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  • Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

    is not paved. Often, it starts as the type of rocky dirt road that makes me clench my teeth as I drive down because I can’t stand to hear the pebbles being kicked up against my paint job. I feel the steering wheel vibrate in my hands as I begin to go over the bumps of self-censorship and the shifting of my equilibrium as I swerve in order to avoid the pot-holes of self-doubt. “Left turn ahead,” says the GPS of my subconscious. I don’t even know where the heck it is taking me, or who punched in the

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  • Free Writing : A Step Away From The Notorious Writer 's Block And Create A New Beginning

    What exactly is free writing? It is a stepping stone, that helps writers step away from the notorious writer’s block and create a new beginning. When one is free writing they are advised to write continuously for a certain period of time without pausing regardless of reason. More often then not these free write produce nothing but random thoughts going through our heads but they create a gateway to a fresh start. We will take two essays, Elbow’s “FREEWRITING” and Lamott 's “Shitty First Drafts”

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  • How Can You Easily Boost Your Writing Skills?

    easily boost your Writing Skills: Peter Elbow wrote many books about writing, including Free Writing. He talks about how editing during writing has an effect on the final product of a paper because of this he suggests free writing as the solution. He discusses ways to break the habit of editing during producing a paper. His essay about editing really was able to get me thinking. I thought about my previous and my current writing experience I have had so far. I also thought about how his method of improving

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  • Personal Narrative : The First Free Writing

    Writing never really comes onto the paper like how it comes to my mind, I wish I was able to put my thoughts onto the paper exactly how I see them in my head. Sometimes I do a really good job in expressing my thoughts, but at other times it just seems like a bunch of random rambling going on. That 's exactly how I am in person when I talk so I guess my writing matches my personality perfectly. Although I don 't consider myself a writer I do enjoy writing.

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  • Analyzing My Memories And Deciphering My Thoughts

    sessions. Discussing the past and current events of my life. Analyzing my memories and deciphering my thoughts. Trying to understand how my thought processes came into being. Although I appreciate the different perspectives my therapists have shown me. The largest leaps I have made were throughout my own contemplations with the help of what is known as the Free Association method used in Psychoanalysis. Free writing has truly given me the means to alter my course in the odyssey we call life. I cannot recall

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  • Sample Essay : ' The Never Ending Conversation '

    Retrospective Essay The goal of this course was to teach us the proper way to write, to help us communicate more efficiently in the business world, and to teach how to join the “never-ending conversation”. This class has already accomplished that and much more. Not only have we covered almost all of the course goals, excluding synthesis which will be covered soon; we have been challenged to think about more advanced topics, to stay current in the world, and to discern information for ourselves

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  • My Most Difficult Learning Experience

    that had words on it. My favorite thing to read was the back of cereal boxes. Nothing made me more excited than sitting at my white and pink Barbie table and chair set and eyeballing the back of the box. Only being able to correctly read one or two words, it made me feel accomplished. My most difficult learning experience was beginning to learn to write. I was thrilled to learn to write, not knowing I was about to encounter a rude awakening. I wanted to learn so I could write things like a Christmas

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  • I Have Always Loved Writing

    I have always loved writing because it was a way to express myself without having to talk to other people about my thoughts and feelings. I’m fairly certain that my love for writing really started in the 6th grade, which was one of the worst years of my life. That was the year I was severely bullied by girls who were higher up on the popularity totem pole than myself. They played sports and all the teachers loved them, so a lot of them looked past what they said about me in class. It got to the point

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  • My Most Difficult Learning Experience

    Learning to read and write is something we all have experienced and troubled with. Writing equips you with the communication and thinking skills you need to participate effectively in democracy. As a kid, I remember trying to read daily newspaper, different types of magazines, books and addresses on mail; basically, anything that had words on it. My favorite thing to read was the back of cereal boxes. Nothing made me more excited than sitting at my white and pink Barbie table and chair set

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  • Why I Learned From College

    limit for papers; my writing style is very condensed and it is incredibly difficult for me to expand my ideas to a specific length. While writing the first paper, I struggled with meeting the length requirement because I was writing about something I wasn’t passionate about. But to my surprise, the second and third paper were much easier to write, and much easier to reach the length requirement. What I learned from taking this class is that, writing can actually be very stress-free and natural if you

