The Hunger Games Theme Essay

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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins takes place in a post apocalyptic society where the only way to keep the “districts” in check is by hosting an annual program, known as a celebration, called The Hunger Games. During The Hunger Games one male and one female between the ages of 12-17 are chosen from each district. They are forced to fight to the death until only one remains as the victor. This year Katniss Everdeen, a poor girl from district 12, volunteers to take her sister’s place in the games. Katniss uses her wit and survival skills to conquer the games along with her new love interest, Peeta. The themes of The Hunger Games are how far family love can go and how where you’re from doesn’t define your strengths. The most prevalent theme in the story is that family love can go a long way. Page 22 is the first example of this theme. “With one sweep of my arm, I push her behind me. ‘I volunteer!’ I gasp. “I volunteer as tribute!” “But in district 12, where the word tribute is pretty much synonymous with the word corpse, volunteers are all but extinct.” (page 22) Katniss knows that stepping up to take Prim’s place is almost a certain death sentence, but she still does it for Prim. This shows that …show more content…
The first example of this is on page 64. Katniss asks her stylist, Cinna, if he’s new to the games. She then says, “‘So they gave you district 12.’ Newcomers usually end up with us, the least desirable district.” Cinna answers, “‘I asked for district 12.’” This shows Cinna doesn’t care that district 12 is normally seen as a “bad” district, he must think they are stronger than they appear. Another example of this theme is on page 345 when Katniss and Peeta finally win the games. Even though Katniss and Peeta were from district 12, the “least desirable district”, they won the games. That shows that even if you are from somewhere that is looked down upon, you can still be

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