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  • The Importance Of Breastfeeding For The Critical Analysis Paper

    benefits of breastfeeding for the critical analysis paper because during my clinical rotations on the floor I noticed that breast feeding is always one of the main focal points of care. I just have questions about how effective is breast feeding and are their other options that are comparable to the effects that it offers to newborns. There were several experiences that occurred during my stent in the UNC women’s hospital that illustrates many points regarding the subject of breastfeeding, two in particular

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  • Breast Fed As Well As Formula Fed

    to breast-feed or not. With breastfeeding, “The major factors that affect prevalence and duration of breastfeeding include maternal race/ethnicity, education, breast diseases, inadequate breast milk production, employment, length of maternity leave, inadequate knowledge regarding breastfeeding, lack of familial and societal support, and lack of guidance and encouragement from health care professionals” (Jing, Lin, &Yun, p. 4). Women may feel overwhelmed by breastfeeding their child. If the woman is

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  • Long Term Benefits Of Breastfeeding Mothers

    Breastfeeding mothers face many challenges when trying to exclusively breastfeed such easy access to formula, physical complications such as pain and lack of professional and peer support. The short-term and long-term benefits of breastfeeding for mom and baby are not as widespread as health care professionals believe and it is thought that an increase in this knowledge would boost breastfeeding rates. Lack of support is one of the main reasons many mothers either do not breastfeed or quit after

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  • Factors Related For Breastfeeding Discontinuation Between Hospital Discharge And 2 Weeks Postpartum

    Brand, E., Kothari, C., & Stark, M. A. (2011). Factors related to breastfeeding discontinuation between hospital discharge and 2 weeks postpartum. Journal Of Perinatal Education, 20(1), 36-44. doi:10.1891/1058-1243.20.1.36 This article is a quantitative article. As a quantitative article, researchers have gathered their information from a literature review. A literature review is part of reviewing information in a quantitative study. In this research article, “a literature review undertaken for

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  • Breastfeeding in Public: a Women's Rights Issue Essay examples

    Breastfeeding is a healthy, natural ability of every woman, and should therefore be socially acceptable and supported by everyone. For some reason this is not the case in our society, in fact breastfeeding continues to be a controversial issue that must be addressed by women’s rights activist groups. Breastfeeding is a feminist issue because the natural act has been medicalized and devalued by major companies because of their interests in profits in bottle feeding. According to Penny Van Esterik

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  • How Breastfeeding Can Benefit A Child And Mother

    The summarization of these reference articles all relate to how breastfeeding can benefit a child and mother. The authors of these articles conducted different studies, along with research and followed up with their findings and conclusions. The articles each stated different benefits that breastfeeding provides to children and mothers. The benefits from breastfeeding talked about in these articles include: children having healthier brain development, a better gut microflora composition, decreased

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  • Breastfeeding Is A Natural Way Of Providing Food

    Breastfeeding is a natural way of providing food to infants. It is an important part of motherhood, and it is the first major decision that is made when it comes to feeding a child. Breastfeeding is an issue of gender because when a women is seen breastfeeding, in public or not, she is usually shamed and accused of indecent exposure. This is because our society has been shaped to see breast only as sexual objects as well as an insufficient amount of educating on breastfeeding being done. We could

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  • Lactation Consultants Improve Infant Health

    skin-to-skin contact on severe latch-on problems in older infants: a randomized trial”, by Svensson, Velandia, Matthiesen, Welles-Nystrom, & Widstrom, “Human Milk and Premature Infant” by Jatinder Bhatia, and “The Roadmap to Breastfeeding Success: Teaching Child Development to Extend Breastfeeding Duration” by Jan Tedder. These articles further explain techniques that lactation consultants use and recommend to increase health of the infant. This is how my articles were determined and why I chose to research

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  • A Study Best Supports Nursing Interventions

    implemented an educational program to increase breastfeeding knowledge and skills and the researcher followed up with the participants for three months post discharge. The pre-training phase of the program, which was designed to provide emotional support for the mothers, included answering questions about the preterm infant and discussing the benefits of breast milk and breastfeeding (Ahmed, 2008). The training phase of the program basic breastfeeding skills and techniques were taught using demonstration

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  • The Is The Most Natural Form Of Nutrition For An Infant

    the most natural form of nutrition for an infant. Breastfeeding offers many benefits for both mother and child with few disadvantages. The personal decision to breastfeed is one that is made with major consideration toward benefits and negative impacts that mother and infants experience. While there are many different formulas available that promote nutritional values, breastmilk offers nutrients that are not found in these formulas. Breastfeeding also creates a bond between mother and child that

