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    public living in a city with the blemish of a marijuana dispensary, regardless of the fact that marijuana patients typically have unbearably painful chronic diseases that mainstream medication cannot alleviate. Cities often back their bans on marijuana with false ‘proof’ that marijuana is a gateway drug, leading users to try more potent drugs such as methamphetamines or heroin. However, multiple medical marijuana studies show that marijuana has certain healing qualities while having

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  • Medical Marijuana Essay

    In general, marijuana was made illegal in 1937 by federal law of the United States. In recent years states have challenged the federal law with their own laws. In present day fourteen states have legalized marijuana for medical purposes. Some states are set up to vote on medical marijuana in the fall of 2010 and one state, California, will even vote on the issue of legalization of marijuana for recreational use for persons over the age of twenty-one. However, while some states say it is legal to

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  • Pro Medical Marijuana Essay

    seem there must be a completely different reason for why it hasn’t been legalized. While some people see medical marijuana as an opportunity to abuse its use for pleasure others may need it for the niche it fills in the world of prescriptions and synthetic drugs, it is imperative that the people understand any medicine can be abused without exception. When one thinks of a medical marijuana patient a certain recurring image might enter their mind, a young person with long hair and beady red eyes

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  • Marijuana for Medical Purposes Essay

    “Pot Pill,” which contains THC the main compound from the cannabis plant (marijuana plant). Marinol is available in retirement homes to help stimulate patients’ appetite. In the New York Times, Dr. Abrams states, ”It takes hours for the full effects of the capsules to be felt, where as smoking marijuana produces effects in a matter of minutes; the capsule, may not be the best way to deliver the drug (qtd. in Hilt).” Marijuana can relieve minor pains from conditions such as migraines, menstrual cramps

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  • Essay about Medical Marijuana

    smoking marijuana." Although there are other forms how Medical Marijuana can be taken such as vaporized into ingredients, eaten, and taken as a liquid. Medical Marijuana or not it is most likely beneficial to people. Furthermore, States will also make money as well. Because, the residence that need the medical marijuana will have to pay for it. Now residents currently paying for prescriptions and medicine; therefore, the residence will still have to pay for medical marijuana

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    With medical marijuana, the side effects from chemo can be lessened. Nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite can be controlled with the marijuana derivative marinol. If the patients are not receiving chemotherapy treatment, marinol can also assist the patients in the symptoms of cancer, the largest and most common symptom being pain. Either marinol or THC can be prescribed to qualifying patients with severe pain as an analgesic. The end of life stages is never easy for the grieving family or

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  • Essay on The Benefits of Medical Marijuana

    Smoking Marijuana impairs learning and interferes with memory, perception, and judgment. But the positives outweigh the negatives, medical cannabis has been know to treat people with epilepsy,sclerosis, and to counteract the harsh drugs people use to treat these diseases.The cannabinoids inside medical marijuana have many distinct properties,including pain-relieving, anti-oxidative, anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory. Marijuana users typically smoke much less than tobacco users.There have been no

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  • Medical Marijuana Argumentative Essay

    demonstrates herbal synergy and is more than simply a vehicle for THC administration”. Simply stated, marijuana has many other benefits other than those given from THC alone. Secondly, Marinol is much more costly than marijuana. THC is a difficult compound to manufacture. The heightened cost for manufacturing is passed down to the patient consumer. In 2008, the estimated cost for one gram of marijuana was $17.14 as compared to $1,810.00 for one gram of Marinol. Lastly, patients ultimately prefer natural

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  • History of Medical Marijuana Essay

    In 1860, Dr. R.R. M'Meens concluded that marijuana was a more effective and less intense sleep medication than opium and in 1877, H.A. Hare noted that it was a wonderful anesthetic that could be applied topically to the mouth or tongue (Grinspoon, 2005). Perhaps the most interesting discovery about marijuana in this time period was made by a British physician by the name of J.R. Reynolds in 1890 who found that marijuana could be used continuously for months or even years without the doctor having

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  • Medical Marijuana Essay

    The ancient anointed ones were literally drenched in this potent mixture" (Bennett, 2003). "Marijuana proponents suggest that the recipe for the anointing oil passed from God to Moses included cannabis, or kaneh-bosm in Hebrew. They point to versions calling for fragrant cane, which they say was mistakenly changed to the plant calamus in the King James version of the Bible" (Kari, 2010). Cannabis was good enough for Moses and God, then how come it is not good enough for us now ? The United

