Analysis Of Octavia Butler's Fledgling

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By making use of the cliché vampire tales and transforming them into a unique fictional novel, Octavia Butler’s Fledgling takes the reader into a different world in which pleasure, hatred and persistence are combined to solve the mysterious life-threatening puzzle of a genetically modified vampire. Fledgling is a novel that exposes the ignorance hatred can create and the strength survival can generate. Nonetheless, Fledgling, like many other books, has its downfalls and confusions. Butler’s last novel expresses everything she believed and stood for, and opens the eyes to those who cannot see our universal issues by placing them in a totally different world. To begin with, Butler gives the reader more than just a book filled with words, she …show more content…
From the very beginning of the novel, it become apparent that the narrator of this novel is unaware of her current surroundings, situation, and even identity, which makes the novel even more intriguing. Butler found a way to grasp the attention of the reader by making a connection with the protagonist and only point of view in this book. Coincidence? Of course not. Butler’s novel works perfectly towards engaging the reader in this mysterious maze where the reader knows just as much as the protagonist does. “I had no idea where I was or where I should be or how I had come to be there or even why I was there—there was so much I didn’t know”(pg 3). And just like that, we are attracted to knowing more about this amnesic creature. However, the novel does not describe this creature to be a “vampire”, at least not the vampires known to humans and told in stories. This creature was different. It is not until she meets Wright, a construction worker in …show more content…
Butler writes her last novel in the point of view of Shori. I believe that by doing so, Butler made this book a very mysterious and fictionally conformable book. Not only is the reader able to feel what shori feels and read her mind, but the reader is also given the opportunity to be part of the amnesic journey Shori had to undergo, and at a point in the book, the reader actually begins to feel the same feelings Shori feels. Making this novel a 1st person point of view gave the reader a personal look at the thoughts and feelings of Shori in every situation she encountered. In other words, the reader is able to see the view of someone who is trying to figure out where they came from, and in the process, learn how to be herself—the reader is able to live every moment with the protagonist. On the other hand, the point of view does more than just give the reader a better look at Shori’s thoughts, it gives us another look into fiction. From the beginning being hungry enough to kill an animal with her bare hands was completely normal to Shori, therefore becoming completely normal to the reader. All these unhuman acts performed by this genetically modified vampire become “usual” and although they remain unhuman, for a moment, they become “understandable” to the reader. However, the reader is limited to many other aspects of the novel, and the thoughts of other important characters,

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