Three Wishes In The Monkey's Paw

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In “The Monkey’s Paw”, by W.W Jacobs, is a story about a “mystical charm”, a monkey’s paw that is brought into the home of the Whites. It was brought by Sergeant Major Morris . The monkey’s paw can grant 3 wishes to three people. Mr. Morris was the second owner and the one before him wished for death for his last wish. Throughout the story the Whites get hold of the monkey’s paw and make all three wishes.

For one night a family friend, Sergeant Major Morris came into the household of the Whites for a visit. Mr. Morris takes out a monkey’s paw and explains that a “mystic miracle worker” left a spell on the paw and that it can grant three wishes. With curiosity Mr.White questioned more about the paw. Mr. Morris knowing what the paw is capable of, he threw it into the fire. With his actions and words it reveals that the paw is unsafe and doesn’t want anyone to keep a hold of it.He knew the paw wasn’t going to bring any luck into the White family or anyone who have used it. The Whites thought it would bring them luck and desperately wanted the paw. After leaving a warning the Whites still refused to give it up and kept it to hope it’ll grant them three wishes. Herbert the son suggested that they should wish for
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Mr White believed with the paw he could get everything he wanted for himself and his family. What he didn’t know is that he had everything and didn’t have to control fate in order to get what he wanted. Mr. White and his wife lost their son by a selfish wish that they can’t take back. This is how it shows how Mr.White shows regret. He and his wife were depressed knowing it had to do with the paw. Which shows how Mr.White changes as character knowing he made a mistake. Although when his wife wished for her son to come back to life, Mr.White wished him away knowing it wasn’t going to be the same Herbert. He thought it would be best to leave things how it’s supposed to

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