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  • Medical Marijuana Essay

    weed won the west, Kevin Booth) This has allowed there to be a flood of over a hundred and fifty thousand medical marijuana patients in California today. (A NormL Life, Rod Pitman) All these people who have a license prove that there is a profitable industry in cannabis. (How weed won the west, Kevin Booth) The money alone should be enough to legalize it but some people argue that marijuana is harmful. When you look at the facts of cannabis use zero people have died in the United States from consuming

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  • Should Medical Marijuana Be Used as a Medical Option? Essay

    Marijuana is what some people call a gateway drug. All medications after prolonged use may have some sort of side effect but, patients are carefully monitored on most medications by completing blood work. Doctors can safely lower or raise your dose according to the blood work report and what you tell them. If the medication is no longer working a physician can prescribe something a little stronger according to your needs. Prolonged use of any drug can make a person build up a tolerance. Eventually

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  • Essay on Medical Marijuana

    about it. There are many uses for marijuana. It is helping reduce pain of many diseases and disorders such as: glaucoma, which helps ease pressure of the eye, Alzheimer’s disease, which marijuana helps reduce inflammation of brain tissue, hypertension, which marijuana shows to help lower blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, marijuana helps reduce pain, and sleep apnea, which marijuana helps stabilize respiration during sleep. The tops 3 related uses for marijuana are chronic pain, AIDS related, and

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  • Essay Medical Marijuana: A Federal Frontier

    they’re on their heroin high. Marijuana, like any other drug, does have its risks and dangers. There is a mere 9% of users who are addicted. “Heavy marijuana users generally report lower life satisfaction, poorer mental and physical health, more relationship problems, and less academic and career success compared to non-marijuana-using peers” ( Marijuana is a drug with relatively low toxicity and therefore, overdoses and fatalities from marijuana use is very, very rare and very,

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  • Medical Marijuana Essay

    can be treated with cannabis. For example, United Patients Group provides a general list of at least 174 well-known diseases, pain, mental or physical problems, and critical problems that can be cured with medical Cannabis.( There are two major ingredients that help cure these illnesses and problems. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). ( THC is the primary psychoactive ingredient in the cannabis plant that targets receptors in the brain, prevents

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  • Medical Marijuana Argument with Sources Essay

    warfare i.e. bootleggers, Al Capone h. Illegal drug dealers resolve disputes with violence and intimidation, whereas people who sell legal drugs do not have to do this vii. It is the risk of dealing all these illegal drugs, such as marijuana, that makes the drug business so profitable. i. Drug money feeds terrorism viii. Prohibition forces drugs into an underground, unregulated market which creates a highly lucrative source of funding ix. According to www

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  • Essay on Use of Marijuana for Medical Purposes

    California where there are more AIDS cases there than any other place in the nation. All over the state there are clinics that supply patients with pot for them to use to relax. Some of these places have strict guidelines for acquiring marijuana and others do not have so strict guidelines. One of the clinics or clubs(as they call them) was raided and shutdown by state narcotics agents. The club's name was Cannabis Buyers Club, which has thousands of members was the one shutdown

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  • Open Medical Marijuana Delivery Service Full Essay

    5|Page Chapter 3: Starting The Business / Nonprofit Step 1 – Your Delivery Business / Nonprofit Name The first step in creating your new medical marijuana delivery business is to think of a name for your new business. Most medical marijuana collectives and coops use the terms collective, caregiver, or something of that of that nature in their name. You’ll also need to make sure that your physical address resides in the city and county that your delivery business will be operating in an. It

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  • Assembly Bill 9016 - Legalization of Medical Marijuana Essay

    our budget burden. In addition, it has been in committee for so long that some people are beginning to believe that New York does not agree that it has a medical application, something our federal government even admits (though it has not been changed from a schedule I to a schedule II drug). In fact the federal government prescribes marijuana directly to four patients. Also, a previous version of the bill has passed the Assembly, yet did not get out of the Senate. A9016 is a bill chock full of

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  • How Employers Are Coping with Medical Marijuana Legislation Essay

    feelings of euphoria that is largely associated with marijuana. THC is most highly concentrated in the droplets near the base of the fine hairs on the leaves of the female plants (Iversen, 2000).Male plants have THC as well but not nearly as much or as concentrated as female plants (Iversen, 2000). Marijuana can be smoked, vaporized, ingested in pill form, cooked into food, made into tea or tincture or even applied as a topical ointment. Because marijuana as proven to assist patients with the symptoms

