Political Contextualization In The Hunger Games

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The Hunger Games is centered on the political issues that tend to affect the community of Panem. One of the characters is determined to protect her folks and the whole country from poverty and tyrannical oppression. The political structure involves the destruction and replacement of the countries with 12 Districts under the Capitol 's rule. To gain authority and power to rule the districts, the central government creates tournaments annually involving 24 destitute children where they fight each other to death. The fighting places are usually full of wild animals and unpleasant conditions to damage the children both psychologically and physically. These actions make the winner undergo painful aftermath and mental tortures following the killings of his colleagues. Besides, the winner has to cope with the Capitol 's regime. The winner is enforced to appear on camera regularly, and the past encounters haunt them forever. The president is responsible for the experiences that these children go through. Katniss is an excellent example of the people suffering from the regime. She decides to take her sister 's position and fight on her behalf. She started embracing rebellion since then.
Although the majority of people have read the book, they interpret the political message in it differently depending on the political side they choose and how
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This implies that it is open to contextualization. Although some elements in The Hunger Games are slightly illusion, technology establishes them all and can obtain credible descriptions that can turn them to be factual. The idea of the arena and its problems, the weapons, and the various machinery are all imaginary but not too illusory. This implies that there is a direct connection with the happenings in the real world and this creates a better understanding and critiques more

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