Why Is Goldman Sachs So Successful?

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Spencer Gareiss
Ms. McCreery
Business Management
18 May 2016
Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Goldman Sachs Group is a global leader in investment banking and investment management because of their widely diverse client base and capabilities. Goldman Sachs manages individual investment portfolios, provides investment management services such as advising and controlling, perform securities, and finance massive innovative procedures. The spirit at Goldman Sachs is driven by entrepreneurship, empowerment, and equality. The reason Goldman Sachs is so successful is because they reach such a diverse client base that they maximize their revenues with clients of all race, religion, and sexual orientation. The managerial hierarchy is described by all levels
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There are companies such as J.P. Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and other multi-billion dollar financial institutions. Goldman Sachs sets themselves apart by not just providing financial management, but by also providing financial advising as well as innovation in the inventing sector of financial technology. The rate of advancement and the post-modern culture at Goldman Sachs will give them an edge over the mainstream financial institutions that have been doing the same things they’ve been doing for decades. As a financial institution that makes billions of dollars in fiscal revenue off of financial portfolio commission, Goldman Sachs is greatly affected by the global economy. There was a trough in 2009 and then came the recovery and prosperity period to end a period of extensive recession. There was a peak of recovery, now we are in a minimal recession that was quite devastating to the global economy this past fiscal year as a result of the petroleum and energy industry crash. When the energy and petroleum industries crash, the sovereign funds in global market systems cause the global economy to plummet. As a result, investments plummet because all global industry and growth either stagnates or decays. When investments plummet, Goldman Sachs revenues plummet because their multi-billion-dollar portfolio values plummet, thus crushing the value of their commissions. …show more content…
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