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  • Legalization of Medical Marijuana: A Personal Opinion Essay

    While marijuana may cause hallucinations and short term memory loss it could be the difference between life or death for a cancer patient. Around 50,000 people die each year from alcohol poisoning each year and more than 400,000 deaths each year are attributed to tobacco usage. With both of these drugs having people direct causes of death, marijuana is nontoxic and cannot cause death by overdose. For an interview for a CQ researcher article doctor Donald Abrams, chief of oncology at San Francisco

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  • The Benefits of Medical Marijuana Essay

    Can you imagine all the lives it could have already saved? It could be in fact the cure all natural drug. The current restrictions against hemp were put in place and maintained, not because hemp is evil or harmful, but for big money to make more big money, while we suffer and die needlessly. Look at the proposal such as this; if we were allowed to grow hemp in our back yards and cure our own illness, what do you think the reaction of the pharmaceutical industry would be? Many of the large pharmaceutical

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  • Marijuana Essay

    consensus remains that smoking marijuana is not a healthy alternative to traditional medicine. Smoking cannabis is not shown to cause cancer or emphysema, unlike tobacco, however, it is shown to agitate the lungs causing a potential for respiratory problems and illness. THC is already used in medication to treat cancer patients, undergoing chemotherapy, to combat nausea, vomiting, and lack of appetite associated with treatment. Along with cancer, THC and marijuana is also an effective tool to combat

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  • Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana Essay

    Medical Marijuana is an option for cancer patients going through chemotherapy. Fortunately for cancer patients, medical marijuana may be an effective cancer treatment and an alternative to many drugs currently used to treat cancers including breast cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, brain cancer, leukemia, lung cancer, prostate cancer, and more. Medical marijuana can also help to alleviate symptoms associated with traditional cancer treatment, including nausea and vomiting (“Medical Marijuana”)

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  • Marijuana Essay

    and everything should be done in moderation. Those who support the legalization marijuana believe that the same principal should be applied. Pennsylvania Senators are once again attempting to offer a bill to legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes The bill has been turned down in the past because those who oppose it say the drug is “harmful and addictive”. While the legalization of marijuana is turned down prescription the FDA continues to approve newer and stronger medication

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  • Marijuana Essay

    need of a way to stop the use of the drug. This is when the Marijuana Tax Act came into law. According to the show, Hooked: Illegal Drugs and How They Got That Way, the law stated that in order for someone to possess marijuana they needed to receive a stamp allowing them to have marijuana. Although in order for them to receive the stamp, they needed to have the marijuana in hand. The only problem with this was if a person had the marijuana in hand before they had the stamp, they would be in illegal

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  • Legalizing Marijuana Essay

    '' Many agencies which are anti-marijuana such as Drug Enforcement Agency and police departments argue that marijuana shouldn't be legalized. These agencies believe that marijuana shouldn't be legalized because if marijuana is to become legal then thousands more patients using marijuana. Then people will raise the question why marijuana illegal at all if its a medicine. The main reason why the Drug Enforcement Agency doesn't want marijuana to be legal is because their is no hard core evidence

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  • Medical Marihuana Essay

    passed will come with laws on allowing who can and cannot obtain the Medical Marijuana and the amount on any person at any given time. ““When I was a kid I inhaled frequently. That was the point.” – Barack Obama” (Retrieved From: Michigan Medical Marijuana has many benefits when we are talking about people with diseases or life threatening illnesses. Marijuana is all natural and many people are using it so they do not have to deal

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  • Essay Speech on Marijuana Legalization

    While there are the medical reliefs from the use of Medical marijuana, but DPA also states that the substance has not shown cause of mental illness or to increase risk to cancer. The next claim is that Marijuana is a gateway drug. Webster defines a gateway drug to be “a drug (as alcohol or marijuana) whose use is thought to lead to the use of and dependence on a harder drug (as cocaine or heroin)”( “Some people claim that using marijuana will make you want to use

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  • Marijuana Essay example

    In some cases, marijuana has aided in treating mental disorders and addictions. Research is moving towards implementing forms of marijuana in the treatment of: AIDS, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and many other disorders and medical problems (“Is Marijuana Medicine?”). Although many can clearly see the medical benefits, some people are under the misconception that marijuana causes cancer. This misconception is more of a retroactive correlation where patients with lung cancer who smoke

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