Characterism In Paul Barber's Vampires, Burial, And Death

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In Paul Barber’s Vampires, Burial, and Death, he discusses the very early sightings or cases of vampirism, like Andre Paole and Peter Pologojowitz, and, we,as readers get a sense of the core features that make a vampire so interesting. Characteristics such as reanimation, state after death, epidemics and prevention, as described many testimonials, including the two in Barber’s book, are the most fascinating to me.

The idea of death epidemics that surrounds the town in each vampire sighting is really thought-provoking. Although this isn’t a direct feature of a vampire, it is something that often is seen in vampire cases. When the so called vampire would die and began to haunt the town, others always start to follow until almost the whole
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The case of Andre Paole starts with his death. After falling off a haywagon and snapping his neck, he was declared dead, that is until he began visiting his relatives and preying on the living. The ideas of immortality are of course enticing to humans who know that one day, everything dies. Beiing able to live through thousand of years of history, science, culture, technology, sounds like something everoyone would want to do.To be free of fear of death sounds like the ultimate dream. Vampires, have accomplished that feat and get to continue to live well past their time. That power is unimaginable to humans, and that’s why it fascinates them and why vampires continue to live to this day in popular culture. The characteristic of immortality is one of the things makes them what they are, but so does the state of their bodies upon …show more content…
As mentioned previously, most cases of vampires eventually result in the exhumation of a vampire 's body from its grave. The people in the stories want to protect themselves from the epidemic and believe that they must prevent the body from being able to reanimate at night and move about. In most of the testimonials, upon exhumation, a vampire is found vulnerable. They lie asleep in their grave and the people form the towns can make their attempt to kill the vampire. This is often done by removal and destruction of the heart, decapitation, and removal of limbs to prevent walking. Why this is so fascinating relates to the notion of immortality. The idea something can be immoratal and dangerous, but at the same time be rendered completely vulnerable is a wonderful contradiction that makes us feel safe. In a way, because we know, from these testimonials, that a vampire can be killed, it makes up for their immortality,the death they cause, their unnatural state of vitality because what cannot be explained is far more terrifying than any vampire to us

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