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  • My Self-Study Reflection

    The video that I chose to observe for my self-study was a video of myself teaching the students about interruptions in the classroom. My objective in this lesson was to teach the students how to be respectful listeners and how to use their self-control to stop them from interrupting others. To help in guiding my self-study, I will be using a rubric from the Framework for Teaching (Danielson Group), which consists of four different domains; planning and preparation, classroom environment, instruction, and professional responsibilities. Domain 1: Planning and Preparation After observing the video, I scored myself a four in 1c: setting instructional outcomes (most outcomes represent rigorous and important learning in the discipline.) In this area, my teaching was purposeful. It was directed towards a certain desired learning topic, which was classroom interruptions. Therefore, I was establishing an instructional outcome. The student’s outcomes were not described as students will do, but what they will learn, and they learned how to be respectful listeners and how to use their self-control to stop them from interrupting others. In addition, I scored myself a three in 1d: demonstrating knowledge of resources (the teacher displays some awareness of resources beyond those provided by the school or district for classroom use and for extending one’s professional skill but does not seek to expand this knowledge). In this area, I was skillful by using resources provided by the school,…

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  • Importance Of Proficiency In Education

    objectives are clear to all students, so I ranked myself at proficient. I start each class with them visible on the board. Sometimes, we cover the prior day’s objectives in a starting activity as an informal assessment of knowledge, and other days we start with what the day’s objectives are and what I hope students will gain from the lesson. I follow our school’s Marzano method in regards to having visible objectives to students that are clear and concise. I have the thought process that it…

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  • Paragraph On Life Of An English Teacher

    Life of an English Teacher As a student, many people think all English teachers are the same or maybe even use the same methods. But while interviewing Mrs. Taylor, one of my English teachers from High School, I was intrigued by the different methods, activities, and even the classroom environment. During this day I took the time to spend a day on the teacher’s side of the desk and see what I can learn from someone in the profession, and might I say I was exceptionally impressed. To start…

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  • My Teaching My Experience: Reflection And Refraction

    classroom. For instance, I had students working with mirrors to explore the terms reflection and refraction. In addition, the students were able to explore with mirrors using flashlights and seeing what they were able to view using both. Then my students and I discussed the different things that they observed when exploring with the different manipulatives. Something that I modified in my lesson was the fact that I taught my lesson in Spanish as I later notice that two of my students did not…

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  • Importance Of Community Service

    goals include how I see myself as a student and how I see my future teaching degree and the path it will take me. Being a college student has been one of the most important goals, which I have set for myself in the past. As a high school student I understood the requirements and hard work that needed to be put in place to get where I am now. Now I see that the most important aspect of being a college student, and the long term that I have set for myself, is to be able to finally impact other…

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  • My Self-Reflection

    while typing out my lesson plan I imagined myself presenting the lesson. However, when the day of presenting arrived, I felt a mixture of feeling however, I tried to enjoyed it. After watching the video of my presentation, I learned that I have a long way to go before I can be called a teacher because even though my strengths were noticeable during my presentation, my weaknesses spoke louder. Yet, these weaknesses are areas of opportunity to better myself, which is why I have set personal goals…

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  • Student Teaching Reflection

    I do feel that my experience in student teaching has pushed me into becoming a more reliable person. Many times, during my student teaching, I was prompted by teachers to perform easy actions such as reading a book to a class or teaching a whole lesson or unit. Being that my mentor teacher is the one giving me my job, I feel more inclined to perform just about anything she asks. With that type of mentality, I dedicated myself to becoming anything that I teacher needed me to be. I face…

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  • Importance Of Academic Journey And Social Life

    Broaden your horizon We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we 're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. - Walt Disney For me, College is the portal to self exploration and discovery. Many students are uncertain college is going to help them succeed, which is quite reasonable. As a community college student, it has often been difficult to find stability between my academic journey and social life. I have realized that balancing my priorities…

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  • The Student's Disority Scores On The Social Anxiety Test

    Through the course of the semester, each student was required to fill out a variety of personality tests. After each student completed the personality test, he or she would then give the test to someone who knows him or her well enough to answer the questions while pretending to be the student. The person who takes the quiz as if they are the student is called the informant. After the student and the informant take the tests, the student records the scores into a spreadsheet. After all the tests…

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  • My Love For Agricultural Education

    in my life I also set quite a few goals, some which span over 5 years. My first 5-year goal is to have 80% of my eligible students be awarded their State FFA Degree. In order for my new chapter/program to experience and complete this goal I would need to totally immerse myself into my schools community and start acquiring local resources. In order for a student to receive their State Degree they must have two full years of records recorded in AET (Agricultural Experience Tracker). Coming into…

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