Essay on My Aim in Life to Become a Fashion Designer

  • The Career Of A Fashion Designer

    but what about the designer who made the clothing line? Does the designer get any recognition? Well as the designer you may not see that but me being the outsider looking into the fashion industry I see it all. The career of a Fashion Designer is and will be very demanding because it 's a very competitive job. Strong competition for jobs are expected because of the large number of people who seek jobs as fashion designers.The research will describe the career of a Fashion Designer, what is required

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  • The Good Side Of Famous Fashion Designer, Miranda Priestly

    Anne Hathaway’s character, Andy went to extreme lengths to be on the good side of famous fashion designer, Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep). When Andy began the job you could see she was genuinely excited for the challenge. She seemed like she had the needed characteristics (trainee readiness) to learn the working of her job. Her first days of training were intimidating to her. She was forced to learn on the fly and was to meet high demands within the tight schedule of Manhattan. A cognitive outcome

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  • My Life - Original Writing

    little girl, I’ve aspired to be a designer. My mother was not an active part in my life, so I looked to older, working and classy women as role models. I admired women that were the total opposite of my mom. I remember sitting in my window and watching women go to work in their business suits looking like they had a purpose in life. I admired the way they put themselves together and would hustle everyday of the week to provide for their families. Every Sunday my grandmother would race me off to Sunday

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  • My Experience At My Life

    Have you ever considered wearing your whole life around your wrist? My grandmother started giving charms to me at a very young age; the charms that I possess do have great sentimental value to me because they all represent special moments in my life. Since recovering this bracelet, I have had a great deal of memories flood back to me. “Charms have often been collected as reminders of good times, and because they signify a great amount of sentiment which their wearers wish to carry around with them”

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  • What Makes A Fashion Designer Actually Have You Know A Lot About, Well, Fashion?

    “Does a fashion designer actually have to know a lot about, well, fashion?”. This is the million dollar question whose answer broke my unartistic and unimaginative 7 year old heart. When i was 7 years old, i was asked what i wanted to be when i grow up. Of course, i said fashion designer. What little girl doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life in glamour and mania? Little did i know, in order to perceive a career, you must have a passion and skill in that area. This moment of understanding

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  • My Life At The World For Music Contests

    only daughter, but also that I am the only person in my family that is in to the arts. As an a child I always argued with my parents that exact sciences are not for me and I was punished for my bad grades. Raising up and showing my talent in music have changed my life completely. My mother was spending her time with me touring around the world for music contests. I felt bad, because my two brothers were not getting that much attention, but my whole family was always supporting me. When I was 19 I

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  • The Life Of My Life

    sort of struggles in life. I think most of the time that we see people every day with their game faces on. Life demands us to grow and become stronger human beings. But not everyone is same. We people choose our path according to our goals in life. Those paths might be many different according to their interests, beliefs and dreams. Those paths sometimes make us outsiders in society and in our hearts. This world is filled with people yet we find ourselves being lonely. This is my story of transition

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  • Career Planning : My Life

    Career planning is a life-long battle that can be complex for anyone who has not yet closely examined their true purpose in life. After completing high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do or what direction in my life I wanted or needed to go. At the time, I was very young and living at home with my parents. I did know one thing for sure, I had to work and make my own money in order to pay my own bills and to stand on my own two feet as best as I could. I was not seriously thinking about any

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  • My Career Goal : A Fashion Designer And Philanthropist

    wanted to work in the field of fashion. Growing up I always felt the need to look different. At a young age, I began to sketch garments with hopes that someday I 'll be a fashion designer, my clothing line will be popular and worn across the globe. Fashion is an extremely innovative and artistic industry that allows people to express themselves through clothing. My career goal, which I have worked towards since my freshman year in high school is to become a fashion designer and philanthropist. People

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  • My Journey With My Life

    on things, and life in general? This past summer I went on an astonishing journey with my best friend. It was an experience I will never forget. Adding to this, traveling to Israel is not as simple as it may seem. Numerous obstacles are involved, but overcoming them is worth it. The sites were monumental and the people were gracious and welcoming. Trying and enjoying new foods was a perk of my journey and meeting my family was incredibly exciting. Furthermore all these aspects of my journey are what

