The Two Career Paths In The Finance Industry

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The two career paths that I will critically evaluate in this essay derive from the finance industry. I will use the financial bodies involved, which are the CISI and the ICAEW to portray the steps needed which may increase the chances of gaining access to the finance sector. One of my preferred career options is investment banking, I will talk about the capital markets programme provided by the CISI to gain exposure towards this career path. Another option as a career for me is corporate finance for which I will use the ICAEW to show the path which could lead to a career in this. The CISI and ICAEW have a joint association which makes the corporate finance qualification available to the CISI as well.
One of the benefits of completing the corporate
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With regards to my previous point, I had mentioned that Ms Lloyd had recommended the capital markets programme due to the exams containing a UK financial regulation exam. She also advised that the exams include key modules related to investment banking activities such as derivatives, global securities and commodity derivatives. This therefore is an advantage as the capital markets programme includes the fundamental basics as to what investments banks do on a day to day basis. Conversely, with the corporate finance qualification, it only allows you to complete the first two stages of the programme. To obtain the last stage, applicants are required to complete 5 years of experience in the financial industry (Convention, 2014). I find this aspect to put me at a disadvantage in pursuing this career as I personally would have liked to have completed my education and not return to it after 5 years. To return to the initial question, the career path that ICAEW are offering may not be suitable for myself in the future because of the requirements of the corporate finance qualification listed …show more content…
This therefore shows that the stepping stones required to gain exposure in investment banking may seem easier shown by the statistics above. On the other hand, the source of the pass rates can be questioned. This is because the pass rates for each individual exam are not shown, whereas it has been complied to show an average of the pass rate for the capital markets programme itself. It could be argued that this could be a marketing attempt by the CISI to attract more students so that they can increase their sales. In my opinion, the pass rates for either qualification will not affect my decision as to what career I will choose as how I perform depends on my personal approach and

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