Architects Of Transformation

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In Teachers as Architects of Transformation: The Change Process of an Elementary-School Teacher in a Practitioner Research Group, Amy Vetter, conducts qualitative research about the process and transformation from teacher to leader. She poses the question: “Should teachers be the architects of their own transformation?” (Vetter, 2102). Vetter used evidence from Grace’s collaboration groups and teacher-lead professional development sessions to track her transformation from teacher to leader. Her work specifically “views how teacher change as personal, reflective, and a collaborative process that involves taking on new identify positions” (Vetter, 2012). Author’s Argument and Research: What type of qualitative research does this …show more content…
She uses several qualitative sources to prove her point. Vetter uses Grounded Theory, Ethnography, Case Study, and Phenomenology to conduct her research. (Mas, 2011) Her sources included: taped discussions of monthly meetings, taped group interviews, observations of field notes, which were all collected during monthly TTR meetings (Vetter, 2012). She chose this data collection approach because she was interested in observing Grace’s change process as she shifted from a teacher role to academic leader. While observing Grace, she identified four themes in her transformation to support the argument. Her collected data showed Grace: “contemplated and imagined new positions, enacted and solidified a new position, maintained a new position in spite of resistance, and realized the results of her new position” (Vetter, 2012). Using the Case Study approach was not the best choice because Grace’s transformation was developed with the support of others. In other words, she didn’t truly make an independent transformation to leader. Her transformation was manipulated by those involved in the study. The Triad Teacher Researchers, Grace’s project group, heavily influenced her pseudo- transformation by essentially creating an unknown variable of motivation. Vetter’s case study shows data about conversations held within Grace’s group; however, there were no adjustments made to her research

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