The Importance Of Female Friendship In Barbara Kingsolver's The Bean Trees

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Female Friendship: Necessary for Emotion Survival There are many ways a friendships can help you. Friendships can help in almost any aspect, from physically helping someone with a project, to emotionally by being there when you are depressed or stressed. There are multiple reasons why a friendship is necessary for human life. Barbara Kingsolver using the book the Bean Trees to show how this and how this specifically affects females. This book is about Marietta, how changes her name to Taylor at the beginning of the book, decides to leave to leave her hometown to go west from Kentucky. But not long after she goes out on the adventure, she gets stuck with a baby, due to a woman giving it to her, and her plans start to get complicated.Kingsolver’s depiction of the bean tree functions as an analogy for female friendship, necessary for emotional survival.
Kingsolver uses beans as a way to show how relationships are necessary for survival, and how people thrive because of this. As Mattie and Taylor meet for the first time, Mattie tells Taylor, “Sure enough, they were one hundred percent purple: stems, leaves, and pods. . . . ‘The Chinese lady next door gave them to me. . . .
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As Taylor read a book to Turtle, she reads, “ . . . Wisteria vines . . . often thrive in poor soil, the book said. Their secret is something called rhizobia. These are microscopic bugs that live underground in little knots on the roots. . . . The rhizobia are not actually part of the plant, they are separate creatures, but they always live with legumes: a kind of underground railroad moving secretly up and down the roots” (305). Rhizobia help the wisteria vines thrive in harsh environment. Just like the wisteria vines, Taylor has many people helping her thrive in Arizona. From Mattie and Lou Ann, they all help her somehow to survive in

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