now in this new era of time the vampire is now this sexualized being from the film industry. The desire brings out the emotional aspects of the reader by driving them towards or away from the monster.
Asmas piece focus’ on the more emotional and vulnerability the author has towards monsters, which enables the audience to sympathize with him as a peer. Poole uses this emotional appeal too but tries to tie in logic with his emotions as well by providing examples of monsters throughout history. Both pieces are excellent examples of rhetoric devices.
Even though Asma writes about his fear of water, he argues that those monsters are nothing compared to the monsters within

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