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  • The Impact Of Brand Equity, Brand Identity And Position

    believability and delivery of the intended effect. The growing importance of mythical characters as celebrities and their sway over the target segments are ample proof of public demand for icons to look up to. As the celebrities traverse from a mere commercial presence to public welfare message endorsements, a whole new dimension is added to this process and helps us in achieving a holistic view of the impact which celebrities generate in every sphere and segment through their well-versed endorsements. At the end of the day, do any stakeholders in a company (employees, contractors, customers, shareholders, communities the company supports with jobs) benefit from a celebrity endorsement? Does anyone buy a product because a Bollywood or TV actor/actress stands up and reads a script in somewhat convincing manner? Are their distinctions in how consumers perceive these types of endorsements and respond to them? What happens when a celebrity endorser gets involved in a public scandal, or worse, dies? Will the product lose consumer support or perish? The most important thing to remember is that putting a celebrity in an ad is not an idea in itself. Unfortunately, this is how most celebrities are being used in Indian advertising, where they just become a prop. Ideally, there should be an idea that makes the celebrity relevant to the product and the consumer. A celebrity's presence in the ad should be contextual. Celebrity endorsement cannot guarantee fool-proof success. The…

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  • Analysis Of Kolaveri Di

    the product making them more desirable. Ashish Agarwal MBA [2011-13] Faculty of Management Studies University of Delhi 7 WORLD WITHOUT MARKETING Imagination is an individual‘s right and that is what we urge you to do in this article in order to better appreciate the necessity of marketing. What if our world suddenly loses the power of marketing? What if marketing suddenly becomes the one word that is unheard off or maybe loathed by everyone equally in the globe? These very thoughts…

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