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  • Importance of Information and Communication Technologies (Icts) in Making a Heathy Information Society: a Case Study of Ethiope East Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria

    of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Making a Heathy Information Society: A Case Study of Ethiope East Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria Monday Obaidjevwe Ogbomo Esoswo Francisca Ogbomo Department of Library and Information Science Delta State University Abraka, Nigeria Introduction There is widespread research interest in information and communication technologies (ICTs). According to Crede & Mansell (1998), ICTs are crucially important for sustainable development

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  • Impact of Ict on the Banking Industry a Case Study on First Capital Plus

    ABSTRACT The study is a comprehensive evaluation of the impact of ICT on the banking industry (a case study of FIRST CAPITAL PLUS). Three categories of variables that relate to the adoption and implementation of information technology devices were used for the study. These include the nature and degree of adoption of innovative technologies, degree of utilization of the identified technologies, and the impact of the adoption of ICT devices on banks operation. These developments in technology have

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  • ICT in Cameroon Primary Schools Essays

    For ICT to be effective integrated in the school curriculum, one needs to understand its psychological foundation. The essence of integrating ICT in learning and teaching is to facilitate the process of knowledge acquisition (Mayer, 2003). Achieving this objective requires a clear comprehension of how individuals learn using various theories of learning and how the tool can be used to enhance the process. Roblyer (2006) states that “theories describe how learning should take place and hence strategies

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  • Ict in the Film Industry

    ICT AND FILM INDUSTRY Digital technology in the past decade has totally changed the movie industry. Focusing on the crucial procedures of movie making and the impact that technology had on each of the areas, this research would look at recent reforms in the pre-production part of film making, furthermore we will try to know the new instruments, equipment and storage facilities being used by modern film makers and producers. Film distribution and the adverse impacts that technology has had on the

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  • Ict Classroom And Ct / Resource Room Program

    population is approximately 17%. In order for our school to transition to an ICT approach, we would have to notify the stakeholders by providing them with some visuals to demonstrate the differences between an ICT classroom and CT/Resource Room Program. Furthermore, historical data about the improvement in schools who have switched to this model will be demonstrated. I will emphasis that “students in our one Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) class were making significantly more progress on the state tests.” This

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  • Small Farm Farmers And Their Decision Regarding The Adoption Of Ict And E Commerce

    and their decision regarding the adoption of ICT and e-commerce in the United States. This current study is particularly relevant during this time because Americans are moving towards living a healthier lifestyle, thus giving small farm farmers the opportunity to market and sell more of their products through ICT and e-commerce channels. The goal of the study is to contribute to the existing literature on small farm farmer’s adoption or non-adoption of ICT and e-commerce, and to discover management

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  • Information And Communication Technology ( Ict )

    Communication Technology (ICT) is no longer an instructional tool in education. Constructivist learning has led to ICT as a cognitive tool to promote meaningful learning (Jonassen, Peck, & Wilson, 1999). Education today must to demonstrate the effectiveness of their educational effort and improving learning through effective instruction, which will strengthen the individual learning. The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) identify the authentic use of ICT across their standards.

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  • Advance Issue in Ict Essay

    ADVANCED ISSUES IN ICT | | | Semester | : | June 2013 | Course Leader | : | Iznora Aini Zolkifly | Office Location | : | Faculty of Business and Information Technology, Block B1-3A, Leisure Commerce Square | Consultation Hours | : | Tuesday : 2.30 pm – 4.30p.m Thursday : 2.30 pm – 4.30p.m jk | Telephone | : | 03-76277373 | E-mail | : | iznora@unitar.my | Tutors (Optional) | : | | | | | | | Course Synopsis The course contains current issues in Information and Communication

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  • Information And Communication Technologies ( Icts )

    widespread adoption of computers and communications systems and communications systems along with easy access to electronic information will automatically produce a better world for human living” (p. 87). Information and communication technologies (ICTs), especially the internet, have influenced and affected both economic industries and consumers’ everyday lives. The profound effects in which the internet has shaped society can’t be argued. By reducing the spatial and temporal issues that once distanced

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  • Icts in the Tourism Industry Essay

    ICTs in the Tourism Industry and its influences on the tourist consumer behaviour The tourism industry often needs a various range of information to satisfy and attracts its consumers and most of this information is delivered promptly to the customers with the help of the information and communication technologies (Poon, 1993). And as result, the global tourism industry is rapidly changing and the information and communication technologies ( ICTs) such as the internet is altering the structure

