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  • The Importance Of A Catholic School

    Catholic school. They believe that all we do is talk about God and pray. I had one kid ask me all of the girls in my 8th grade class were becoming nuns because that’s what all Catholic schoolgirls do. People think of Catholic school and they think of how much more expensive it is. Whey that is true, the education is worth it, at least in my opinion it is. A lot of people believe that Catholic schools students do not get a well-rounded education because many do not offer, foreign languages, or other extra classes that some public schools can. That is however, not true. While at my school and many other Catholic schools you did not have a choice of eleven foreign languages you at least had the chance to take one. Catholic schools in history have also been known for better educations for minorities compared to their local public schools. “Historically, the nation 's Catholic schools provided urban students, including many minority students from low-income households, with more efficacious yet less expensive educational services than their urban public school counterparts”. Now knowing that you think people would be happy for Catholic schools being around. However, more people just think we are stuck up kids because our parents can afford the tuition. When high school came around I was miserable. My grammar school was in Oak Forest but I moved to Tinley Park when I was about in third or fourth grade. So that means as I was going to Saint Damian, the kids I was going to be at…

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  • Narrative Essay In English

    In high school did you really care? Freshmen year English, is different teachers, the boring writing assignments that seem pointless, you don’t really care. Webster County High school isn’t like most high schools. We do things a lot differently! Some students don’t even do their assignments especially not their English homework. I was different, I loved English and I remember Tammy Rich making me into the teacher’s pet. It was the first week back from summer back and she made the entire class…

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  • My Journey To The First Year Of High School

    much of it, I never thought I would see the day. But the 4 years in high school went by in a blink of an eye. My mom was very emotional as was my dad. Mostly because they were involved in my very unique journey through high school. I didn 't go to the traditional High School, I went to a new start up High School, Central Coast New Tech High, I would be apart of the first graduating class. My parents are the people that motivated and encouraged me to go to this new school. As I approach early…

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  • High School Expectations Essay

    Expectations of High School Junior high is two years where it is comparable to the most awkward years. That is why most people can not wait until high school. I would say most people compare and contrast high school with their high expectations. Tv shows and movies and parents persuaded many upper elementary and junior high students including myself of what to expect out of high school. Tv shows and movies gave me high expectations of high school since they all showed the students not…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: How Language Changed My Life

    My journey begins with how language affected my life. It all starts off with a conversation that my counselor and I had which changed my life in a matter of seconds due to a couple of comments that were made. Which were “you will be the most successful person in your class” and “You were a floater throughout your high school career” Hearing those statements said changed my life in a matter of seconds because of how affective language can be. Language has affected me in many ways such as a…

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  • Analysis Of I Just Want To Be Average

    somewhere,” despite coming from a poverty-stricken household. I utilized school as my escape from my home life, in specific sports. Compared to other students who were withdrawn, didn’t speak much, failed classes, barely passing, or didn’t contribute to the school’s sports teams. These students came from all backgrounds, but due to their character, they flew under the radar and didn’t receive a second glance. I made it through high school because I was determined, I made the best of a bad…

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  • My Personal Experience: The First Day Of My Life

    worry about the problems they dealt with. However, the first day of high school changed all of this for me. The moment I walked into the high school on the first day of my freshman year the atmosphere that surrounded me was far different than the ones I had previously experienced. As usual, some students showed zero effort and had no ambitions academically but there were also students who were striving to make something of themselves and were becoming prepared for the next stage in life. This…

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  • I Are Better Than High School

    opinion, it is the easiest. For me, high school depicted in movies and high school in real life are totally different. I haven’t really seen any bullying or upperclassmen asking for your lunch money. However, to be honest, I don’t and didn’t interact enough to find out. I am the type of person who tends to keep to myself. When I first came to the high school, I did think that it was extraordinarily bigger than middle school. I worried about getting lost and being late to my classes all the…

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  • Essay About My Experience In High School

    Have you ever struggle with school? I have, school has always being hard for me. But it has also taught me how to achieve better skills of learning. It has helped me learn more about my inner self. My experience in high school has made me realize that some subjects are going to be is challenging, people are not going to be nice, and that responsibility is the key to success. High school has changed in me several ways. One of them was the ability to do things I thought I could not accomplish. I…

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  • High School Vs. College

    Is College the Same as High School? When I thought about college; I thought of it as another 4 years or more of high school. I convinced myself that what had worked for me in high school could work for me in college. I even considered that the likeness of high school to college could essentially ruin my life. Being afraid to go crossed my fearful mind several times. People constantly told me that high school contains many wonderful memory making moments, and that the impact that high school…

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