How Do You Define Success Essay

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  • Definition Essay: How Do You Define Success?

    How do you define success? Google claims that it is 1): the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, or 2): the attainment of popularity or profit. How do you define it? Interestingly, the powerful human desire to be successful has played a huge role in shaping American history into what it is today. As we can see from our nation’s (and the world’s) history, if we fail to retain a firm belief in our personal definition of success, the world will work tirelessly until it convinces us that our supposed definition is w r o n g. Fancy houses… Expensive cars… Celebrities… Prestigious jobs… Beauty… success. Normally without even realizing it, we associate the previously mentioned things with success; success, success, success. Americans love success. Ok, so does everybody…

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  • Summary Of The Opening Chapter Of Jackson's Narrative

    peeled his shirt over his body, as he walked towards her. His hands found the bottom of her dress, peeling it over her head, careful not to mess up the curls, he knew she had worked on the night before. His hands working her bra off, mouth clamping down on a breast, she gasped, wrapping one leg around his waist. “Tell me you 've missed me.” He whispered, working his pants down his legs, as she moved her pelvis against him. “You know I have.” She turned her neck to the side, the feel of his…

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  • Narrative Essay On The Tracker School

    It’s best if you don’t think about it,” Nikolai shrugged at Scarlett’s confused face. “Why do the Vulkans care about our schools existing?” Ryan asked. Nikolai sighed. “See? Now this is why the majority of the fledglings start out in a smaller school. That way they can learn about all of this crap and I can save my breath,” Nikolai mumbled agitated. “The Vulkans want to take over the world,” Charlie said. “Their ultimate goal is the rid the world of all normal humans and fully replace…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Central High School

    The first threat came over the phone when there were suspicions of Minnijean going to Central High School. I walked over to the phone in the kitchen. A deep voice, a man’s voice came on. “If anyone in your family comes to that school, I’ll come to your house myself, and shoot all of you“, I ended the call, and stood there for a couple minutes, stunned by what just happened. And ran to mom and dad’s room. “Um, m-mom. We got a phone call “, I stuttered. “I’ll be there in one second honey.“ she…

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  • Jamereo: A Short Story

    She doesn’t seem all that bad. She was actually very respectful to me. Is that part of her personality or do you tell all your girlfriends about me? ” Annabelle asks curiously. “Yeah, I do.” Jamereo says calmly with swag, “They know not to fuck with you or talk shit about you. I put them in check. I put you over them, always. They gotta respect you at all times, no joke. I can call any one of them right now with you on the phone and they won’t say a thing. That’s how much control I have over…

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  • An Inspector Calls: A Short Story

    leaned against the wood, lowering myself to the ground. I pulled my phone from my pocket. Two missed calls, three texts, one voicemail. Mom. "Hey." Said one. "How did it go?" Asked another. "Call me when you can." Read the last. "Jason, its Mom. I was wondering about your visit with Dr. Samwell today. Call me later okay? Love you." Click, I tossed my phone onto the bed a few feet away from me, sunk my head into my hands and ran my fingers through my…

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  • Limo: A Short Story

    Someone grabbed her as the escaping air started to suck people towards vacuum. Dimly, she saw her mother start to fall towards the window. “No!” she screamed, reaching out for her mother’s hand. As her mother fell past, she caught her, feeling a wrenching pain in her heart at the exertion. A young man in a crewman’s uniform arrived and sprayed sealant over the window. Her father helped the crewman carry her to the ship’s medical bay, but she knew it was too late. The effort of catching her…

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  • Marchosias: A Short Story

    times, and it stops when you need it the most." Or something along those lines. As I was thinking to myself. The king approaches me, looking straight at me. I look at the eagle behind me, but it returns my look and tilts its head to the…

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  • Dialogue Essay: A Narrative Fiction

    “You know jungle juice,” Adil said, after not getting a reaction out of Michael. “They get a large container and fill it with some cheap juice or fruit punch, then pour a bottle of this stuff in it. Gets the whole room lit up for like twenty bucks. It’s the only way people can handle this stuff.” Michael picked up the bottle and spun off the cap. He then took a long belt from it with not so much as even flinching. “Whoa,” Adil said, astonished. “I guess a big guy like you does need to water it…

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  • Descriptive Essay About A Beautiful Girl

    An autumn afternoon, a watercolor sunset streaked muted pastel shades across the sky. It was a bitingly cold chill that belonged to winter. My eyes were focused on the Manhattan skyline, a beautifully grotesque thing. Nature, half obscured by looming manmade structures. I wasn 't sure what was uglier. What an outlandish thought, to find nature so unnerving. I had been so preoccupied by my own devices that I hadn 't noticed a small girl on a crumbling concrete stoop, her eyes intently focused on…

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