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  • Icts : A Broad Extent Of Technology

    ICTs include a broad extent of technologies in the advanced era. ICTs are relevant to technological devices and materials that are engaged to communication, creation, dissemination and management information (Nordin, Embi & Yunus, 2010; Thierer, 2000). These technological tools and resources cover radio, television, computer, Internet, social networks and etc. In the former decade, enhancing of the practicality of teaching and learning in all levels and in both academic and non-academic contexts

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  • Thesis Ict Essay

    to carry out the study, the components of the research and the methods that is used to conduct the studies, also includes the overview and the treatments of the data. System Development Life Cycle The proposed Inventory and Reservation System of ICT Resource Management with barcode system through VB (Virtual Basic) that follows the step by step process of the System Development Cycle (SDLC)Spiral Model. It makes sure that the requirements needed are done properly. The Spiral Model is a combination

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  • Ict And Its Impact On The Public Sector

    Since the late 1990s, we have witnessed an increasing interest in making the public sector more available to the public and transparent for the public. Using the information & communication technology also known as ICT, as a platform for communication with and providing the services to the citizens and the businesses achieve this. This rapidly growing phenomenon is internationally labeled as the “e- governance” (Ho, 2002; Heeks, 2006; Norris and Reddick, 2012). As per Lee et al., (2011) the e-governance

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  • Essay about ICT in Cameroon Primary Schools

    would please the researcher a situation referred to as "social desirable effects" (Mouton, 2001) Given the breadth of technology integration and the population, the study covered only a small portion with focused on the evaluation of implementation of ICT integration. The analysis of the data represented a small sample size of the teachers and pupils and therefore inference on wider population cannot be made. However, the value of this type of evaluative study lies in generating theory that can be tested

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  • Ict and Its Impact on Economic Growth Essay example

    Amol Subhash Kadam Assistant Professor Kamaladevi College of Arts & Commerce Vitthalwadi-East Email-Id :- kadam.a333@gmail.com Contact No:- 9029787363 ICT AND ITS IMPACT ON ECONOMIC GROWTH Exploring the growth potential of ICT ------------------------------------------------- Abstract: ------------------------------------------------- Past decade saw the growth of service sector and marveled on the growing potential of the IT industry. This became more relevant if we

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  • Ict ( Information And Communications Technology

    Communication Technology ICT (information and communications technology - or technologies) includes any communication device or application, encompassing: radio, television, cellular phones, computer and network hardware and software, satellite systems and so on, as well as the various services and applications associated with them, such as videoconferencing and distance learning. People have turned from the old uses of communication to the more advanced and technological ways of conversing. Technology

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  • Home Corner Role Play With Integrated Technology ( Ict )

    Home corner Role-play with integrated Technology (ICT) - First activity in depth: Purpose: Pretended play is supported by several theorists like Erikson (1950), Freud (1958), and Piaget (1962), who discussed the importance of this type of play in developing the children’s cognitive, social and emotional skills (Mindes & Donovan, 2001). Vygotsky was perhaps the most famous theorist in addressing the pretend play as the “leading factor in development,” noting that in play, children develop a range

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  • Information And Communication Technologies ( Icts )

    the ICTs in rural areas is the single most important factor hindering the implementation of distance education in those locations. Evaluate this statement. There is wide consensus in government and non-government circles, both within individual countries and across many multilateral organisations that the information and communication technologies (ICTs) are critical to overall economic and social development and in particular to human development. With regard to human development, the ICTs are

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  • The Impact Of Icts On Social Movement

    The impact of ICTs on social movement in China: Xiamen Anti-PX demonstration. INTRODUCION The past decade has seen the rapid development of information communication technologies (ICTs) in China. For example, “China has become the biggest mobile communication carrier in the world since 2001.” (Jun and Hui, 2010). The advanced communication technology is an important component in the social movements and plays a key role in environmental activism. As Hung Chin-Fu (2013) point out, the civil

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  • Role of Ict in Education Essay

    Role of ICT in education Nowadays the role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT),especially internet in the education sector plays an important role, especially in the process of empowering the technology into the educational activities. Education sector can be the most effective sector to anticipate and eliminate the negative impact of ICT. Technology (internet) in another side can be the most effective way to increase the student’s knowledge. Being aware of the significant role

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  • Uses of Ict in Nigeria Essay

    Information Technology (IT), with the aim of making Nigeria an IT adapted country in Africa and also a leading player in the use of ICT as an implement for sustainable development and global competitiveness. Since then Information and Communication Technology has been on the lips of every academic. The world is about to leave behind anyone that is not ICT compliant. ICT has various forms and roles which it performs in learning, especially in the teaching and learning of language. It is a powerful