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  • Factors That Influence A Woman 's Decision Of Breastfeed And Formula Feed Her Children

    Affordable Care Act (ACA) which outlines basic regulations on breastfeeding and pumping of breast milk in the workplace. However, research suggest more stringent laws should be enacted at the state level, along with educating citizens on the benefits of breastfeeding in order to encourage more women to breastfeed. During my inquiry I researched several topics related to breastfeeding, formula fed babies, and societal norms surrounding breastfeeding. However, the one topic that interested me the most was

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  • Breastfeeding A Natural Act That Women

    Breastfeeding is a natural act that women do after the birth of her child. If we talk about the cultural and health influence on the relationship associated with the breastfeeding, we can categorize it in two forms. One with the developed nations and others in the developing nations. World health organization has clearly given guidelines especially for the developing nations for nurturing kids. It has been depicted that culture influence the mothers in breastfeeding her child. Along with culture

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  • The Effects Of Social Referents On Women 's Viewable Feeding

    a. The influence of social referents on women 's viewable feeding proves to be more of a challenge which exposed the pressure from others in favor of bottle-feeding children. b. Public breastfeeding is deeply controversial in that it feeds a mother’s offspring and repulse others in the process. c. The reason as to why is that of potential embarrassment with their display in an environment full of judgmental strangers. d. The theory of planned behavior considers how attitudes, subjective norms, and

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  • Breastfeeding Mothers : A Focus On Breastfeeding

    The aggregate that will be discussed in the following paper are breastfeeding mothers, with a focus on breastfeeding mother’s that currently reside in North and West Vancouver. With Canada and Vancouver’s north shore being a multicultural community, this aggregate is made up of a diverse group of women who range in age and ethnicity. In Canada, the average age of these women is 29.6 years (“Family Life”, 2014). When looking at the province of British Columbia is should be noted that the maternal

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  • The Benefits of Breastfeeding Essay

    Identified by the Surgeon General as “one of the most highly effective preventive measures a mother can take to protect the health of her infant and herself,” breastfeeding has begun to take form as more of a public health issue than lifestyle choice.1 There is substantial evidence suggesting breastfed infants have decreased risk of infections, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), celiac disease, childhood inflammatory bowel disease, necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), asthma, eczema, obesity, type

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  • The Self Efficacy Of Breastfeeding

    the self-efficacy in breastfeeding. According to the research the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children 's Fund (UNICEF) that breastfeeding is a cheap and unique method to feed a baby to infant that has money benefits for the mother, child, family and the entire society (Khobar, Saudi Arabia et. al., 2015 p.9) . In many other study 's they have noted that there are advantages and some disadvantages of breastfeeding. I am hoping to start a breastfeeding group for pregnant thru

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  • The Nurse Leader 's Leadership Style

    and baby unit of the delivery department. Through the observations of my clinical experience, I will describe the nurse leader’s leadership style. Furthermore, by interviewing the nurse leader and discussing the instances of collaboration, the importance of collaboration in interdisciplinary practice will be highlighted. It was my pleasure to meet and observe Mrs. D, a lactation consultant for the mother and baby unit of the delivery department, for this assignment. Mrs. D. has many years of experience

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  • You Are the Registered Nurse Performing a Health Assessment on a Newborn Infant. from the Functional Health Pattern Portion of the Assessment, You Learn the Mother Is Reluctant to Breastfeed Her Baby. One of the Most

    Decision to breastfeed is a very personal. Breastfeeding topic always elicits strong opinions from family and friends. What matters is the infant getting proper nutrition for his optimal growth and development. The American college of Obstetricians and Gynecologist and American Academy of Pediatrics, to great emphasis on importance of breastfeeding. Every infant and mother is unique and has different challenges. Breast milk provides complete nutrition for infants. It has the perfect combination of

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  • The Physical and Psychological Impact of Breastfeeding on Mothers and Infants

        The Physical and Psychological Impact of Breastfeeding on Mothers and Infants    Although breastfeeding is older than civilization itself, it is very much a delicate topic in  this country. We often hear magazines, news anchors, medical professionals, and all kinds of  people comment on how much better breastfeeding is for an infant’s immune system, but these  same people turn around and run breastfeeding through the gauntlet of public opinion and  societal norms. It is common for 

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  • Relationship Between Mothers And Mothers

    Before considering the benefits in breastfeeding, perhaps there are other factors that determines mothers’ decision to breastfeed their children. Giugliani et al., (1994) examines the relationship between mothers’ decisions in breastfeeding as well as the backing from health experts. The researchers take into account surrounding influences like social and economic factors. A cross-sectional comparison between 100 breastfeeding mothers to 100 non-breastfeeding mothers showed that a father figure or

