I Want to Become a Teacher Essay

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  • Why I Want To Become A Teacher

    was to become a nurse. I attended Medaille College in Buffalo, NY right after graduation . While there I knew that college was not for me plus I missed my family. So I decided to leave Buffalo and attend a trade school back home in Philadelphia. As I was attending trade school, I managed to get a part time job at a daycare. That is when I fell in love with the career of being a teacher. From there I changed my future profession from a nurse to an elementary teacher. I wanted to continue being a teacher so bad I dropped out of school and became a full time preschool teacher. I loved my job so much, but in order to move up in the field that I wanted to endeavor which…

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  • Why Do I Want To Become A Teacher Essay

    As I always say gain knowledge to spread knowledge. I believe that everyone deserves an education weather they are poor or not. Education is one of the most underrated earths prized possessions. It is underrated because most people think education is only important to be successful. People don 't really understand the dynamics of education. Nowadays, teachers who educate these learners are mistreated badly; however, that doesn 't discourage me from want to become a teacher. I want to become a…

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  • Personal Statement: Why I Want To Become A Teacher

    All of my life, I have loved to nurture individuals younger than myself. Growing up, with my best friends and brother, all whom were much younger than myself, I would beg them to play school so I could pretend to be a teacher. Begrudgingly, they would indulge me in my wish for a short while until they realized I wanted to make them do actual math problems. Since then, the joy for imparting knowledge on others has never diminished, but has intensified as I have matured into a young adult. I…

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  • Educational Goals And Career Goals In Early Childhood Education

    people think of a good teacher they think of one that is nice, encouraging, trusting, and many other adjectives. Unlike most people, who change their mind on the career they want, I knew from the start that I wanted to be a teacher. I have many goals I hope to achieve when I am a teacher for example, making class a fun and exciting environment for the students and have them look forward to coming to class. I knew I wanted to be a teacher since I was young because I had a teacher that I had a…

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  • Why Do I Want To Become A Career Essay

    that will never stop. What do you want to do with your life is another question that never fails to pop up. Many people think about it every day and right now I am thinking about it also. What is there to do? Where do I want to go? It can be a stressful time, trying to figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life. It is a step that has to be made after high school and sometimes it doesn’t come easy to everyone. Some may know what they want to do but later change their mind while…

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  • My Philosophy Of A Teacher

    that I hate the most. What Makes A Teacher? Since I can remember I had never felt contented talking about school. It was not until tenth grade when I started to express my academic potential. My family is a huge influence in making a choice to become a teacher. My sister and both of my extremely close cousins choose an education path and they love it. English being my families second language my sister and I had to help each other a lot. My teachers I had my junior in high school pushed my…

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  • Ms. Simpson Teacher

    plenty of teachers in our education that were unpleasant or mind-numbing, but once in a while we get a tremendous teacher who ends up being our favorite teacher. For me, that teacher was Ms. Simpson, she was my 9th grade biology teacher. I have never been too fond of science’s classes and that reflected in my past academics, but Ms. Simpson made biology class a wonderful time. Ms. Simpson’s 9th grade biology class is the reason I want to be a teacher and the reason I am taking this class. A…

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  • My Teaching Philosophy Essay

    own. They do not need a teacher who will take their free will away. Students should not have to conform to something in which they do not believe. They should have their own thought processes. The best philosophical approach toward a child’s education is progressivism. Progressivism allows the child to be a free-thinking individual. My teaching method will let the students become critical thinkers who can use their knowledge in the “outside world”. To accomplish this…

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  • Most Influential Teacher

    their birth to death and in this process teacher is a most essential and influential person. Also, not only teacher teaches general subjects such as English, Science, and Math, but also guides students’ behavior and moral values by being an example to students. Sometimes teacher becomes a mentor for students and direct, helps, and gives great advice. Therefore, students learn academic skills and as well as social skills from teacher. Thus, teacher has a power to change student’s life either…

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  • All The Things We Are Dolloff Analysis

    how inspiring teachers can balance their multiple identities in teaching. In this article readers are able to explore the various identities one has and how they play an important role in shaping future educators. Through the teacher educators realization of our changeable identities, allowing students to explore what type of teacher we strive to be and understanding how to use our emotions as a means of constructing our teacher identities, we would be propelled towards becoming an educator who…

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