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  • The Five Paragraphs : Limiting Creativity

    should just freewrite and write down whatever one is thinking and It does not matter if it sounds weird. LaMott believes that you should write everything down and once you are done writing down every idead down. One can go back and edit the draft and move certain phrases around, along with deleting and combining other sentences to create a new draft. This technique also falls into creativity because one you’re not limiting yourself to a certain agenda or topic. Secondly, by free writing you might be

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  • Similarities Between The And Frederick Douglass And Solomon Northup

    unknown land and were required to do labor against their wills. They were beaten, sold, looked down upon as if they were not human, just because of the complexion of their skins. There were numerous people of African descent that were actually considered free in the U.S. They were still kidnapped and put to slavery. One of those people was Solomon Northup. However, even with slavery many African people accomplished great things that left their names in history. Solomon Northup and Frederick Douglass accomplished

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  • My First Memorable Writing Experience

    I like to write. I enjoy the creative process that it provokes and am always attracted to the potential each train of thought possesses as I put pen to paper (or fingers to keys). I would not consider myself to be a man of great eloquence nor would I assert a high opinion of my vocabulary usage or spelling accuracy (any spelling accuracy demonstrated in this paper is thanks to our mutual friend “spell check”). Something I know I possess is a strong sense of imagination and creativity. I do not say

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  • The Writing Process Has Four Steps : Planning, Prewriting, Drafting, And Revising

    process has four steps: planning, prewriting, drafting, and revising. No matter how I break up my process of writing, these four steps are the backbone to my writing techniques. I have a different approach to the traditional way of following the steps of the writing process. I look for a set environment, I brainstorm, create a finished product, and I have friends revise work. Here I will thoroughly discuss my writing process. As soon as I receive a writing assignment, I read it twice to understand what

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  • My Experience With My Brain

    Ever since I was a child, my education was the world. The only thing that you need to focus on, something you should shape and make proud of. I was never good at sports, singing, and any other talents that all the other kids seemed to have. Since I had so much free time being untalented, I spent my days learning to read and write, trying to achieve something. Eventually, all of this practice led me to one of my only talents, using my brain. Even though this was a long time ago, and I have

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  • Should College Be Free?

    While looking at both sides of the argument for why college should and should not be free, I found myself trying not to agree with people 's arguments against free college education. For example, Kelly writes, “Federal data show that 68 percent of public two-year college students have to take at least one remedial course; the average student who starts at a two-year college takes 2.9 remedial courses. Very few of these students complete a degree or certificate” (Kelly). When reading that, the first

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  • My Experience With English Experience

    real life as well. It showed me that there are always many solutions to one problem. Therefore, throughout the years, I have had a good experience with English due to good teacher, books, and free writing. My teachers in the past have made my experience with English more enjoyable in many ways. For instance, my teacher Mr. Maloney was very helpful and always available to help when I requested for his help even during his break time. He help me even with other subject that I struggle with he also encouraged

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  • The Importance Of A Person, And Make Them Unique

    term literacy is defined as being able to read and write. Most people are required to know how to read and write, but not everyone learned the same way. Literacy is the not only being able to read and write, but learning how to write and how to say things in different ways when reading and speaking. As a child, I was amazed by reading books and I always wanted someone to read to me at least once a day. I always had access to books in my house and at my babysitter’s house when I was growing up. “Our

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  • Reflection Paper On My First Semester

    As a freshman in college, my first semester in writing 110, I found out what was I capable of and what I needed to improve on. This semester was consisting of speech’s, papers, reading assignments, while doing this I found a lot about my writing skills and it would help me become a better writer in the future. These questions helped me reflect on my thinking about how well I performed in my class What project did you find most challenging? Why? How would you define yourself as a writer/speaker before

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  • How Can Produce A Perfect Research?

    paper in the university level? You need to have creative and technical writing skills to produce a perfect research paper in the university level. Students need to write several high quality research papers if they wish to impress the examiner and secure high marks. You need all the resources, research material to produce an impressive write-up. There are also some major research papers writing guidelines that have to be followed. The title needs to be informative, catchy and attractive. The writer needs