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  • The Benefits Of The Medical Field

    When formula grew in popularity for supplementation in the 1950’s breastfeeding rates started to decline. In decades that followed, the rates continued to decreased drastrically. Physicians stopped recommending breastfeeding to mothers and at one point thought it was unnecessary. As a result, mothers chose formula over breastmilk. In recent years, the United States created goals for improving these statistics by 2020 (“Breastfeeding”). We are very close to achieving these on a national level. However

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  • Physical And Psychosocial Changes During Pregnancy With Early Prenatal Supervision

    each woman. “Adolescent pregnancy with early prenatal supervision is considered less physically harmful to both mother and child” (Potter & Perry, 2014, p. 358). Although there may be physical and psychosocial changes during pregnancy such as breastfeeding. Unexpected pregnancy can be life changing to one 's life especially for young adults. Body image changes during pregnancy such as breast size increases, development of stretch marks and weight gain can be difficult for young adolescents who care

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  • Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Breastfeeding Among Rural and Urban Women

    Knowledge, attitudes and practices of breastfeeding among rural and urban women. CHAPTER - I INTRODUCTION Breast milk is the effective way of ensuring child health, Breast feeding is widely accepted as a optimal feeding for the infants due to health benefits it offers to the child. Lack of breast feeding contributes to one millions of death each year globally.1A study conducted in U.S.A revealed that breast feeding can cut cost of government and saves 3.6 billion $ and also saves the lives

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  • Breastfeeding For Infant Nutrition And Enrichment

    Breastfeeding has slowly again become the staple of health for infant nutrition and enrichment. In the past breast milk was the basic diet available to infants but throughout time the advances in formula, ease of access, and availability surpassed the breastfeeding craze. Now though, as more studies and the publication of these studies have taken place it has become apparent that formula is not the best available nourishment. Many large health organizations, such as the World Health Organization

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  • The Effects Of Breastfeeding On The Pregnancy

    baby. There are many benefits to breastfeeding due to the numerous hormones that are in the mother’s body and in breast milk. As expected, several mothers fear postpartum depression, and it is believed that breastfeeding may reduce the risk of it. For example, breast milk strengthens the bond between mother and child due to the fact that it contains numerous hormones, such as prolactin and oxytocin (Donaldson-Myles, 2012). Next, various studies emphasize the importance of supporting mother’s who decide

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  • Infant Against Infectious And Chronic Diseases

    Organization 2011) recommends “mothers universally to exclusively breastfeed infants for the child 's first six months to obtain optimal growth, development, and health. Thereafter, they should be provided nutritious complementary foods and extend breastfeeding up to the age of two years or beyond”. It is one of the safest ways of nurturing and helps to defend infant against infectious and chronic diseases by providing essential nutrients and is also beneficial for the mothers to have a healthy life and

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  • Breastfeeding A Healthy And Beautiful Way For Mothers

    Breastfeeding was a healthy and beautiful way for mothers to nurse and form a strong bond with their baby. Now the controversy has risen about breastfeeding. Now women breastfeeding in public is one of the many issues that are debated about today. Most people consider breastfeeding should be done in privacy and not in public, and consider it to be public nudity. However, the other side of this issue establishes that breastfeeding is natural and should be done whenever and wherever a mother feels

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  • What is Down Syndrome? Essay

    disorders that affect patients with Down Syndrome (DS), although was fairly complex, was easily understood. This article brought to light the importance of treating both the child and the parents emotionally. It discussed nursing interventions that will promote a more positive experience for patients and family members. It helped me to realize the importance of being creative while communicating with patients suffering from developmental delays to improve understanding and cooperation with medical

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  • Nursing Partnership Model Is A Relationship Of Sharing

    woman confidence in her “ability to monitor her baby’s wellbeing & to respond appropriately according to her instinct & common sense” (Pincombe, 2015). Although assisting the woman towards self confidence in mothering is of importance, it is of greater importance to ensure that the mother is able to identify her health & wellbeing. Therefore, the midwife must be able to identify deviant health problems provided from her observations & from the woman’s recounts. The NICE guidelines for postnatal

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  • Breastfeeding Is Better Than Formula Feeding

    Breastfeeding is Better Than Formula Feeding Introduction Many parents debate whether to formula feed their child or breastfeed their child. Approximately 1-5% of mothers have to formula feed because they are unable to provide enough breast milk for their baby, and 2% cannot lactate or have other health problems that prevent them from being able to breastfeed (Sediles, 2015). This statistic indicates that approximately 95% of mothers have the ability to exclusively breastfeed their baby