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  • My View On My Life

    myself in the mirror everyday to check out my flaws and what needs to be fixed. I’m skipping dinner tonight even though I already have anorexia,” said 19 year old Holly. “My nose needs surgery! My hair is ugly! My face is too wide! I am a horrible looking person. I need to save money for these things,” said Amber sadily. “I love me just the way I am. I look exactly like that girl on the front cover of Cosmopolitan magazine,” Priya said proudly. “If my boyfriend sees me with no makeup on he will

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  • My Life Of My Early Life

    My early life, in retrospect, has been dedicated towards overcoming hardship and personal affairs. Aside from everyday occurrences, now is the time that I can focus on my development, goals and aspirations in life. Up until I started attending college, I never gave my goals in life much thought. After experiencing numerous epiphanies, several of those “a-ha” moments, learning some of life’s most powerful lessons, and learning more about myself each and every day, I now have a better idea as to who

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  • My Life With My Mom

    When I was younger and still living in New Jersey, my mom use to go buy these plays and we would watch them together. I use to be so in live with writing because I was in this club at school where we actually got to meet directors, actors and play writers. So we would write plays and have them preformed in front of the whole school. So when I saw Tyler Perry’s work I knew from then one I wanted to do it because it looked so fun and exciting. He was just so inspiring to me that I looked up to him

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  • My Life That Shaped, Formed, And Helped Me Become A Student

    There are many instances in my life that shaped, formed, and helped me become who I am as a writer and a reader. There were certain teachers that got me interested in reading and later helped grow my love for reading. There were experiences that weren’t always so good but that didn’t make them insignificant to my development. Everything that I experienced could have had a different affect on another person. It may have even negatively affected them. However, in my case, because of how I was raised

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  • Fast Fashion Has Become A Global Industry

    When fast fashion came into existence it created a domino effect. Consequently, fast fashion has become a global industry in which consumers are offered more for less—at the cost of a few bucks. Therefore, ensuring to always keep the consumer hooked and eager to come back for more. Fast Fashion is a relatively new phenomenon introduced to the American public. According to Aimee Blanchette, author of “Socially conscious shoppers shredding fast fashion” states that in the “1960s ninety-five percent

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  • My Personal Life On My Life

    First, one incident in my personal life that is an example of Sorrell’s quote involved someone else changing their normal routine to help me and my brother. In 2011, sometime during the colder months, my dad felt extremely sick all of a sudden He felt cold and started shivering, and coughs racked his ailing body. It clearly was not a regular cold and flu, so my mother first drove all of us to the hospital at around 4:00 in the afternoon. Then she drove my brother and I back home so she wouldn’t have

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  • Erik Jacobs Designer Purse And Made My Turn Onto The Crumbling Road

    I slowed my BMW down and turned my music off as I shoved my map and directions into my Marc Jacobs designer purse and made my turn onto the crumbling road. An eerie draft blew in from my windows, which I quickly rolled up, as I drove past rows of devastated apartment buildings. Some of the windows on the apartments were hastily boarded up with plywood and through others violent shouts erupted; garbage scattered the street creating a trail leading to the overflowing mounds of trash falling out of

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  • My Life And Life Of Life

    hot and scorching June 11th 2015 I had no idea that my life and perspective of life would be altered. I just sent a text message to my co-worker Sean about going to K-Mart Store in Bowling Green Kentucky to help out. I was hesitant to go because it was an hour away. He ended up miraculously persuaded me to pursue this paid adventure. It was around 5:00 I was changing and getting ready to go on this trip with my Co-workers Sean and Haley. I told my mother about it yesterday and she didn’t seem so swayed

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  • Loving Someone So Much Can Become a Crime: "My Life with Bonnie and Clyde"

    The book that I decided to read was My Life with Bonnie and Clyde. The book was edited by John Neal Phillips and foreword by Esther L. Weiser. I chose this book because it looked interesting. I also chose it because I had heard of Bonnie and Clyde, but I had never heard of Blanche Caldwell Barrow, Clyde Barrow‘s sister-in-law. This is an adventure story and a biography . This book is constructed of memoirs of Blanche Caldwell Barrow and interviews by John Neal Phillips. The theme of the book would

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  • My Life Of My Son

    what you do, everything just goes haywire. My husband was out of town for work, and after putting in my own long work day, I picked up my son at daycare. He wailed the entire way home because I forgot to bring his favorite blankie in the car. As soon as we got home, my dogs greeted us by demanding dinner (loudly) and, not to be outdone, my son joined in. The dishes were piled up in the sink, plotting to take over the kitchen and I had completely missed my run (or any workout) that day. 2 beagles

