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  • Spinnin Records: Music Video Analysis

    it is officially owned by the person/group that recorded it (registering it at a copyright office isn’t mandatory, but is recommended). This places it under their ownership for the life length of the artist plus another 70 years. Pirating is also another legal issue that is present, more people than ever are using these illegal means to download music which is rightfully owned by Spinnin’ Records, however to combat this the label have implemented new copyright guidelines meaning that anyone caught with media that is rightfully not theirs, can be prosecuted. Role of relevant regulatory bodies. The BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) usually regulate for film, however they do also regulate and classify music videos too. This non-governmental organization, founded by the the film industry in 1912 and responsible for the national classification of censorship of film, and music videos. During their time spent trying to classify the music video “pillowfight” it was deemed that it was fine to be classified as a 12A as it does contain the use of alcohol however this is the only thing so it will not rise in its rating. The role relevant regulatory bodies play in upholding guidelines and regulations.…

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  • Online Sports Persuasive Essay

    profession is commonly known as ‘eSports’, but I would argue that it qualifies as a regular professional sport due to demands on the human mind and body, the viewer base, and player as well as team sponsorships. “But they’re sitting down!” you might say, “its just a game!” you might say. But rowers sit down.…

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  • Sports Gear Case Study

    An empirical study on consumer attitude towards sports gear. Abstract India has a large young population that shown tremendous interest in sporting activities. The advent of sporting clubs, adventure camps, and increasing focus on sports fitness has led to the entry of several international and reputed brands in the market place. Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Nike are some of the leading international brands that are readily available in the Indian market place. Associated with sports apparel and…

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  • The Positive Impacts Of Foreign Direct Investment In Bangladesh

    A Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) generally means an investment made to acquire long-term interest in enterprises that operate outside of the economy of the investor. Open economies (like Bangladesh) with a vast workforce and good growth prospects gradually tend to attract larger amounts of foreign direct investment than closed, highly regulated economies. The third world countries are considered the best places for the investors for foreign direct investment. Foreign direct investment has…

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  • Cons Of Poverty

    Individuals in poor nations have a tendency to have less access to health care services than those in better-off nations, and inside nations, the poor have less access to wellbeing services. Despite the fact that an absence of financial resources or data can make hindrances to getting to services, the causal relationship between access to health services and poverty keeps running in the other direction. At the point when human services are required however is postponed or not obtained,…

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  • Third World Countries Research Paper

    Third World Countries Need Our Help Imagine our country is in great devastation, and there is barely any water for the majority of us due to the current global warming crisis. Our country is undeveloped and not a single person watching chooses to take concern over our dying nation. How would we feel? We would be scared and anxious about the near future. Unfortunately, this is how many third world countries feel today. Currently, they may not be at their highest points of development, but they…

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  • ICD-9-CM/PCS Case Study Answers

    by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and is tasked with the project of compiling medical health information for astronauts in a research database. Ms. Greene’s background includes a Health Information Technology degree, RHIT and CCS certifications as well as 10 years of experience in the Health Information Management (HIM) field as an outpatient ER coder and an inpatient coder at a large university hospital. Her skill set is very well suited to the project that she is…

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  • The Ebola Virus

    bringing more citizens from developed countries into direct contact with individuals from Ebola-infected regions. This creates a system in which high levels of business opportunities draw international persons into Ebola areas in Africa, which increases the number of non-african ebola patients, thus increasing international interest and attention surrounding the virus.The result of which is changing percetions and behaviour towards Ebola. The limited western involvement during 1994 meant that…

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  • The Colonial Period: The Colonization Of Africa And Asia

    The Colonial Period consisted of European countries going to countries within the Eastern World and imperializing many countries within Africa and Asia. These European countries imperialized those countries to compete with fellow European countries, gain raw materials from the Eastern countries, and have access to a larger market. The legacies that the imperial world left was destruction of the culture of African and Asian countries, a rapid growth for the countries of the colonizers and…

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  • Helping Those In Poverty Essay

    Helping Those In Poverty Twenty one thousand people die from starving a day (hunger and world poverty). That means that Twenty two thousand people died a painful death. Pain has always been know to human beings but pain is not familiar to all humans. Pain can be numbing to a person or it can be dreadful, it takes many different forms, hunger is a form that is most common to people. Food is a necessity to human beings in order to survive. Some people eat three meals a day plus snack, and some of…

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