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  • Shitty First Drafts By Anne Lamott

    read “Shitty First Drafts” by Anne Lamott, which caught my attention from its title. I wondered why is it called “shitty.” Anne Lamott explained how important it is to write shitty drafts before your writing becomes better. I thought to myself, I usually get B’s and C’s on my essays and Lamott says to become a good writer you must write shitty drafts first then why don 't I do that? “Shitty First Drafts" by Anne Lamott states everybody should write shitty first drafts to make their writing better, but

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  • Writing Essay - Writing Life

    ago. Writing has become more important to me in the last couple of years. When I was younger, I would write here and there of just stories, but when it came to writing an assignment, I never wanted to do it. From when I was young to now I still have not written a great mass. I tend to struggle to complete my own works, but when it came to school all I needed to do was research in order to write what I felt was a decent paper. I learned through the years that everything is setting me up to be a great

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  • Free Writing Essay - Original Writing

    I do all my school work on the computer, meaning I hardly write anything free hand. Except when it comes to free writing. I find it much easier to write free hand when trying to get my thoughts onto paper. When typing, it is difficult to write fluidly without being preoccupied with grammar and spelling mistakes. Due to the red, blue and green lines that appear all over the screen. My instant reaction is to clear the screen of errors, hindering my ability to write freely. I am also a painfully slow

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  • Essay about Our Brain States as Constraints

    say someone has free will, that person is often thought to be accountable for their actions. Determinism is the philosophical view that “human behaviour is entirely governed by causal laws” (Ayer 1954, p. 15). If it is true that our behaviour is determined by causal laws such as past events or actions and the natural laws, since we cannot change the past or natural laws it seems as though we have no control over our present or past behaviours; in other words, we do not have free will and cannot be

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  • My Expectations On A Rainy Friday Afternoon

    about writing?”. My expectations for her visit would be simpler advice, but as I listen to her, she gave me a few advices in a different way that I didn’t expect. After meeting her, my ways on how I write improved through her various advices. There were some advices Rachel Hadas gave me that could help me become a better writer. First, she said. “All because your writing is neat; it doesn’t mean that your paper is good”. Most of the time, I tend to write bullshit on most of my papers and then make

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  • Writing Essay - Writing Life

    years ago. Writing has become more important to me in the last couple of years. When I was younger I would write here and there of just stories, but when it came to writing an assignment, I never wanted to do it. From when I was young to now I still have not written a lot. I tend to struggle to complete my own works, but when it came to school all I needed to do was research in order to write what I thought was a good paper. I learned through the years that everything is setting me up to be a great

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  • I Am A Beginner Writer

    freestyle than structured, I always remember to include proper grammar and punctuation. Even with my lack of knowledge and skill in writing, the journaling approach is best for me since I am a beginner writer. While journaling majority of it is free speech used in ways to note my perspective on current situations and writing it helps to better analyze my ideal reaction to these things. As I write in my journal, there is a sense of critical thinking on or about the ideas that I have and as a result

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  • The On Spare Parts, One Ugly Robot, And The Battle For The American Dream By Joshua Davis

    It started with free writes to help with our fluency, to class discussions, peer editing, and your revisions of our essays. All these of have definitely helped me with the writing process and becoming a better writer. For my case study I have chosen my most recent essay, the argumentative piece on Spare Parts: Four Undocumented Teenagers, One Ugly Robot, and the Battle for the American Dream by Joshua Davis, published in 2014. I choose this essay because I feel it exemplifies my best writing. When

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  • How Wind And Nuclear Power Has A Better Alternative Power Source Than Coal And Fossil Fuel

    examine how writers in my field write. It also gives me tips and details on how an article in my field would look like and sound like. For instance, the format of this article has an abstract section that gives a brief summary of the whole article. This is very helpful to me because it is the first thing on a paper that I will have to write for the future in my major. So, knowing how to write in my format is very beneficial. Furthermore, this article is useful to me in my major field because it is

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  • Analysis Of The Book ' The Green, Eggs And Ham '

    When I Learned to Read and Write. I first started reading and writing in preschool, my teacher was very helpful and did everything she could do to help me achieve goals, and become who I am today. When I was younger I would pretend that I could read and I would read to all of my toys. In preschool, my teacher saw me trying to read so she came over to me and started to help me sound out the words and form the sentences so that I could read. The first book I read was Dr.Seuss’ “Green, Eggs and Ham

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  • We All Know America As A Land Of Opportunities

    talk about America with a view that mixed love and hate, pain and pleasure. He was able to see America for all of its qualities, good and bad, because he had chosen America as his home (study.com). McKay and Whitman both write about America, but in different ways. Walt Whitman writes about freedom and equality by using words like, “Centre of equal daughters, equal sons” (Whitman 1) and “Perennial with the Earth, with Freedom, Law and Love” (Whitman 4). He presents a strong and rich country; “Strong

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  • How Does One Write?

