Vivienne Westwood Analysis

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For this essay I have chosen to discuss the work created by Vivienne Westwood and the influences of fashions she had on society. I will be primarily focusing the body of my essay on Westwood’s earlier years throughout her career, although I will be contrasting the change in her style with one of her later collections, then overviewing how these influenced fashion. Throughout the body of this essay I will addressing factors such as the fifties rival; discussing the opening of Westwood’s first boutique ‘Let It Rock’ and her earlier works with Malcolm McLaren, her musical influences and the impact they had on her and finally, discussing a collection of a later date stating the imact that had upon society.

From extensive research I can clearly
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“Punk was trash culture gone avant-garde and/or the avant-garde gone trash, and just as Dada had tried to destroy the institution of art, so the punks seemed bent on destroying the very institution of fashion.” The Punks only wore deconstructed fashion; their clothes were usually unfinished, oversized, inside out, destroyed or detrained. Followers of the Punk subculture listened strongly to Westwood when she stated ‘sex should be something you should not hide but you should wear it on your bodies as such.’ This quote built a relationship between Westwood and the punks, encouraging many to socialise in and around the shop and to not feel isolated from …show more content…
This resulted in her Manifesto, a manifesto is a public declaration of policy and aims and is usually issued by some form of election or decision, and Westwood ensured her manifesto meant something important. Vivienne Westwood’s Manifesto followed a principal idea that was that to get out of life what you manage to put into it. Westwood was strongly influenced and inspired that watching commercial films, television, the internet was influencing propaganda subconsciously and bad for the mind and that we should focus more on the more natural things in life; the world. Westwood used her Manifesto to challenge the stereotypical superficial people and cultures in this world to give people an opportunity to be more natural and comfortable with their natural

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