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  • Ict Inside Of Human Associations And Social Orders

    foundation of an association. Consistently work, correspondence, data social affair, and basic leadership all depend on data innovation (IT). The subject of data frameworks thinks about the utilizations made of ICT inside of human associations and social orders. Specifically, we concentrate how ICTs are connected to enhance the way associations work and to individuals to carry out their employments. This is mainly accomplished by gathering, putting away, handling and sharing information and data is recovered

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  • Ict Models For Assessment And Accreditation System

    looked at (a) Effective Pedagogy of ICT Models for Assessment and Accreditation system and (b) Pedagogy in Teaching and Learning. Here we present the role of ICT in designing pedagogy in general and specifically in developing a web based tool for Assessment and Accreditation system. The development of a generic model with the help of Technology is carried out. However, faculties do not usually follow linear instructional design models when they are planning for ICT integration. The development of generic

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  • Ict : The Relevance Of Ict

    The relevance of ICTs in modern pedagogy Motivation has always been a problem when we talk about education. Techniques were used to try to counter this problem. One in particular is getting our attention. Technologies are being adapted to education in order to increase the student’s level of motivation. The question is: Is it relevant to use information and communication technologies in education? If yes, how does it affect the modern education? First of all, what are information and communication

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  • Communication and ICT Case Study Essay

    Communication and ICT Case Study Tesco and ICT ICT is vital to Tesco. Every aspect of their operation is controlled or monitored by ICT - stock, distribution, payroll, communication methods, and so on. ICT is essential to the running of a modern store. It is used for planning, monitoring, auditing and communicating between store operations. For example, when an item has its barcode read at the checkout, the system not only logs the price onto the till, but

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  • The Article, Paulo Freire And Icts : Liberatory Education Theory

    In their article, “Paulo Freire and ICTs: Liberatory Education Theory in a Digital Age,” John F. Freie and Susan M. Behuniak mainly discuss liberation and oppression in education when ICTs involved. They stand on the same side as Paulo Freire, arguing that the dominant tendency of computers employed in college class reinforced Freire’s “banking system” type of education. They also presented Freire’s Liberatory Pedagogy and applied different types of ICTs to prove the reliability of Freire’s theory

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  • Critical Evaluation of the Benefits and Limitations of Using Ict in Knowledge Management Processes

    Critical Evaluation of the Benefits and Limitations of Using ICT in Knowledge Management Processes 1.0 Introduction Knowledge management can be considered to be an essential strategic function in any organisation today. As the world becomes more globalised, and traditional structures of intermediation are removed whilst new ones are created, it is clear that knowledge, and consequently a learning organisation is one that is more likely to find unique sources of competitive advantage, and be

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  • Technology And Ict And Learning Outside Of The Classroom

    huge part in the education of children, being able to support this learning is something of utmost importance to a teacher. There are many methods, tools and ways to do this and this essay will explore a few of these ways; the use of technology and ICT and learning outside of the classroom. I will also evaluate the health and safety risks of both of these approaches. Children are becoming increasingly comfortable with the range of technologies available to them as it has become part of their everyday

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  • Ict And Ict For Teaching

    the carried out discussion has reflected two main things: which are; first, the used of ICT to engage learning in teaching or ICT for teaching purposes, and second the used of ICT to support personal learning at post compulsory study or ICT for learning purposes. From the discussion, I could draw out that, ICT roles in supporting teaching are mostly depended upon the teacher initiative to create a better ICT ambience for enabling learning. The interviewee as the pre-school teacher emphasized that

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  • Ict Revolution, Productivity, And ( Un ) Employment

    maintenance costs, but with increasingly cheap and dynamic technology the demand for this labor is decreasing. The Facts to be Analyzed: ICT Revolution, Productivity, and (Un)Employment Computers are now conceiving aspects of reality that manufacturers, engineers, and designers once thought were inconceivable. Information and communication technology (ICT) is growing exponentially with very few limitations. For the last several decades, we have discussed how technology will make lives easier for

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  • The, Regional And National Instruments Aimed At Combating Ict Facilitated Sexual Abuse Against Children

    Legislative framework There are international, regional and national instruments aimed at combating ICT facilitated sexual abuse against children. International instruments recognize the rights of children and extend special protection to children. They require state parties to adopt measure to protect children from abuse and solicitation as well as provide cooperation in the investigations, prosecutions and [prevention of these crimes. Ratification and incorporation of these international instruments

