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    banks and the private sector banks both are competing one another in order to perform well one among them. The capital restructuring and the financial re-engineering remain the competitive environment among the banks. The e-banking era made the ITES development in the banking industry which is treated as main component in the performance of the banks. The faster the services offered to the customers the better the performance of the banks.

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  • Effect of Monetary Policy in Banking Industry in Nigeria Essay

    SPECIICATION From the above discussions, the profit function of the commercial banking industry assumes the reduced form: P= ∑(r, er, rv, cr, pl, w)………….. (1) Where; * P - Banks’ performance measure (interest earnings as a ratio of total assets of commercial banks: return on assets, that is, ratio of gross profit to their total assets, and return on capital for the industry, that is, the ratio of gross profit to industry paid-up capital); * r - Interest rate (savings or lending and their

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  • The Current Status and Future of Shipbuilding Industry in Bangladesh

    On the other hand, as per recent statistics and world shipbuilding trend, the sea borne cargo growth was increasing 6-8% per year and demand of new shipbuilding was increasing at the rate of 3-4% per year. But the existing ship building industries are not in a position to handle this additional pressure. At the same time traditional ship building nations are burdened and as the rate of demand is increasing day by day, they have become selective in building new ships. They are not interested to build

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  • Impact of Ict on the Banking Industry a Case Study on First Capital Plus

    this global change curve. Laudon and Laudon, (1991) contend that managers cannot ignore Information Systems because they play a critical role in contemporary organization. This revolution in the market place has set in motion a revolution in the banking sector for the provision of a payment system that is compatible with the demands of the electronic marketplace (Balachandher et al, 2001). Innovations in information processing, telecommunications, and related technologies – known collectively

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  • Essay on Banking Sector

    robustness of the banking industry, but also to integrate it with the global economy deep into the 21st century. The 21st century challenges for the Pakistani banking industry are broadly of internal and external nature. Internal challenges are the one that stem from within the banking industry and carry a profound effect on the long run robustness of the banking industry. External challenges are somewhat exogenous, being generated from the external environment of the banking industry, and require shrewd

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  • Essay on Indian Banking

    To meet these requirements and challenges, industry players are gradually harnessing technology with cloud computing and analytics based on big data becoming a key differentiator. The budget referendum of allowing banks as insurance brokers is also a welcome move for the industry, which will gradually forge out a financial supermarket for the customers. With tele-density (based on total number of mobile connections) standing at 74.21, in 2012, according to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)

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  • Industry Analysis of Indian Banking and Financial Services Essay

    Indian merger and acquisition witnessed substantial levels of deal activity in the first 9 months of year 2013. 377 deals amounting to 23.9 billion USD happened, as per the survey by tax advisory firm Grant Thornton. Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) in India Investments in Indian markets through participatory notes increased to 23.74 billion USD by end of July 2013, as per the data released by SEBI. P-Notes allow high net-worth individuals, hedge funds and other FI’s to invest in Indian markets

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  • E-Banking Essay

    and authentication of modern banking are very much dependent on cryptography and its applications. With the expansion of global Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure and the internet, e-banking is set to play a pivotal role in the national economic development of any country. But appropriate software, technology, infrastructure, skilled manpower, and cyber law are crucial for the implementation of e-banking in the country. Electronic banking helps to attain enterprise resource

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  • Essay on Project on Retail Banking

    unfolded in India, retail banking is going to emerge a major driver. The major policy issues relevant to retail banking are financial capability, consumer protection, regulation and responsible lending. In this report, our basic aim is to focus on the following aspects: 1. To study the retail banking scenario in India. 2. To study the various challenges and opportunities of retail banking in India. 3. To suggest certain measures for the future growth of retail banking in India. 2 Retail

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  • Pestel Analysis - Banking in China Essay

    Jaibao, Jiang Zemin & Zhu Rongji) have been described as technocrats as they were all trained as engineers, therefore scientific and technological modernisation has been given a high priority. • Increased in the use of banking cards, China has issued 714 million banking cards between 1985 to 2006. • Approximately 480,000 POS machines and 64,000 ATMs as at June 2004, low population vs POS/ATM ratio compared to developed markets. • The China Association of Banks promoted the inter-bank

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  • Challenges of Banking Sector Essay

