SWOT Analysis Of Public Bank Berhad

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4.0 Strategic Analysis
There are two kinds of analyses carried out in order to fathom the features that are interpreted by Public Bank Berhad as leverages, or as disadvantages, both internally and externally. They are SWOT analysis and PEST analysis.
4.1 Strengths
The most significant strength of this business is evidently the rank that it holds in the country as the third largest banking group in Malaysia with reference to the size of assets. In addition, Public Bank Berhad has managed to keep up the encouraging consistency of having unbroken net profit track record since its establishment in the year 1966. It was recently reported that the business has succeeded to increase the net profit by 13.8% for the third quarter of the year – RM1.19bil
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However, the focus seemed to remain only within the nation. The business is lacking in global presence. The wings were only expanded within Asia countries, namely Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Laos, and Sri Lanka. This disadvantage would undeniably discourage its goal to fulfil the corporate vision. Correspondingly, there is also a lack in branches reachability by customers, if it were to be compared with other leading banks. This is not implying that the locations of current branches are not strategic, it is instead implying that there are not enough branches. Customers might decide this bank over other rivals in the industry if the public presence seemed to be better than others. In addition, as a technology aspect, it also lacks in providing internet banking, in comparison with other competitors. Internet banking eases customers in engaging daily routines in their lives, as it would save their time. For instance, the internet banking for GSC Cinemas app and website only includes two kinds of banks only; Maybank and …show more content…
In comparison with another rival banking companies in Malaysia, the customer reachability of Public Bank Berhad is quite low. The business ought to focus on both main cities, and developing areas in the country. Public Bank Berhad might have taken the steps to go international, but the vision would not be achieved if the expansion is limited only to the Asian market. The business is suggested to establish new branches beyond Asia. Public Bank Berhad would then be recognised globally – and not just within Asia – and the probability for the business to accomplish its vision would be

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