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  • My Reflection On My Life

    four, I decided to put my faith in Jesus as my Savior, but I didn’t fully grasp all that it meant for me. From that day, I went on and did what I like to call the “church thing”, attending Bible study clubs, church on Sunday and, when I was older, youth group, but never actually taking to heart what Jesus meant to me. When I was 15, the truth of who Jesus is and what He’s done for me finally began to impact my life. Gathered around the warm campfire, my youth group listened to my pastor as he gave a

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  • My Reflection On My Life

    My reality is my spirituality. My purpose in life is to glorify God and to serve others. I believe we live in a world in great tension between good and evil. This tension has become our reality. As Christians, we constantly fight evil and resist the temptations of the devil. God provides us with many opportunities and tools to resist evil. Jesus overcame evil with the sacrifice He made on the cross. As Christians, we are also able to overcome evil with good and live for God. I live in this reality

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  • Elsa Schiaparelli: The "Poor" Fashion Designer Essay

    an extremely talented, Italian fashion designer, gave beautiful, curvy women a perfect glow with her shocking pink and ice-cold blue dresses. Schiaparelli’s name remains unknown to the world while a large amount of her overrated competitors receive much credit for little effort. Schiaparelli strived for success through her new inventions, her film wardrobes, her irresistible perfumes, and her unique dresses while still being placed at the bottom of the fashion totem pole. Schiaparelli was born

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  • My Life Of Life And Life

    who cannot evolve, they dissipate into a life of drugs and alcohol instead of fighting for what they really want. It makes me take a step back and really think about what I need and deserve in my life. The things my family has given up and/or fought for my brothers, sister, and I to live a life of happiness and full of opportunities. Since I was a young girl, my life has been a series of unfortunate events and there was a lot of lessons and blessings that my family had gone through which has evolved

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  • My Life Of My Family

    named Sharmell Kaleliah Valencia Davis. I was so pale that everyone mistaken me for another race. I was named after my mother, grandmother, my father and my mother, sister, Sharmell is after Charlene, my mother, sister, Kaleliah being after my grandmother, Lela, Valencia is after my mother, Valerie and Davis after my father. I believe my family had a tradition with names because my sister and I had the Sh or Ch sounds and it was spelled in that form. I was the only daughter was not expected to be

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  • Fashion Design Of A Fashion Designer

    Fashion Designer People need clothes. That is just a basic fact. Fashion designers are the ones that design the clothes that people wear. Designing can be a long process. A design has to be done for an item, pick out the right fabrics and colors, and one may need to put together a sample product to see what it would be like. Without fashion designers, we would not really have clothes to wear. Being a fashion designer is important because they learn to make and design clothes so people can have

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  • My Experience With My Life

    graduated from Washington Sate University in 2012, I left with a network of life long friends, a double major in Psychology and Sociology title added to my resume, as well as the desire to learn and explore outside of the classroom. I traveled throughout Thailand and Bali, becoming inspired by yoga and the art of meditation. Returning home I engulfed myself in a demanding spiritual and physical training course, earning my certificate as a Registered Yoga Teacher. Then moved to St. John, VI; four

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  • How The Fashion Industry Has Become More Diverse And More Chances For African Americans

    in the fashion industry as a model, but I struggle to understanding what beauty is. My family says that beauty is confidence, but on television and in magazines, I see hair types, skin complexions, body sizes, and etc. that are so called “beautiful”. As a kid, I saw several commercials with beautiful women and when I finally realized I wanted to be like them, I had to come up with a plan to reach this goal. I am African American and I know it will be hard to get to where I want to be in life because

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  • Designer Babies And Its Effects On Children 's Life

    Designer Babies All over the world, scientists are coming up with ways to edit the genes of embryos while they are still in their mother’s womb. Although there can be positive outcomes to this procedure, editing genes can have more negatives. Parents consider this process to enhance the chance of their child not developing a long term illness. Does the child’s mother and father take in the consideration of this dangerous experiment? There are parents that are insecure and selfish, who want to choose

