Ever Changing Lexicon Essay

. The ever-changing lexicon

In today’s culture there are many different ideals that are affecting the language around it, and because of this; the language is always changing to keep up with it. Words come and go depending on their functions in day-to-day usage, and therefore new ones are being added to the ever growing lexicon constantly. It’s important that languages change over time, because it shows that the capacity has not yet been reached, and therefore has more time to flourish so it doesn’t die off. Language change plays a substantial part in the new additions to the lexicon; however their usage will depend on how their entrance into the lexicon will affect how they are entered.

Many words and phrases are coined from other languages, or different neologisms to create that word. The English language is such a melting pot of different cultures with bits and pieces of their language thrown
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This has happened to many languages, like Sanskrit and Latin which stayed the same and never evolved it eventually went extinct. The usage of these words, may it be acronyms in texting or gaming, or clipping in conversations also plays a vital part; without them being spoken they will also cease to exist but new words will eventually take it’s place and be used. A lot of people say that the new slang and “lingo” is killing the English, however on the contrary this is incorrect if the language doesn’t change it will die. It’s understandable that many people will see the new slang as destroying English, but it’s not it’s simply the new era of words that are popular at that time and place. The language has changed throughout many era’s and it can be shown on the OED (Oxford English Dictionary) which is a very cool resource and allows one to see how far the English language has come and where it continues to

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