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  • Breastfeeding For Mothers And Children

    Breastfeeding is something that women have done since the beginning of time. However, now women have other options other than breastfeeding. Yet, researchers have found that by not breastfeeding both mothers and children might be missing out on important benefits. BREASTFEEDING CAN LEAD TO BETTER HEALTH, INCREASED BRAIN DEVELOPMENT AND CREATES STRONG PARENTAL BONDS THAT AFFECTS FUTURE RELATIONSHIPS. Although there are many different variables in a woman’s lifestyle that affect the effectiveness of

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  • Teaching Breastfeeding : Environment, Positioning And Breast Care

    Teaching Breastfeeding: Environment, Positioning and Breast Care Ashley Baker Denver School of Nursing Teaching Breastfeeding: Environment, Positioning and Breast Care The clinical family that presented in the St. Anthony’s North hospital consisted of an Eighteen-year-old female gravida 1, parity 1, post-partum 24 hours after vaginal delivery of baby boy. Baby boy is having difficulty latching for more than a few sucks and mother is having difficulty with milk production, painful nipples and

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  • A Research On Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

    awareness to SIDS rates in the nation and offers preventative methods and suggestions. Some of these interventions include placing the infant on their backs while they sleep, removing objects from the sleeping area, parental avoidance of alcohol, and breastfeeding the infant. The Safe to Sleep Campaign has been implemented as state government funded program for childcare regulations regarding a safe sleep and living environment for the infant. SIDS is not an uncommon fatality in our nation. SIDS affects

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  • Developing A Breastfeeding Plan With An Interprofessional

    I will be reflecting on developing a breastfeeding plan with an interprofessional (IP) team for a mother addicted to methamphetamine. The IP team comprised of the pediatrician, nurses and I. I will be applying research-based articles to support the quality of IP care provided to the mother and newborn. I will provide examples of how, “IP knowledge is a core aspect of nursing knowledge” (Sommerfeldt, 2013). I will also be incorporating the six domains of the Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative

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  • The Multiple Determinants Of Health

    see the severe effects that the lack of breastfeeding brings. Breastfeeding is perceived more as an option than a needed task. The likelihood of asthma and receiving needed nutrients are seen as a suggestion. More target programs need to be in place to educate these women on benefits of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding can lower the risk of asthma and allergies developed in a child. Breast milk is also a cheaper alternative formula. Furthermore, breastfeeding is associated with a reduction in child,

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  • Lactation Business Plan

    * Private Practice Lactation Consultant Business Plan * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Executive summary Breastfeeding is not only a lifestyle choice but also an important health care choice. Any amount of time that a mother can do it will help both her and the baby. Many benefits of breast milk are noted for mothers, babies, and others. Breast milk has disease-fighting cells called antibodies that help protect

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  • Maternity Case Study Essay

    Case Study Part IV Postpartum, Newborn, Breastfeeding 1. What’s the baby’s Ballard Score? a. Term – baby is 40 weeks (score 41) b. Preterm c. Post term 2. What’s important to do in the first 72 hours post partum for Esperanza? * Esperanze must receive a Rhogam injection within the first 72 hrs because her baby’s BTG is A positive. 3. What is probably going on with the baby’s state of conciousness? * Newborn infants undergo a transition period from intrauterine

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  • Skin to Skin

    Women and Birth 27 (2014) 37–40 Contents lists available at ScienceDirect Women and Birth journal homepage: Effect of immediate and continuous mother–infant skin-to-skin contact on breastfeeding self-efficacy of primiparous women: A randomised control trial Karimi Aghdas a, Khadivzadeh Talat b, Bagheri Sepideh c,* a Student Research Committee, Department of Midwifery and Reproductive Health, Nursing and Midwifery School, Mashhad University of Medical

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  • Benefits And Benefits Of Feeding

    to mention breastfeeding sometimes needs to take place while you are in public, and as today’s era is modernizing from the breast being a way to feed an infant to being an object of sexual nature, breastfeeding is not well accepted in many local businesses. Due to the heavy influence of women’s breasts being sexualized, formula feeding has been the “go to” way to feed infants, it is accepted more thoroughly, mom’s don’t get weird glances or have to hear whispers about breastfeeding while they’re

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  • Young Children Should Not Be Viewed As A Health Issue

    has with their parents. Young children do not have a say in the foods that they consume, that is where the parent comes in the picture. “Parents may modulate their feeding practices for their children according to the child’s current weight, the importance of weight and appearance to the parent, and their perception of the child’s risk for overweight” (Costanzo and Woody). The BMI of parents effects how the whole family’s eating habits are formed. There are three types of parenting, one of them being