    How does one write? How does one write a whole essay, or a book, or anything, for that matter? There is a type of process to write anything. What is this process? What are the steps to help you get through this process? I have always struggled with writing essays and they’ve never come easily to me. I used to sit in my room, in the middle of the night, just staring at a screen, for what would feel like hours. Wondering, “When am I going to finish this paper, or even, start it?” The writing process

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  • I Am A Great Writer

    last couple of years. When I was younger, I would write every now and then of stories, but when it came to writing an assignment, I never wanted to do it. From when I was young to now, I still have not written as much as I would want to have. I still have problems trying to get all of my thoughts on paper. I tend to struggle to complete my own works, due to my lack of focus, but when it came to school all I needed to do was research in order to write what I felt was a decent paper. I learned through

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  • The Most Important Stages Of Writing A Good Essay

    are the most important stages of writing a good essay. These stages had helped me so much in English writing since English is my second language. Writing a first draft is critical for having a good essay. A first draft to me is more like a free write. Free writing is like letting your mind flows on papers and releasing all your ideas and thoughts out. When you are free writing, you don’t have to worry about spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence form or any others mechanical factor of writing

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  • Social Change And Social Issues

    deserve for this class?”, and my response is I know I deserve an A. Which is a pretty bias answer, but what student struggling just trying to make C’s would not say they deserve an A when asked. Not trying to be arrogant or cocky, but I contributed a lot to the classroom environment, but I learned a lot from it. Despite taking 16 credit hours, working for the school, and being a part of clubs trying to make a difference in the community. I still made time to have my seminar questions and answers

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  • The Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass And Malcolm X

    Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X were two African American men whom struggled in becoming literate. Frederick Douglass from the “Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave”narrates how he struggled on learning how to read and write, being an slave and having such limited sources, Douglass tells the reader how his mistress, Mrs. Auld taught him the letters of the alphabet and she proceeded in teaching him how to spell some words after that he was on his own in learning the rest

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  • Training and Narrative Report Essay

    Narrative Report In My Hotel Front Desk Ojt Free Essays 1 - 20 www.studymode.com/subjects/narrative-report-in-my-hotel... Free Essays on Narrative Report In My Hotel Front Desk Ojt for ... Hotel And Restaurant Management Ojt Narrative Report Free ... www.studymode.com/subjects/hotel-and-restaurant-managem... Free Essays on Hotel And Restaurant Management Ojt ... Narrative Report Of Ojt In Hotel Free Research Papers 61 - 90 www.papercamp.com/group/narrative-report-of-ojt-in-hote... Free Research Papers

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  • Comparison Between English And Chinese Writing

    reach by one time. Therefore, I revise it again and again from the initial free writing, like a painter drawing the pigments from the bottom to the top. My writing is like a process, which develop every time I review it. This semester, I spent much time free writing and going over my three essays, rhetorical analysis, argumentative topic, and summary and response. First, free writing inspires me a lot, and help me record my original worth ideas. The essay is like being written automatically, so it

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  • Why is the Declaration of Independence of the United States so Effective?

    the free country we are today. When Thomas Jefferson wrote this document, he told us the rights the colonies should have, which affected the colonies. When he listed all of the grievances, it affected Britain. When he finally declares their independence, it affects the whole world. But why was this declaration so effective? “That whenever any Form of the Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it.” When Thomas Jefferson writes this

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  • Escaping Reality When Pen And Paper Meet

    feeling many times a week when my pen and paper meet. Writing set my soul free. My writing process is a long drawn out internal disaster which eventually turns into a well written piece. I would not change my writing process for anything. However less procrastination and better spelling couldn’t hurt me! My writing process changes depending on I’m writing. When writing freely in my notebook or on a computer screen, my only process is to proof read. Over the last eight years my writing has become a voice

