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  • Themes In Barbara Kingsolver's The Bean Trees

    While Taylor and Lou Ann were sitting at Dog Doo Park, Turtle mentions the wisteria plant. Taylor looks at the plant and says, “‘Will you look at that,’ I said. It was another miracle. The flower trees were turning into bean trees” (194). Dog Doo Park is very barren other than the wisteria vines and a few shade trees. The park is very desolate and dreary. The fact that these wisteria vines grow and produce beans is a miracle, considering the other foliage in the park. These beans exemplify new beginnings and perseverance. Taylor, Turtle and even Lou Ann endure so much together. These plants mentioned throughout the story are a constant reminder of their trials and tribulations. The plant signifies their collective and individual growth. As Catherine Himmelwright writes in her article “Kingsolver’s Merger of American Western Myth and Native American Myth in The Bean Trees, “Although Kingsolver focuses on the relationships that occur in the human world, she describes these…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Phantom Of The Opera Home

    he would later help. “And you my darling, did you finish cleaning the pedestal?” “Oh,no, I did not” she slowly stated. The girl, again walked to her room and decided to clean the pedestal, as she wanted to do with her regrets. When she looked at the rose, it had turn jet black, it was completely dead. She thought that maybe that was the signal, but that was the reason why she was cleaning it, because all of the leaves were in the floor and it was not beautiful to have a black rose. She…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Whitford And Wisteria Allgood

    Whitford and Wisteria Allgood are siblings who have recently been accused of being a witch and wizard by the newest political party the New Order. Kidnapped in the middle of the night by the New Order who are trying to take over the world and capture all humans with magical powers whether they know they have them or not, just like Whit and Wisty. They are surprised and annoyed when stuck up classmate Byron Swain controls their arrest. They are each allowed to take one item with them. Without any…

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  • The Importance Of Female Friendship In Barbara Kingsolver's The Bean Trees

    As Taylor read a book to Turtle, she reads, “ . . . Wisteria vines . . . often thrive in poor soil, the book said. Their secret is something called rhizobia. These are microscopic bugs that live underground in little knots on the roots. . . . The rhizobia are not actually part of the plant, they are separate creatures, but they always live with legumes: a kind of underground railroad moving secretly up and down the roots” (305). Rhizobia help the wisteria vines thrive in harsh environment. Just…

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  • Figurative Language In The Bean Trees

    For example, in the The Bean Trees, Kingsolver uses figurative language to represent the importance of community by comparing a person to a plant. In Tucson, Taylor discovers a plant that, weirdly enough, thrives in the desert. The plant, wisteria, flourishes because of a community made up of rhizobia that are, “...a whole invisible system…” like Taylor’s friends who, “...you’d never guess was [were] there.” supporting her. (Kingsolver 241). Then, Taylor concludes that, without a secret network…

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  • Why Is The Alhambra Important

    9 Its delightful multi-level garden features pebble mosaic floors, shady grottos and lush flora: bamboo, palm, cypress and pine trees; rose, honeysuckle and wisteria; and granada (pomegranate). 10 Palace of Charles V - The work was done by architect Pedro Machuca. It is a masonry building with a facade of 63 meters (206 feet) wide and 17.40 meters (57 feet) tall, built with blocks of 55 centimeters, rusticated stone to rustic, Renaissance-inspired, like the Medici Palace Florence. 11 The…

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  • Ever Changing Lexicon Essay

    Clipping is the shortening of a word, for example the shortened word for Advertisement is Ad; Acronyms is the abbreviation of a word, this is very popular in today’s culture especially in texting for example one of the most used Acronyms is “LOL” which stands for Laugh Out Loud; and Backformation is the process where it’s starts off as a plural and changes into a singular, it’s also viewed as a type of clipping, for example Tamales is the backformation of Tamale. With so many words entering…

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  • Essay On Apartment Houses In Arthur Miller's Death Of A Salesman

    doesn’t have “a thing in the ground” (Miller 96), and he has planted nothing. He hastily goes to provide some seeds and cultivates them. Willy because of the huge shade of apartment houses, that symbolizes capitalism, couldn’t have grown any seeds. So that the reason why he can’t raise good sons, live a pastoral life or make success in business world is the shade of Capitalism. Willy Loman faces a dilemma. In one hand he yearns for a pastoral way of life. He is a handy man. Spalding states that…

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  • Love Song Of J Alfred Prufrock Analysis

    immoral and evil crimes. In the poem, when the women and the nightingales are mentioned, we can infer that Sweeney will be punished for his crime. Sweeney unknowingly “guards the horned gate”, or the gates of hell, in which the Raven, alluding to death, guides Sweeney down a river to pay for his crimes. Orion and the Dog are constellations, “veiled; and hushed the shrunken seas”, which means that the stars are hidden behind dark clouds while the sea is soundless. Rachel nee Rabinovitch is one of…

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  • Blood Brothers Short Story

    a creek bank, when suddenly Tokola was swallowed up by the earth! “You might be thinking quicksand, but it was not quicksand, nor mud, no…” she paused, dramatically, her eyes wide the way Nokomis used to do, letting them absorb her words. “It was not quicksand! No. Mother Earth had opened her mouth and swallowed Tokola - he had dropped fifty feet, into the bowels of the earth, and landed in a deep wide cavern! “He could hear his friend moaning in agony, and knew he was alive. Grandfather,…

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