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  • Three Characteristics Of Bilbo In The Lord Of The Flies

    make him a hero; selflessness, humility, and cleverness. The first heroic trait that Bilbo displays is his wit and cleverness. There are many times when Thorin and Company were in tight situations and luckily for them Bilbo always seemed to come up with a witty plan to get them out. One such time was when the Dwarfs were captured by the Woodland Elves and were held captive in cells. “One day, nosing and wandering about, Bilbo discovered a very interesting thing: the great gates were not the only entrance to the caves... Where this underground watercourse came forth from the hillside there was a water-gate... For some time Bilbo sat and thought about this water-gate, and wondered if it could be used for the escape of his friends, and at last he had the desperate beginnings of a plan(177).” Bilbo was able to come up with an amazing plan that led to the escape of Thorin and Company. His plan was to use barrels that were dumped out of the water-gate, that led to a river or stream. He had the Dwarfs get in the barrels and the Dwarfs with the barrels were dumped into the river and floated safely away. Most people or creatures would not have thought to use the barrels to escape. Bilbo’s incredible wits allowed for the Dwarfs escape and that makes him a hero. Bilbo was able to use his wits in many other situations, all with a one-hundred percent escape rate. Clearly, the trait of wit and cleverness is very much needed to be a true hero. The second trait that classifies Bilbo as a…

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  • Comparing The Human Condition In Edson's Holy Sonnets And Other Poems

    transcendent put in place by the Anglican Church, death is not a finality, but a moment of transition and judgement. The sonnet Poisonous Minerals employs wit specifically to engage with the perception that God is merciful to the faithful. “And mercy being easy, and glorious To God, in his stern wrath why threatens he?” The rhetorical positioning of the persona at the absolute mercy of a higher power engages with the contextual belief of surrendering to God in order to be cleansed and forgiven.…

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  • Theme Of Love In Much Ado About Nothing

    Love. Love is expressed and heralded in various ways in every culture across the world. Many humans are unwilling, too stubborn, or simply too independent to admit their love or cave into love’s demands. On rare occasions, however, it is stubbornness and the yearning for independence that bring lovers together. William Shakespeare’s “Much Ado about Nothing” encompasses many different themes in a relatively short play. The theme of the most importance and the most persistence throughout the play…

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  • The Pretentious Young Ladies Analysis

    The genre of the both plays were comedy as they both treated their respected subject matter with humor. The first play ‘The Pretentious Young Ladies’ dealt with the theme of pretentious nature of people, while the second play, ‘The Miser’, dealt with the theme of greediness that plagues many human minds. Considering the sound of laughter abundant among the audience on that day, I consider both plays successful in gaining the response they both aspired to. In the first play, ‘The Pretentious…

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  • The Movie Wit

    The movie Wit portrays the gripping trials of a patient with terminal cancer and the ethical dilemmas health care professionals must face when treating such a disease. It follows the journey of Vivian Bearing, a middle-aged English professor who is suddenly diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer. She agrees to undergo an experimental treatment conducted by Dr. Kelekian and Dr. Posner where she will receive a vigorous dosage of chemotherapy in attempt to combat the growing cancer cells.…

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  • Wit Film Analysis

    Wit is a film created by HBO about Vivian Bearing and her experience in the healthcare facility during her battle of stage four ovarian cancer (Nichols & Brokaw, 2002). This paper will show through Vivian’s experience and through lecture notes how the film corresponds with the consensus and conflict sociological models. First the paper will discuss how the film relates with the consensus model. Lastly, the paper will discuss how the film related to the conflict model. The consensus model…

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  • Wit The Movie Essay

    see if any of the patients’ rights are being violated. The American Nurse Association(ANA) believe that “respect for the inherent, dignity, worth, unique attributes and human rights of all individual is a fundamental principle” (American Nurses Association, 2015, p.1) Nurses establish relationship of trust and provide nursing services according to need, setting aside bias or prejudice (ANA, 2015, p.1) According to ANA these statements on ethics and human rights provides the foundation and…

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  • Wit Play Analysis

    enjoyed reading the play, Wit. It touched on the importance of human interaction and how we choose to live our lives. The ending, even though Vivian dies gave the reader comfort. I feel Edson’s writing is very intriguing; I like the different layers within the play and her choice of words. The main character Vivian is very intelligent and witty. I liked how she spoke to the audience though out the play. It gave me a feeling of interaction and insight about what she was thinking. She…

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  • Professionalism In The Movie Wit

    The film “Wit,” directed by Mike Nichols is narrated from the perspective of an English professor, Vivian Bearing, after she is diagnosed with stage four metastatic ovarian cancer. She explains her experience with the doctors, other health professionals, as well as the institution, and the side affects the treatment has had on her both mentally and physically as she goes through her intensive chemotherapy. She explains feeling neglected and isolated. At one point, she makes a comment about how…

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  • Role Of Women In The Movie Wit

    Nurses play a variety of roles in healthcare, and all of which are centered on the patient’s quality of care. In the film Wit, a college professor, Vivian Bearing, is diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic ovarian cancer. This film documents the physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion she undergoes while receiving chemotherapy treatment in a hospital facility. This patient was previously a well-distinguished academic, who by the end of the film is stripped of all of her humanity. As she…

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