All The Things We Are Dolloff Analysis

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In the article All the Things We Are written by Professor Lori-Anne Dolloff, we discover how inspiring teachers can balance their multiple identities in teaching. In this article readers are able to explore the various identities one has and how they play an important role in shaping future educators. Through the teacher educators realization of our changeable identities, allowing students to explore what type of teacher we strive to be and understanding how to use our emotions as a means of constructing our teacher identities, we would be propelled towards becoming an educator who is able to always evolve. Our identities are always constantly changing due to our identity consisting of multiple choir voices and our image of a “perfect” teacher …show more content…
According to the article there are three crucial steps in helping education students develop their identities. They are: reflection of self, imagine what you want to become and the fear of becoming. In the article it mentioned that when teacher educators share their experience and knowledge, they help education students understand what real life teaching is like. Through their experiences, we are able to self identify. The article stated that the process should start with students reflecting on the teacher that that are. As a former Kumon instructor, I realized that I am really encouraging but sometimes not as firm as I should be to my students. I also need new teaching strategies because many times my students may not understand or like the way I teach. The next step, according to the article, is having teacher education let students imagine who they want to be. I want to be an exciting teacher who develops lesson plans that students enjoy. Be a firm yet very encouraging teacher. Someone who is not too strict but has firm boundaries for my students. Most importantly, I want to create a commutable learning environment for all my students. Letting education students realize what teacher they are afraid of becoming helps them develop boundaries so they can avoid them. Personally, I am afraid of being strict, harsh and boring. But I'm also afraid of being too laid back, not letting my teaching have an affect on my students and being discouraging to my students.Therefore, through the three steps of: reflection, imagine and fear of becoming, education students are able to become the best students they can

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