Investment Banking Path

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The Investment banking industry provides a wide range of career opportunities, especially for people with a penchant and fondness of finance or corporate finance. Some of the most prominent career opportunities in investment banking include capital markets, sales or trading, corporate finance, and securities research or analysis. Each career path or area of investment banking offers a unique set of opportunities and challenges for professionals along with varying income levels. Each career path in investment banking requires a specific set of skills, talents, and abilities along with the personal interests and personality of the professionals (Gutmann, 2013). Some areas of investment banking involve the application and utilization of risk analysis or risk mitigation,
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Investment bankers should follow a career path that allows the utilization of several skills and talents along with the advancement in personal growth. Monotony can considerably influence the attitude and morale of professionals, especially in the investment banking industry. Therefore, investment bankers should pursue a career path that provides new opportunities and challenges for specific periods. The entry-level positions in investment banking offer excellent opportunities and exposure to professionals, especially with respect to the selection of a specific area. I believe that the three most interesting areas of investment banking are securities analysis, trading, and corporate finance according to my skills, interests, and talents. The career path in investment banking should follow a distinct route from securities analysis to trading and corporate finance or advisory. I firmly believe that the career in investment banking should start from a basic trading or analysis position to provide exposure to the interested

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