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  • The Ict Service Develops And Supports A Wide Range Of Business Systems And Processes

    The ICT Service develops and supports a wide range of business systems and processes. ICT Service is provided in support of Charles Sturt University business including research, teaching and learning, and operational activities. ICT Services is considered to be all systems supporting interaction, information provision, information storage, or communications provision and the ICT Facilities on which they operate. ICT Facilities is considered be all computers, terminals, telephones, end host devices

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  • The Information Communication Technology ( Ict )

    Information Communication Technology (ICT) that has further enhanced the way education and learning is done at various tertiary institutions. Through ICT, there is immediate access to information required for learning and teaching. Several of the benefits derived from ICT include increased collaboration and cooperation between students and lectures, information sharing, improved communication and information access. Mtega, Bernard, Msungu and Sanare (2012) found that ICTs, when used in teaching, are beneficial

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  • Icts for Better Marketing of Agricultural Produce in Bangladesh

    ICTs for Better Marketing of Agricultural Produce in Bangladesh 1. Introduction Agriculture is the most important sector in the economy of Bangladesh. As the largest private enterprise, agriculture contributes about 21% of the GDP, sustains the livelihood of about 52% of the labour force and remains a major supplier of raw materials for agro-based industries in Bangladesh [1]. The rural economy of Bangladesh is transforming, the specific manifestation is non-farm economy is flourishing. Out of

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  • Information And Communication Technologies ( Ict ) For Managing The Quality Of Tourism Traffic

    technology innovation 4.1 The role of Internet and travel agents The emerging of travel and tourism has depended extensively on information and communication technologies (ICT) for managing the quality of tourism traffic. The development of Internet gives opportunities to SME- travel agents to reach out global customers and suppliers. ICT innovation is increasingly important for management and marketing of tourism and travel agents Company. They also assist travel agents to determine customer-behavior

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  • Ict ( Information And Communications Technology

    ICT (information and communications technology - or technologies) includes any communication device or application, encompassing: radio, television, cellular phones, computer and network hardware and software, satellite systems and so on, as well as the various services and applications associated with them, such as videoconferencing and distance learning. People have turned from the old uses of communication to the more advanced and technological ways of conversing. Technology has made it easier

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  • Advantages of Using Ict as a Tool for Teaching and Learning Process in Higher Education Institution

    ICT use in general terms is any use of “computing devices such as desktop computers, laptops, software, or Internet for instructional purposes” (Hew & Brush, 2007, p. 225). ICT is the modern technology that be useful for student as a learning tool. Moreover, teachers also use ICT for instructional preparation and instructional delivery. So, ICT is the use of technology for students and teacher in education(Inan & Lowther, 2010). Besides, the important factor that can shape the effective application

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  • The Module Planning Ict Integration

    NETS-T (teachers) The FSL module Planning ICT Integration (2013), lists the four stages of staff capabilities as defined by the STaR Chart, developed in Florida as a rubric for planning technological integration, as, Entry (awareness)- staff begin to see the benefits of technology in education. Intermediate (acceptance)- staff accept that technology has a role in education. Advanced (adopted) - staff have embraced and adopted technology as a part of a supportive

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  • Essay on Impact of Ict on Accounting Practice in Nigeria

    The impact of ICT on accounting practice in Nigeria CHAPTER ONE Introduction 1.1    Background of the study             In the recent past centuries, before the inception of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), the accountants of an organization were using a socially acceptable behavioural method of reporting accounting and economic reports, carried out during accounting year ends, the preparation of accounting records, book such as the profit and loss account, the balance sheet

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  • An Integrated Co Teaching ( Ict ) Class

    Aiden is a 6-year old 1st grade boy classified as Speech/Language impairment student. He is currently in an integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) class. Aiden has a full time Health Para for health and safety concerns due to his being diagnosed with Dechenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). DMD is a genetic disorder characterized by progressive muscle degeneration and weakness. According to Aiden’s paraprofessional, he has two brothers who has the same condition. One of his brother is in 5th grade and is in wheelchair

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  • Analysis of the Success Factors and Failure Causes in Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Projects

    review:- IT is very useful for any company for satisfying their operational and functional needs. Due to the huge development in IT projects, companies need to keep themselves aware of changes in the global world. Companies must give more importance to ICT projects to become more popular in the competitive world. There are two different lifecycles that work together throughout the course of every project. One describes all the tasks that must be completed to produce a particular product and the second

