My Philosophy Of A Teacher

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School is still a noun that I hate the most. What Makes A Teacher? Since I can remember I had never felt contented talking about school. It was not until tenth grade when I started to express my academic potential. My family is a huge influence in making a choice to become a teacher. My sister and both of my extremely close cousins choose an education path and they love it. English being my families second language my sister and I had to help each other a lot. My teachers I had my junior in high school pushed my comfort zone to a whole new level. That’s the reasons why I want to pursue the path of becoming a teacher.

Unlike most professions, teachers have the ability to change our “future”. When I like the topic I love learn new things. As
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Other traits I will learn as I become a teacher but believing that someone can accomplish is a big influence for them to succeed. By believing a student and them knowing that it’s already completing half the battle. I am willing to give my students the best classroom experience possible and in order to do that a connection is a key. My English teacher my senior year in high school was the easiest person for me to talk to when it came to anything. I think this because she always believes that I will do my work. Her coming up to me and saying “I know you are going to do it Jong” even as a senior in high school triggered me to do the assignment. I didn’t want to disappoint a person who believes in me. I loved talking her because she could give me the advice I needed to accomplish my goals as a student. Connections allow us to have a mutual respect for one another, and let trust do the rest. I want to make my class feel as if they are almost in a family type environment, safe and know they are cared …show more content…
But as I am trying to see from the different point of view I see that education is very important because it’s preparing you for the next stage in life. I know I’m not going to influence every student that walks in but if I change 3 students mind about school I think that would be a success. Education is a key to make a world a better place in the future. I want to have a fun but successful environment for the students to receive their education. Now days, people think that being a teacher might seem simply in a students view which is true. Being anything is simply is being great at what you do. So that is want I want be a “Great teacher” to the

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