    Given these facts, banks will have to look at alternative sources of investment. Interest Rates And Non-Performing Assets: The best indicator of the health of the banking industry in a country is its level of NPAs. Given this fact, Indian banks seem to be better placed than they were in the past. A few banks have even managed to reduce their net NPAs to less than one percent (before the merger of Global Trust Bank into Oriental Bank of Commerce, OBC was a zero NPA bank). But as the bond yields start

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  • Hrm in Khuna Banking Essay

    Khulna is known as one of the main industrial cities of Bangladesh. So, as an industrial city the need of banking services can easily be sorted out. But if there is luck of proper human resources or if the human resources do not perform up to their mark, then it will be bad for both the banks and for the stakeholders of the banks, who are certainly part of the Khulna city. In this research, we tried to find whether “Strategic Human Resource Management” is properly followed by the banks of Khulna

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  • Banking Essay

    Overview of Banking 1.1 Introduction to Banks 1.2 History of Banks 1.3 Functions of Banks 1.4 Banking Products 1.5 Introduction to Financial Services 1.6 Features of Financial Services 1.7 Importance of Financial Services 1.8 Sources of Revenue 1.9 Objectives of Financial Services 1.10 Causes of Financial Innovation 1.11 Present Scenario of Financial Services 2 Channels through which Products & Services are offered 2.1 Branches 2.2 Mobile Banking 2.3 Telephone Banking 2.4 Internet Banking 2.5 ATM

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  • Service Quality: the Future of the Services Industry Essay

    Technical quality refers to what is being provided or the outcome of the service, for example the food received in a restaurant or the mobile phone received from a telecommunications subsidiary, whereas functional quality refers to how the service is provided or the process of service delivery for example how the food was ordered and the demeanor of the waiter. When customers are assessing goods they only evaluate the technical aspects of the product however when they assess services they are evaluating

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  • Similarities and Differences Between Islamic Banking and Conventional Banking

    Interest based system encourage instability in the economy because there is a chance of high inflation etc, but on the other hand Islamic banking system encourages a stability in the economy ➢ Islamic banking system increases the investment. In conventional banking system, higher the level of interest the lower the level of investment and vice versa. Thus financing the business on the basis of profit and loss sharing instead of interest will increase level of productive investment. ➢ Today

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  • Essay Banking

    RBI in Indian Banking sector. 2. Write short notes on: a. Repo Rate b. Reverse Repo Rate. 3. Write short notes on: a. Bank Lien b. Right of set off 4. What is cash credit means? END OF SECTION A Section B: Caselets (40 marks)     This section consists of Caselets. Answer all the questions. Each caselet carries 20 marks. Detailed information should form the part of your answer (Word limit 200 to 250 words). 2 IIBM Institute of Business Management Examination Paper of Banking & Financial Services

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  • Impact of Operational Risk in Banking Essays

    | 8 | Non-Ghanaian | | | | | Sources: BOG (2007) and GBS (2008) Databank (2006) observed that the re-energized Ghanaian banking sector has been characterized by ardent competition due to increasing sophistication of customers, globalisation, improvement in technology, banks ability to engage in universal banking and the entrance of new banks in the industry. These have resulted in product development, increased technology and emphasis on customer-friendly staff. Product development, according

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  • Banking Terms Essay

    purposes, this is any institution which we know of as a bank or as a provider of banking services. Bounced Cheque - when the bank has not enough funds in the relevant account or the account holder requests that the cheque is bounced (under exceptional circumstances) then the bank will return the cheque to the account holder. Credit Rating - This is the rating which an individual (or company) gets from the credit industry. This is obtained by the individual's credit history, the details of which

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  • Essay on Banking

    production. Genetic engineering be important to parts of the world where agricultural production lags, often the same parts of the world facing the brunt of the expected increases in the global population. World hunger is a big problem for people in future. A major advantage of using GM Foods is that they can be modified so that they are resistant to weeds, pest and other diseases. Nearly 40% of the world's food crop is lost every year

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  • research paper on banking

    average internet banking transaction costs the institution only one twentieth of teller transaction. Conclusions of study undertaken for European Commission on public perceptions (September, 2003) say that lack of trust has been frequently cited to be one of the key factors that discourage customers from participating in e-commerce, while cultural differences affect the formation of trust. Apart from trust, there are other variables which influence the usage of Internet banking. They are intention