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  • Frederick Douglass : Turning Points And Life Changing Events

    life changing events happen to him early on in his life. He learned how to read and write by a master’s wife, where he eventually taught himself. He also finally gave his cruel slaveholder, Mr. Covey, a taste of his own medicine. Although fighting Mr. Covey had finally given him the courage to stick up for himself to be treated as a human and not as anything less than, I believe that learning how to read and write was the most essential in changing the track of his life because it is what start him

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  • Persuasive Or Argumentative Persuasive Essay

    hands of the free market. The federal government has allocated billions of dollars to over 900 companies through the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 or TARP (Times, 2016). In a section of this bill it states that some of these companies are to repay the funds received and then that money will be given back to the taxpayers (Times, 2016). However out of the few that have supposedly paid back the money what has been done to benefit us the taxpayer for the bailout? My taxes have actually

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  • I Am A Fan Of Reading And Writing

    I am a fan of reading and writing, I read in my free time and like to write. However as I’ve begun to take harder classes, gotten a job and been playing tennis, my free time has decreased and I haven’t written or read much. In previous years, including last year, I have written poems, short stories and read entire serieses in my free time. This may make it seem as though english should be my favorite subject but it is not. I like literacy, not english class, we do to much strict structure writing

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  • Language, By Gary Goshgarian

    writing essays or any paper. I try to be aware of my mistakes and my word use. Reading these sections from three different writers made me realized that I’m not alone who struggles with writing. When I read Lamott’s explanation, ”So you might start by writing down every single thing you can remember from your first few years in school. Start with kindergarten. Try to get the words out and memories down as they occur to you. Don’t worry if what you write is no good, because no one is going to see It

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  • Everyone 's An Author, By Andrea Lunsford

    Throughout this semester I have changed my composing process, worked with multiple different writing prompts, and have completed various activities, such as working in groups and participating in discussions with my peers. This has helped me to understand and learn how to use my peers and other resources to aid me with our topics and improve our writings. I have also had to read from the book “Everyone’s an Author”, which was made by Andrea Lunsford, Michal Brody, Lisa Ede, Beverly J. Moss, Carole

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  • Grade School Vs. High School

    As a child I was never into writing or reading. My childhood consisted of playing outdoors, taking care of my younger brothers, and playing video games or riding my bike when I had the chance. You could say I was never the “book worm”, I was more interested in other activities. It wasn 't until I had gotten the fundamental skills through grade school and high school, that I realized how much it helped me now. In high school and through grade school, I didn 't have the best experiences with writing

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  • My Writing About My Favorite Athletes

    enjoy reading, particularly sports magazines, online articles, and little by little I started seeing myself reading more and discovering new things that I might have liked but never got a chance to read about them. And that made me enjoy reading about my favorite athletes, their life stories and how they succeeded in their lives. From there the love of reading progressed and I started reading about different topics. Along with sports I started to read about history and how the people lived before our

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  • Narrative Essay About My Passion

    It is no secret that I found my passion to be a journalist at first grade. Most individuals don’t even know what they want to be that young. However, I knew from a young age that I loved to read and write. So I did a matter of fact, in my free time I would always read novels and write stories about the supernatural. Having that passion in my life was a big influencer. I never felt that I was forced to do this. I loved what I was doing, besides in theater you have to produce a vivid imagination.

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  • Coming Into Language By Jimmy Santiago Baca

    usage of pathos, Baca was able to effectively portray how literacy can free and strengthen one from the outside factors that attempts to trap them in life. Baca uses an abundant amount of similes throughout his essay to trigger the emotions of his intended audience. For example, he uses a simile to compare himself to an object so that the reader can have a clear understanding. One simile in particular that he uses is “Most of my life I felt like a target in the crosshairs of a hunter’s rifle” (Baca

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  • The Self Swindling Swindle : My Brain

    The self-swindling swindle “Hmm… I have absolutely no Idea what to write about.” I twirled my pencil in my hand as I wracked my brain for something that I could base my essay on. Although I had been thinking for close to half an hour by now, the only thing that I could think of was writing about how I was in denial about being overweight, while I was in middle school, accepting the fact, and trying to do something about it later. However, I felt that writing about something like that would

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