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  • A Research Study On Infant Health

    Bomer-Norton, breastfeeding is a public health intervention and it states that “1.4 million children under the age of five could be saved through optimal breastfeeding practices each year” (2014). “Nurses play a vital role in promoting and supporting optimal breastfeeding practices in infants and young children” (Bomer-Norton, 2014). This article analysis’s the eight-part Walker & Avant method. The purpose of this analysis is to provide better evidence of the concept of breastfeeding and how it is

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  • Comparing Childhood Obesity And Obesity

    well in providing world-wide brands of food. Breastfeeding has shown decreased risk of obesity, along with other health advantages for the mother and child. Breastfeeding also gives long-term benefits throughout a child’s lifetime. Adults and children who are breastfed show lower rates of being overweight and obese, type-2 diabetes, hypertension, and also scored higher on IQ tests than persons who were formula fed. Furthermore, breastfeeding protects mothers against ovarian cancer, breast

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  • Why Proper Nutrition in Infants Essay

    decreasing the possibility of birth defects, suboptimal fetal growth and long-lasting medical challenges with any of their children they may conceive in the future (Shepard, 2009). Breastfeeding infants is being raised as the supreme paradigm of infant feeding for the first six months of the child’s life because breastfeeding has shown some substantiation’s because of the antibodies in the breast milk that infants have a decreased chance of suffering from colic, diarrhea, vomiting and constipation because

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  • The Human Anatomy Of The Prenatal Video, Holliday Tyson Opens Up About A Non Medical Person

    smaller size. The mother will want to be aware of bleeding. Ms. Tyson teaches the class that urinating and breastfeeding is important to decrease bleeding risks. For the first couple of days the mother may have heavy bleeding and some clotting, but as the days go on it will decrease. The postnatal video, I felt the teaching was more for the mom and dad. Ms. Tyson emphasizes the importance for mom and dad to work as a team once the baby is born. After the delivery, there should be a period of fifteen

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  • Malnutrition in Bangladesh Essay

    if malnutrition had been corrected, the child would not have died. * There have been slow improvements in overall nutrition indicators in Bangladesh. * Exclusive breastfeeding is widely recommended, but poorly practised in Bangladesh. Many small-scale interventions have effectively improved rates of exclusive breastfeeding, but none has been effectively brought to scale. * Children in Bangladesh ‘fall off the growth curve’ when they start to take complementary foods. Improving growth during

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  • The Importance Of The Infant Feeding Observation

    able to address her children’s questions and concerns about their growth and development in a proper manner with accurate facts rather than her own belief. In a particular project, by conducting an infant feeding observation, I am able to see the importance of the infant feeding in building a child’s secured attachment and bonding to the mother and care givers as a form of non-verbal communication and the role it plays in a child development. As required from the assignment during this semester, we

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  • Home Care Instructions For Mom

    baby boy. She also had questions about how to take care of herself once discharged. The nurse I worked with provided many pamphlets and other teaching aids along with verbal instructions. They received information on taking care of their newborn, breastfeeding, car seat requirements, and self-care after discharge. The teaching that I assisted with was to help the new mother understand how to take care of herself after discharge. The instructional packet that was provided was put together by the hospital

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  • The Health Care Systems Within A Global Environment Remains Valid For Nursing Education

    support of federal and public health agencies, academic institutions, and community organizations. Paying attention on the area of reproduction and infants, the researchers elucidate the breastfeeding disparities in intentions, habits, and rates. There are multiple origins of the lack of optimal breastfeeding: the lack of knowledge and low maternal education, the concern about public appearance and a lack of health coverage by insurance, single maternal status and diminished social support, the

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  • Prolonged Labor Occur During The First Stage Of Labor

    will be breastfeeding or not. If the mother will be breastfeeding, discuss with her the importance of hygiene. If breasts become engorged, explain to the mother to use warm packs and try to express the milk. If the mother is not planning to breast feed, inform her that engorgement should diminish in 24-36 hours (Lowdermilk, et. Al, 2012). Have the mother wear a well-fitted bra for support. Let the mother know that ice packs will help relieve pain from engorgement. Also, have non-breastfeeding mothers

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  • The Movie ' The Babies '

    the Mongolian, if love and care is present in the child’s life, they will thrive. There seems to be a commonality that connects all the mothers in the film together, there were various shared scenes in all four of the countries. The themes of the importance of stimulation and social support can be captured in Africa, Mongolia, Japan, and the United States. African’s provide stimulation for their babies by surrounding them by other children. The older children take care of playing with the babies and

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