Roles Of Mr. Quiring In A Complicated Kindness

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All appearances of characters in novels have their different roles developed, even if they are minor. Mr. Quiring in the novel, A Complicated Kindness, is no exception to this convention. Although Mr. Quiring rarely appears in the novel, he plays a crucial role in making the readers understand more about the protagonist, Naomi, whom may be thought that she hates Mr. Quiring in the readers’s first reading.
The readers may mistake that the protagonist, Naomi, does not like her teacher, Mr. Quiring in their first reading. First, Naomi behaves rudely to Mr. Quiring, she tries to express that she is disappointing on his regular basis (Toews 46). For example, when Naomi’s mom and sister left their town, Mr Quiring “was praying for them”, but Naomi
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Quiring in A Complicated Kindness is guiding Naomi to stop her internal struggle. The essay which Mr. Quiring gave to Naomi is a metaphor of her problem, with which she is struggling to find its ending. According to Heath, the whole novel is an assignment that she had difficulty in what to write, especially in its ending (223). In the beginning of the novel, she got problem with ending, he helped Naomi acknowledged how to come up with the ending that is quite out of the writer’s control, which people just know when it happens (Toews 1). Moreover, the author also let Mr. Quiring assist Naomi to solve her ending in her real life. It can be explained when it takes time for her to stuck in finishing her schoolwork, saying goodbye to her town, and especially living in her way, Mr. Quiring tries to guide her to find the answer by asking her to imagine what will happen when she closes her eyes (Toews 152) . In other words, he lets her draw her dream future – her ending she desires. Finishing the ending of her essay simultaneously opens her endings for her family. That is a reason why she said Mr Quiring provided her family with ending (Toews, 243). Therefore, “providing Naomi’s ending” is one of the most indispensable role of Mr. Quiring in the

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