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  • My Life Of My Own Life

    In my own life, this is where the tree begins. I moved to the U.S from Haiti after experiencing the dreadful earthquake. My family is from an impoverished neighborhood. My mom never attended college because of the lack supportment. I moved to the U.S to make what I have always dreamed of come true. Growing up, I came across many obstacles, people who have tried apprise me on what I should do in the future, those who are trying to write my future. For me growing up was like a roller coaster without

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  • The Life Of My Life

    The life of me Why I choose to live they way I do and what caused me to do so. From a young age I always had to deal with fighting from everyone, being lied to, and most of the time forgotten by my family. I never really got to stay in one school for to long because of a court case with my parents and there constant fighting. My family is a little messed up no one ever really takes responsibility for something bad that happens but they jump right on it and take credit for it when in reality

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  • My Career As An Instructional Designer

    Learning is a lifelong process and in my view, there is no better job than assisting others in this process. The satisfaction in being instrumental to a learning cause is the only way I draw purpose to my living. I never knew I would be an Instructional designer when I applied for my Engineering degree in Computer Science. It was not until my first job as a software engineer that I realized how enthralling it can be to write training content. After finishing my fresher orientation I had a choice to

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  • My Thoughts On My Life

    about me; about my lifespan. I have learned to take life as it comes. I really never take the time to say what I want or take the lead to my own road of happiness. I would always try to do what my parents told me to do. I stumbled my way out when trying to reach my own goals. Maybe it’s all been because I have fallen into the wrong socioemotional attachments as an infant. Probably it’s the parenting style I have received and maturation age bouncing off while trying to settle for my identity. Maybe

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  • My Goals And Life Of My Life

    I must have not been the average adolescent. My mother is disabled which forced me to grow up faster than most kids, but it has also given me a passion for serving others. My financial standing has never been perfect, but it made me work harder to earn things others were handed. My parents were incarcerated when I was 14. Somehow in an unusual way it inspired me to strive harder toward my goals and refuse to give up. My past has helped me envision my future, and I am grateful to have learned these

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  • Becoming A Fashion Designer Is My Career

    hear the title fashion designer, we instantly think of glamor. Although the career in fashion has many rewards, the work is hard and less exotic than one may imagine. A fashion designer is actively engaged in almost every aspect of the process of introducing new fashions to the world. In high school fashion design was my career choice. My clothing teacher introduced me to this world, in which I held a passion for. She allowed me the opportunity to participate and attended fashion shows with her

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  • Synopsis : Manale Dagnew - Ethiopian Born, Fashion Designer, Artist, And Entrepreneur

    Manale Dagnew – Ethiopian born, fashion designer, artist, and entrepreneur Synopsis: Manale Dagnew has left a lasting impact in the world of haute couture wedding gowns in America. She went on to become one of the top 5 respected bridal designers in the U.S. and was awarded the Magic Jones Award for her achievements in 2000. Manale’s story begins in Gondar, Ethiopia. As was the custom at that time, her parents arranged marriage resulted in a true love story. They were quick to be recognized as

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  • My Views On My Life

    and help me become the person I am today. Their guidance has shown me different values and morals that I still live by. I was always told to value the family and friends I have. They have all left lasting impressions on me as I grew. I also live by my faith and let God show me the way. Most importantly, I was taught to never give up on my dreams and constantly fight for what I want and live my life. I live by what I think is right and what I have grown up to know. I live my own life in the way I

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  • My Accomplishments Of My Life

    One of the honoured accomplishments of my life was earning my undergraduate degree, in spite of the struggles I faced during my early adulthood. My future seemed to point in the opposite direction of success due to the financial problems that my parents faced in sending me and my four siblings to school. I managed to get part-time jobs at local retail stores during the vacations so as to help my parents with my tuition fee. I saw a changed world opening up to me, seeing a motivating environment,

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  • My Life Of My Father

    There 's a quote I was told by my father when I was a little girls. When I was feeling despondent or was unable to accomplish a task he would say, “You were strong yesterday, you are strong today, and you will be strong tomorrow.” Due to my adolescence state I didn 't think much of the quote and the inspiring meaning surrounding his wise words. It pleases me to say that peering back on my past I can discern the effect my father 's words had on shaping me into the person that I am today. A girl who

