Gender Roles In The Hunger Games

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In today’s society women are often viewed with lesser expectations and are delegated to have more feminine like roles. However, in other situations they are expected to have more masculine roles. In The Hunger Games, director Gary Ross, shows this way of thinking in society throughout. The Hunger Games uses rhetorical moves to appeal to pathos, ethos, and logos to show how society has unrealistic views on women in today’s society by presuming them to have both feminine and masculine roles.

The movie is set in Panem, in which the movie is set is, a post war dystopian society in North America. which The country is divided into 12 districts each one specializing in a certain resource. Every year there is a game called The Hunger Games,
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After she comes home from hunting her mother tells her that she laid clothes out for the reaping. Katniss has an indignant expression when she sees how there is a dress laid out on her bed. She then goes to bathe she is shown intensely scrubbing the dirt off of her body, and after that her hair is braided up. Her reaction to the dress, and her scrubbing the dirt off of herself presents that she has a masculine gender role for the reason that she is never use to wearing dresses and often not pristine from activities like hunting. But with The Capitol watching The Reaping she has to present herself in a more feminine attire as a result that she is being used to entertain . This appeal to pathos helps to express why Katniss was perturbed about wearing the dress, and how she felt it was unfair expectation on The Capitol’s account. Since she has to change her appearance for an event to conform to to the views The Capitol believes is correct, which is on unfair due to them not taking account on the circumstances of people and why they may not be like the expectation of their gender …show more content…
All of the tributes chosen for The Games are presented in a Tribute Parade, and in that they wear clothes traditionally from their district. Katniss was dressed in a black leather like outfit that set on fire in the back. Later on for her interview she wore a long red dress that set on fire in the ends when she spun in circles. The audience was immensely excited when they saw the fire, cheering loudly on both accounts of the fire clothes. Katniss later was coined with the name “The girl on fire”. Since fire is associated with beauty it shows how the people only like Katniss due to her being associated with something beautiful. The people did not adore Katniss because of her characteristics but only for vain reasons. The fire caused her to become more feminine by generating her to an more alluring appearance. The Capitol associated Katniss with fire in an attempt to make her become more feminine. This impractical belief is unfair by saying that people will not admire a person unless they have the expectations of women by looking beautiful. This is especially unfair to Katniss since her district’s views were constructed more with respect to survival than endeavoring to make individuals like

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