W. Jacobs The Monkey's Paw

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“The Monkey’s Paw” is a short horror story with death, magic, and fate. When Mr. White receives an enchanted monkey’s paw, he is told that it will grant three wishes. He does not, however, know the twisted consequences his greed will bring. The author of this mysterious story, W.W Jacobs, develops the theme “man should not interfere with fate” by using characters actions, dialogue, and events in the story.
Mr. White’s character is very curious, But he can also be considerably Reckless when it comes to decisions. This shows at the beginning of the story when he is playing chess with his son. “... putting his King into such sharp and unnecessary perils…” His habit of acting before thinking helps the story progress quickly.
The story opens with a cold, wet night surrounding a warm, cozy home; one could say that this was the light in the darkness. This simile is used later in the story when Sergeant-major Morris, an old friend of Mr. White’s, comes into the house with the monkey’s paw. It is used in the sense that he brings the darkness from outside to the inside of the house.
When the family hears of the monkey’s paw, They are eager to know more. S.M. Morris explains it by saying “‘ It had a spell put on it by an old fakir... a very holy
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White, but he turns a blind eye to it just as he does to the next few warnings such as “‘The first man had his 3 wishes... I do not know what the first two were, but the third was for death.’” This showed how the results were so terrible death was the only escape for the first man. Another example is “ he took the Paw, and dangling it between his forefinger and thumb, suddenly threw it upon the fire. White, with a slight cry, stooped down and snatched it off.” This showed that S.M. Morris already had his share of bad luck from the cursed object. “‘Hold it up in your right hand and wish... but I warn you of the consequences.’” This explicitly warns Mr. White, but he doesn’t seem to notice or

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