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  • The Curriculum Programme Of The Old Ict Curriculum

    era as the old ICT Curriculum is replaced by a more up-to-date Computing Curriculum Programme of Study (PoS) that will enhance the learning of the pupils and prepare them for the “digital world” we live in. According to Education Secretary Michael Gove, the current ICT curriculum has not been able to equip and prepare the children to the “new world” and that there is a need to “develop skills for the 21st century” to eradicate the skills deficiency in the job market. Whilst the ICT curriculum PoS

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  • An Appraisal of Information and Communication Technology (Ict) Resources for Sustainable Poverty Eradication and Development in Nigeria

    AN APPRAISAL OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY (ICT) RESOURCES FOR SUSTAINABLE POVERTY ERADICATION AND DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA BY OJEBISI, A. OLUGBENGA Department Of Curriculum and Instruction Studies, Federal College of Education (Sp.), Oyo. E-mail: ojebisi_olugbenga@yahoo.com +234-0-8035624949 An Appraisal of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Resources for Sustainable Poverty Eradication and Development in Nigeria Abstract This paper presents an appraisal of

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  • Exploring How Organisations use ICT Essay

    Organisations use ICT The Northampton Academy is a new comprehensive school situated on the Billing Brook Road in Lings. There are 1300 students attending this school with the age range of these varying from 11-18 years. NorthamptonAcademy Many business organisations use ICT in different ways depending on the type of organisation and how ICT can improve and help the business. The Northampton Academy is good example of a business that uses ICT in administration

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  • United Arab Emirates : The World And World Class Ict Infrastructures

    United Arab Emirates considered to be one of the most advanced and world-class ICT infrastructures due to the highest investing in adopting and implementing ICT in its government (Al-Khouri, 2012). United Arab Emirates utilizes the world leading eGovernment program to develop its own initiatives with the consideration of the UAE federal level to transform all government services and make them available electronically through various channels. However, Government of UAE (2012) stated the vision

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  • Maintain Ict Equipment and Systems Essay

    Level 3 Maintain ICT equipment and systems (7266/7267-510) Scenario A manufacturing company has a small client-server network on its premises. It consists of a server, four work stations and two printers (one laser, one ink-jet). One workstation is situated in a production workshop where sheet metal is cut, bent and welded. Additionally, the MD transfers files to and from his laptop. Level 3 Maintain ICT equipment and systems 3 (7266/7267-510) TASK A | 1. Devise a preventative maintenance

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  • Information And Information Technology ( Ict )

    Over recent years there has been a widespread debate regarding how information and communication technology (ICT), has changed or altered the face of U.S. society and economy. A wide number of industries have been observed to adopt and implement the initiatives of wireless business so as to facilitate a better and enhanced management of their internal business processes. In rural are of United States (U.S.), the onset of globalization coupled with labor saving technologies can be said to create considerable

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  • Review How to Provide Opportunities for Learners to Practice Their Literacy, Language, Numeracy and Ict Skills

    Count: 749 Samantha Harvey Review how to provide opportunities for learners to practice their literacy, language, numeracy and ICT skills Providing opportunities for learners to practice the skills they need often means hiding them on normal learning activities as many students are resistant to Maths, Literacy and information Communication Technology (ICT) classes. The idea of functional skills was developed by Government to “provide essential knowledge, skills and understanding that will

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  • Ict in Malaysia Essay example

    ICT IN MALAYSIA: POLICY, REGULATION & INDUSTRY PROGRESS (1996-2000) AND PROSPECTS (2001-2005) Presented by Gazali Abas at ITU-Waseda University Workshop for Regulators and Policy-Makers “New Trends in ICT” 13th-24th November, 2001 Waseda University Tokyo, JAPAN CONTENTS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. INTRODUCTION PROGRESS (1996-2000) PROSPECTS (2001-2005) ALLOCATION CONCLUSION 14 Nov.2001.Gazali A. 2 1. INTRODUCTION THE BIG PICTURE - Human Capital 23 m - Vision 2020 - Long-term Outline Perspective

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  • Ict For Students On The Autistic Spectrum

    purpose of this discussion paper is to analyse the research in ICT for students on the Autistic Spectrum. There is a large amount of research and theories focused on using information technology in teaching and learning. However, due to the specific challenges of students with ASD, there has also been more specific research into how these students may benefit from digital learning and ICT. Educators worldwide are using and experimenting with ICT for students on the Autistic spectrum, but is it effective

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