My Passion In Leadership

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The determination in leadership can come from one’s passion or passion can dictate one’s purpose, and the result can be an unquestionable leader. For some of us, it takes many years to find the purpose of our leadership – and the right place to devote our passions.
I understand the importance of education, and am determined; seek improvement for myself so I can help improve others. I generally look to make things better in the physical workplace, and the interpersonal customer peer environment. With these values, an element of leadership has pervaded my working and personal life. I have also had bursts of passion, where I have wondered if what has pulled me to experience this passion might be my calling. Hence, my appreciation holds true and is validated for being in this course of study. I am reaffirming my life story that is leading me to new realizations about myself. The activities in the class are helping me immensely to shape the leader in me with increasing confidence that is needed to be able to function in this role. I was not mindful of my passions or the short or long-term purpose of my leadership, simply since this class, I believe reformulating will lead to leadership purpose and passion in the correct order.
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I believe for most of us passion comes from our life stories. Seeing the instructor in action is motivating, effective, and very intriguing at the same time. Sharing ideas and holding discussions in small groups is valuable, and certainly adds to my learning towards being an authentic leader. Sharing personal stories, and especially being given a choice without undue pressure keeps me free from a foggy mental state of my mind. I tend to retain more information, and practice my active listening skills, which also attributes towards more opportunities of sharing more information

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