Narrative Essay About Coming Of Age

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Register to read the introduction… This variety of experiences creates numerous memories that can be shared amongst friends and family. Each of these memories that are shared have the potential to be inspiring to someone else, or can even bring the lessons that were learned to resurface, showing the reason for coming of age. When memories are created, you are then able to share experiences with others, which can also help you see what you have learned. Memories are an important factor when relating to coming of age. It can be easy to recall vivid, and important events in your life, doing so, will help you see how much you have learned and grown since then. Not only can you recollect these memories you have created, but you can share what you have learned with others. When sharing memories with others, they too can come to understand more about you. As some of our most vivid memories are created we often go through a trial that will teach a life …show more content…
10). As this quote explains, it takes many small moments to develop character. As we each strive to find who we are, we come to develop patterns of habit that then shape our personal characters. It is important to develop character because who you are and what you believe in will influence your actions. Robert Knight mentions that, “Rather than people 'being what they eat', it is more suitable to describe them as 'being what they experience'.” (2012, para. 3) According to a new study led by Virginia Commonwealth University researchers. “Our life experiences, the ups and downs, and everything in between, shape us, stay with us and influence our character” (2011, Para. 1). The study that was done by Virginia University, concluded that, “The experiences people have, stay with the person and has an impact on his or her set points as an adult” (2011, para. 1). Our experiences can help shape our personality, and character, as we grow to come of age, we must go through experiences that will change our perspectives about the world. And as we begin to understand more about the world, through experience, we then will develop character. Your character will then give others a glimpse of what you have experienced, showing them the strength and maturity you have gained while coming of …show more content…
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