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  • The Career Of A Fashion Designer

    but what about the designer who made the clothing line? Does the designer get any recognition? Well as the designer you may not see that, but me being the outsider looking into the fashion industry I see it all. The career of a Fashion Designer is and will be very demanding because it 's a very competitive job. Strong competition for jobs are expected because of the large number of people who seek jobs as fashion designers.The research will describe the career of a Fashion Designer, what is required

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  • My Life With My Parents

    more pollution, and less electricity. My dad was a shopkeeper and my mom was a housewife. They did not have enough money, so they could not afford the fee for the school. They never let me and my younger sister realize that they were low on money. Most of all there were additional fees for schools like different color of uniform for every other day, so many books, and some money in advanced to hold your spot in school. Somehow my parents did pay, so that my younger sister and I could study. At the

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  • Designer Of Coco Chanel 's Fashion

    I. Introduction: "Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happing" (Coco Chanel). When I think who is a magnificent creator in the world. I think of someone who stands up for what his or her believing it. Someone who reflects her or his dream to her or his society. Someone who has a unique echo until today. Someone who has significant changing in the world. Someone likes Coco Chanel. Coco

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  • The Life Of My Life

    visited my blog. Welcome! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. FAITH & FAMILY I 've been walking with Jesus for 30+ years. I was born in California in the late 1970 's. I have been blessed with a dad and mom who both love the Lord. They were both influenced by the Jesus People movement. They taught my brother and me all about Jesus from our earliest years. My dad enlisted in the Air Force, to provide for our little family. When I was around six years old, I accepted Jesus into my life. The

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  • My Life As A Good Teenager

    north and India from east, west and south. I spent my childhood and half of my teenage in my home country until making a decision of studying abroad to become a software developer. My family members are the ones that are responsible for where I am today and who I want to be tomorrow. Growing up in Nepal was very difficult because of the diverse culture and ethnic groups and as well as due to the people of the society. Being a boy was very hard in my society as people would point out every mistakes

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  • How My Learning Styles Become The Bases For Our Life Stories

    learning styles become the bases for our life stories. Our personalities decipher how we work and manage. At the same time, we also use these dispositions for real life situations. How we function from day to day reflect on our character. Our personalities influence our approach to every move we take. As I started my adulthood as a college student, I perceive that my learning style manifested through my journey to choosing a college and profession. According to the Jung Personality Test, my personality

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  • Essay on My Goal Is to Become an Software Engineer

    Name: ___________________________ Establishing Goals – Writing Assignment Goal – an aim or purpose; desired outcome Objective – specific measures used to achieve a goal Section: _____ an end a means to an end As you begin to transition from adolescence to adulthood, it is important that you begin to clearly identify/determine your plan for the future. It has long been known that achieving a specific goal in life necessitates an individual to clearly articulate one’s desires. Clearly identifying

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  • American Fashion Designer Rachel Zoe

    may roll out of bed and throw on a comfortable t-shirt and worn out sneakers. Each student has their own unique and individual style, and they enjoy expressing themselves through their choice of apparel. The website Style Caster quotes American Fashion designer Rachel Zoe, "Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." Everyday students can have the opportunity to reveal who they are simply by what they pull out from their closet. Multiple students would agree that they try on a few outfits

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  • My Influence On My Life

    influences my life in a positive way. My parents play an important role when it comes to me getting my education and wanting to be a law enforcer. They have keep me motivated all the way through my education carrier. The have taught me to be a hard worker and to never give up. You live in the land of opportunity, and you should always aim for greatness they say every time. Know that I am only one semester away from getting my bachelors, I can only say it is all thanks to them. However, my aunt has

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  • My Thoughts On My Life

    have struggled with my whole life. Who am I? Who should I be? Why do I even exist? Would the world be better off without me? Do I even make a difference? I have asked my self these questions over and over again, driving myself deeper into a hole of self-pity and assumed worthlessness. From the time I was just a toddler, I have wondered if I had a place I this world. Why, you might wonder, would a little girl even think things like this? I clarify, I had an amazing childhood, my brothers are, and

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  • My Life Of My Family

    It was a rigorous fight of life on June 20, 1997. Not only did the doctors say that it was a 50/50 chance of surviving birth but for my mother there was no other choice. As I clawed my way out of the womb my father, the devil, only wanted me to return. But with some form of luck I made it out and was then given the name Diana Lizbeth Alvarez. Although I don’t remember much of my birth, I was told that I was a miracle to my parents. My mom and dad raised me in the San Fernando Valley in the city of

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