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  • Unexpected Situation Essay

    Introduction: Unexpected Situation Sometimes life throws unexpected situations into our everyday lives. They can have a domino or out spreading effect, worming in and out our defenses. Depending on the attitudes of family members when these situations arise, they can either make, bend, or destroy us. Grant, it, some unexpecting can come as a blessing or be a curse. Some can kaleidoscope before our eyes, confusing on what we are witnessing, and although, beautiful and twisting in color delight, it could settle as an explosion, destroying our lives. But the one sustaining truth is, no matter the unexpected it can be turned and contorted until it is somehow claimed a blessing in our lives. As our story unfolds with the devastating news over Mark Anthony’s brain tumor, a dormant, unseen tumor, is about to explode, in the Brown’s circle of family and friends. While the family and friends, for the most part rally, around the child, a darkness grows within the father. He has strong feelings of despair, and although no one says it, he feels they blame him for not manning up and taking control. Everyone else seems to find their part in this whole devastation, but him and with his feeling of being alone, sinks into deep depression. He fought in…

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  • What Are The Challenges Of Earning My Degree In Nursing

    CPR certified, I don’t let anyone watch him. That being said, child care for my son will be one of the biggest complications I will face. With that being said, I will miss a lot of classes and it will be a set-back. Finances may also be a problem I face toward earning my degree. I don’t have a very established financial situation, but to be straightforward, what college student does have all of their finances together? Life pitches unexpected set-backs…

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  • The Downfall of Tess in Thomas Hardy's Tess of the D'Urbervilles

    When the time comes for Tess to return to Marlott, he begs her to stay and gives her mahy flowers. This, to some extent, foreshadows how Alec will not give up on having her for himself. Tess's first real horrific life experience comes about on the night when Alec and Tess are returning from Chaseborough. Upon realizing that she is vulonerable and weak he takes the opportunity to seduce her. The consequence of this is her unexpected pregnancy, which results in the birth of Sorrow. She…

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  • Essay About Experience In Nursing

    My struggles may be slightly unique considering I am a teen mom, a college student, and a special needs mother. My main goal is to stay focused and to do all I can possibly do to succeed in earning my nursing degree. I am most definitely not the average teenage mother and I refuse to be labeled as another teenage mother statistic. In other words, my motivation to do well is to prove a point to my family, friends and anyone with whom I have ever had contact with. I had a child at 14 years old,…

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  • Essay On Effects Of Ruling Passion In Life

    There are many effects on a person’s life as a result of their ruling passion. The product of ruling passion includes; hard work and will power, greediness and can impact the individual’s personal life as well as their mental wellbeing. Through the story “Paper” we are able to witness examples of the effects of a ruling passion in one’s life, we see how things can take unexpected turns and lead to unexpected consequences. At the end of the story, at Tay Soon’s funeral there is a line referring…

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  • Death Is Unexpected

    Death is unexpected. Although I knew my aunt Gail would not live for long, her death still seemed to shock me. In my mind, the day she passed away was unexpected, and strange. To me, it feels as though your brain is pushing back the knowledge that someone you know, may pass away soon. In order for you to concentrate on just spending time with them without feeling as though it has to be done in a certain amount of time; your brain protects you. When the day does come where death appears, and…

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  • Immigration: The Unexpected Truth

    Immigration: The Unexpected Truth Immigration is a majorly debated issue in many countries, but especially the United States. Even though our country was basically founded on the principle that people of all ethnicities can feel safe here, our country continues to discriminate against certain immigrants. Many people seek religious freedom and a better way of life when they take the journey to America. Our country should have pride that we are viewed as the land of the free and as one of the best…

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  • The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey Analysis

    Are you looking for a thrilling fantasy movie which is both engaging and interesting than you are looking for the Hobbit an Unexpected Journey? The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey is a fantasy/adventure movie which was written by Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, Guillermo Del Toro and Philippa Boyens. It was directed by Peter Jackson; this movie is a great piece of work which shows the effectiveness of cinematography when it was released in 2012. It is about a hobbit who goes on an adventure to help the…

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  • Unexpected Places Summary

    America was growing up like how the buildings were built, more and more, better and better. Phillip J. Deloris, author of Playing Indian and Indians in Unexpected Places, had once praised on Frederick E. Hoxie and Jay T. Nelson book, Lewis and Clark and the Indian country. He said the book was “placing the expedition in the context of long environmental, social, and political histories, Lewis and Clark and the Indian Country retells the familiar stories in light of Indian experiences and…

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  • Unexpected Events In The Great Gatsby

    It is also inevitable that the great ones do fall. Tragedy is an overwhelming, growing wave of unfortunate, unexpected events that overlooks a person’s efforts in life and drags him down to the deepest abyss of the human heart. Jay Gatsby is the epitome of self-calamity the moment he lays eyes on Daisy, the moment he is in contact with the deep, intimate human connection that was once absent in his life. Additionally, love is a road that goes both ways. It is a promise of forever from both…

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