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  • Questionnaire of Islamic Banking Essay

    above, in your opinion is the bank interest is similar to RIBA? A. Yes B. Not sure C. No D. Don’t Know. 24. In your view; An Islamic Banking is ………………………………………… A. Banking without RIBA only B. A socially acceptable Just Banking System C. A human oriented, socially friendly Bank D. Same as conventional banking with

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  • Banking Sector Performance, Regulation and Bank Supervision Essay

    Loans and advances played a major role on the uses of fund. Loans and advances amounting to Taka 1,047.1 billion out of aggregate assets of Taka 1,725.5 billion Table 5.1 Banking system structure (billion Taka) 2003 2004 Bank Number Number of types of banks branches Total assets % of industry assets deposits NCBs DFIs PCBs FCBs Total 631.6 154.5 617.8 110.1 1,514.0 41.7 10.2 40.8 7.3 100.0 525.0 62.6 468.2 84.5 1,140.3 4 5 30 10 49

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  • Scm in Banking Sector Essay

    transaction 18 WHOLESALE BANKING 19 WHOLESALE OR CORPORATE BANKING  Products offered     Cash Management Services Capital Market Services Trade Services Trade Finance 20 WHOLESALE OR CORPORATE BANKING 21 WHOLESALE OR CORPORATE BANKING  Trade Services/ Trade Finance 22 WHOLESALE OR CORPORATE BANKING  Working Capital Management 23 WHOLESALE OR CORPORATE BANKING 24 HNI/ PRIVATE BANKING 25 HNI / PRIVATE BANKING Personalized Attention:

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  • International Banking Essay

    the absence of some competitive advantage. Banks without a competitive advantage may obtain an edge through the acquisition of foreign businesses in sophisticated markets. The general idea of explaining about International Banking is to obtain a basic idea of international banking and its activities. The further report discusses about Organisational structure, legal status, key activities, liquidity, Credit and Market risk exposures, analysis of banks efficiency using CAMEL rating systems and regulatory

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  • FInancial and Banking Systems Essay

    that within past 15-20 years, the banking system in Vietnam did gradually developed not only in number of banking institutions but share of the banking sector in Vietnamese economy, amount of credits for the economy, and amount of other banking services as well. Results of this are, the amount of capital mobilized through the banking sector was around 1,800 trillion VND, nearly 30% up compares to early 1990-s. Hence, the amount of domestic credits that banking sector provided to the economy was

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  • The Future of Fashion Essay

    more information, please contact info@aspenbsp.org. THE FUTURE OF FASHION 03 nologies and dramatic shifts in the global economy are already impacting the industry. The nexus of these concerns makes the fashion industry a valuable case study for these challenges and provides a framework for discussing new business models and management techniques for the future. Product life cycles in fashion are among the shortest in any industry, and the rapid cycle of change and adaptation makes it a useful

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  • International Banking Essay example

    the Group in the political, social and economic context. Its activities are organised into three business lines: * Retail banking in France and abroad: 25% stake in the Regional Banks, except the Corsican bank. * Specialized business lines: asset management, insurance, private banking, consumer finance, leasing, factoring etc. * Corporate and investment banking Crédit Agricole Group has more than 150 thousand qualified employees. It serves nearly 20 million customers in France and 51

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  • The Importance of Customer Relationship and Sales in the Banking Sector

    RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT IN THE BANKING SECTOR In order to maintain High Net Worth individuals, banks ought to focus strongly on relationship management with customers. To assist in performing this task bankers use the innovative customer relationship management strategies and advanced software’s. The full service industry has gone to a significant change in the direction of becoming customer-specific. For this reason, customer relationship managers in the financial service industry took the time and efforts

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  • Money and Banking Paper

    planned to rent it out, it becomes an asset because you are receiving money for it. MAX PAY: 5,000+5,000(.95)+5000(.95)^2 P<15,000 What is meant by “free banking?” (7 points) Has the U.S. ever had this system? (3 points) Why doesn’t the U.S. practice free banking today? (Briefly!) (5 points) Free banking is a national banking system without a central bank. The US has had this system

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  • The Advantages of Islamic Finance and Banking Essay

    It is fair, since the lender has no guaranty that, he will not be in the position of borrower in the future, and he probably would not like to see any pressure against him through interest. This is directly related with the term of Islamic PLS (means profit and loss sharing) which states that the relationship between borrower, lender and intermediary are rooted on financial trust and partnership . Here banks are in the role of intermediary, and individuals become lender through investing on the bank

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