What Is the Purpose of My Life Essay

  • Premise: We As Humans Created For A Purpose

    humans are created for a purpose. We have a reason for existing and we have something to accomplish in our lives. Our creator also has given us this purpose in life. I also believe that our creator created us to have the desire to succeed. As humans we all want to succeed and we generally don’t handle failure well. Although, people see wanting to succeed as a bad thing, it is actually a good thing and makes people work harder. When people think about successful people they automatically think about someone with a lot of money like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Donald Trump. Success can be thought as someone who is greedy if they are in business or a celebrity with a big ego. When you ask the younger generation about success they say someone who has done something with their lives or is trying to change something in their lives. For example, if someone was in poverty someone could think they are successful for finding a job since they are trying to change something in their life. The final premise I believe is that we have to discover our calling. We aren’t born with the knowledge of what we are called to do, but we have the desire or impulse to do something particular with our lives. We have to learn what our calling is by finding our purpose and what we are good at and then applying that to our lives. When we discover our calling then we know what we want to do and what we should do in order to fulfill our purpose in life. Principles Since my first premise is that…

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  • The Purpose Of My Life At Saint Augustine Beach

    “Purpose,” as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, is “the reason for which something is done or made, or which it exists.” All throughout my life, I have always been asked, “What is your purpose?” or “Do you know what you want to do with your life yet?” My answer has always been, “I have absolutely no idea.” I have never been able to set a specific long-term life goal and I have stressed the majority of my life trying figure out what exactly my “life purpose” is. I was always this way,…

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  • The Purpose Of Academic, Personal And Career Goals

    Purpose Paper The purpose is the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. To live you need a purpose because “Life without purpose is like a body without soul”. There are different types of purpose for example: academic, personal and career goals. I think that my personal purpose is to be somebody, to help the people and to be recognized but to make this possible I must accomplish my academic and career goals. My academic goal will be to give my best in every…

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  • If My Life Is Not Subjectively Pleasurable, Is It Meaningful?

    If my life is not subjectively pleasurable, is it meaningful? To first answer this question, we will first have to define what it means to be subjectively pleasurable or what it means to be meaningful. What aspect should we look at this question from; should we look at it in a societal point of view or should we look at it at a personal point of view? What is subjectively pleasurable to me, may not be for someone else or society on the other hand. My meaning of life would not be the same to many…

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  • A Purpose: Why Do We Live?

    our heads down waiting for what is to come; and each of us awaits the discovery of a purpose, a spark, a meaning. As a society, we place filters on our eyes in order to impede our surroundings. These same filters create differences in the way we see the world, and at the same time they cause difficulties, which can possibly steer us away from the values of the areas of knowledge. As the title dictates, knowledge can give meaning, but it cannot be solely responsible for how much purpose we have.…

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  • My Purpose Of Purpose

    Purpose, a word with many different meanings and definitions. The Dictionary definition of purpose is “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists”. That definition is very broad but also at the same time narrow. As is can be said that everyone is different in a certain way, the way I define purpose is also different. Purpose to me means looking into the outcome of an act and achieving a goal in the long run. For example, if I run two miles today then my…

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  • The Influence Of Depression In The Bean Trees By Barbara Kingsolver

    The minute I found myself thinking, what is the point of life? I knew I was poisoned. When a human being feels as if they have no purpose in their life, it messes with their mind and sadly; I am not the only victim of this devastating emotion. In The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver, Lou Ann’s husband Angel leaves her and she ends up raising her son, Dwayne Ray, by herself. The loss of her husband and her fear that she will raise her son wrong has led her to believe she is a failure in all…

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  • Importance Of Purmination In Leadership

    one’s purpose, and the result can be an unquestionable leader. For some of us, it takes many years to find the purpose of our leadership – and the right place to devote our passions. I understand the importance of education, and am determined; seek improvement for myself so I can help improve others. I generally look to make things better in the physical workplace, and the interpersonal customer peer environment. With these values, an element of leadership has pervaded my working and personal…

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  • Essay On Importance Of Knowledge

    enlightenment is encouraged to meditate on what is already known and seek a deeper understanding through pure conjecture to reach self-actualization. This attitude towards knowledge drastically changes from culture to culture as some value it highly while others consider it trivial to understand things that they do not need in order to survive. This begs the question, to what extent can cultural background affect the impact knowledge has on the purpose and meaning one draws from life? Before any…

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  • The Reflection Of Purpose Statement In Leadership

    My leadership purpose is to encourage people into unity and teamwork, and to prevent them from feeling disappointed in case they face a failure which makes them embrace every challenge with hope and motivation. The lessons in the leadership class helped me understand why I have this leadership purpose statement and how I should act to implement my purpose. In other words, the lessons help me understand how I will implement my techniques to achieve my purpose as a leader. Above all, the lesson of…

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