Differences Between Buffy, Dracula And Blade

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Comparative essay

Buffy, Dracula and Blade, these texts all present the basis of gothic horror. All of the main characters; Dracula, Buffy and Blade, all have different physical appearance and supernatural powers. The conventions form a basis for the genre gothic horror, with some adaptations between movies and TV series. These conventions are borrowed from the original text from Bram Stokers Dracula, both Buffy and Blade depart from them in order to create new texts. Intertextuality is the relationship between texts and the similarity between multiple texts, this does not just mean literature they can be found in music, films and images.
Physical appearance
Dracula, Buffy and Blade use vampires to explore humanities inner monster. The portrayal
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Unlike in Dracula, Buffy is a girl and she hunts the vampires, and in Blade he hunts vampires, however Blade himself is a half-vampire. Traditionally the vampire would do the hunting and not be hunted. Blade does not have all of the physical appearance of the ‘average’ vampire. He has a muscular build and wears a bullet proof vest while he hunts vampires, he kills the vampires by using silver bullets; the vampire’s weakness. Also in Buffy, Dracula has a younger appearance compared to the older appearance of Dracula in the text Dracula, but he still has the convention of a pale face and some of the appearances. In the text, Dracula is presented as an old man with pale skin and long hair and fingernails cut to a …show more content…
That is a half-vampire, half-human character. Bram Stoker aims to explore the realm of vampires and the supernatural; going against the impossible. Dracula in the text adapted from Bram Stoker is the antagonist. Over the years the physical appearance of Dracula or vampire hunters has changed; in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy is the hunter and is a girl, compared to Blade when the hunter is half-vampire. Buffy and Blade draw being the protagonists of the text, by contrast Dracula is the antagonist of the text. Buffy, Dracula and Blade all draw on the certain conventions of vampires to explore the idea of the hidden monsters in humanity. Each of the physical appearances of Blade, Buffy and Dracula are different but still provide the basis of the gothic

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