The Vampire Lestat

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  • Comparing Stoker's Dracula, The Uncanny 'And' Other

    In conclusion, uncanny sides of London are visible in both novels. Both Levy and Stoker connect the uncanny to the "other." In Dracula, the uncanny "other" is represented by vampires whereas Levy's "others" are immigrants. Additionally, both novels are connected to the empire: Stoker writes during the Victorian period and is visibly influenced by the imperial mind-set; Levy writes in a post-imperial context as her text depicts an empire that is falling apart. The two novels depict the "other"…

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  • Representation Of Women In Dracula

    In Dracula, Stoker presents a stark representation of women and attacks the “New Women”, through the voice of the main women characters, Lucy Westenra and Mina Murray, later known as Mrs. Harker. In the Longman Cultural Edition of Dracula, the term “New Woman” is defined as a “single urban young woman, often working in a new clerical job; she smoked cigars and rode a bicycle and ventured, scandalously into the world on her own” (Blake, Dracula 413). Mina is the epitome of the idealized virtuous…

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  • Degeneracy In Dracula Essay

    existing in a constant threat of regression. These modern anxieties found fruitful soil in literary works that address monstrous characters. One such example is Dracula, written by Anglo-Irish novelist Bram Stoker. The supernatural Count Dracula, a vampire, covets female victims who he can sully with his degenerative blood, turning them into monstrous characters that…

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  • Fake Blood

    So, why not use real blood in stage/film productions? Well, real blood coagulates (thickens/solidifies to a jelly-like state) in the presence of oxygen, which is not helpful in a performance if someone is supposed to be bleeding out. Blood also darkens during this process. So making fake blood turned out to be a more accessible, effective, and dramatic method of enabling blood effects in a scene. So, According to John Hess, from Filmmaker IQ, the most notable uses of fake blood began in Paris.…

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  • Drop Dead Gorgeous: A Short Story

    the bell rang I ran off to class and thought about it long and hard. I do want to become a vampire, and thinking about it got me more excited. I worked out the pros, like no eating, no dying, being young forever. I couldn’t get over my excitement. The excitement continued on to the night, where I would be turned. As I pulled up to the school I got anxious, where did all this come from? I becoming a vampire, like forever. excited, but I don’t want to , but yes I do. I was so confused, but I…

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  • Dramatic Meaning In Dracula

    One example of this is when Jonathan is attacked by the two female vampires. Jonathan’s isolation is shown first when Jonathan is being circled by them, having them crawl around him. This utilises the space to show the isolation by confining him to the circle they were creating. He is then further isolated by the women running…

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  • Queerness In The Picture Of Dorian Gray

    characters and queer themes isn’t as prominent in a physical sense in this novel as it is within the two vampire novels discussed, there is a definite use of queerness in the tale. Henry M. Alley explains, “what Hallward says of his artistic but sensual bonding with his protégé reads as an archetype of unadulterated gay love” (3). While there is a clear sense of queer character as monster in the two vampire novels, The Picture of Dorian Gray is more complex in that the novel deals with a sort of…

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  • Dr Utterson's Narrative Voice Of Mr Hyde

    Female represenation is rare,vage and there is a threat of female sexual expression. it is a novel that indulgies the male gaze. This is seen in the three beautiful vampires. What Harker comes across in Dracula's castle are present in his nightmare and dream when it comes to male imagination. The three sisters represnet the Vicorican ideal of how women should act, women should not be sexual confident . Therefore, making…

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  • Darkness In Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu's Carmilla

    Darkness the Vampire’s Double: Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s Carmilla Darkness in Le Fanu's Carmilla serves as its own monster since it is a representation of negativity, mystery, and fear. Darkness like the vampire creates an unsettling sensation for the narrative because it allows the uncanny to manifest and generate feelings of uncertainty and terror. For the main protagonist Laura, the overwhelming experience of darkness places the character in a state of distress which creates problems for…

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  • The Role Of Conflict In Bram Stoker's Dracula

    Vampires, first introduced in 1897 have traveled an extensive path into the modern world of 2015. A blood thirsty monster, avoiding garlic and sunlight, only being able to be killed by a wooden stake driven through the heart are all characteristics of the vampires found in 1897. Now a days vampire don’t burst in to flame at the touch of sunlight or have uncontrollable blood lust for human blood, but instead sparkle in the sun and “diet,” which entails that they feed on animals instead of humans…

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