Personal Narrative Essay: Growing Up In The 90s

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Growing up in the late 80s through the 90s seemed like such a long time ago. I grew up in a one story house which consisted of myself, my mother, older brother and sister. I was the baby of the family so evenings consisted of arguments with my siblings, dinner, and followed by sports or playing outside. On Fridays after school, I would head to the west side of Columbus for the weekend to spend time with my father, grandmother and other paternal relatives that lived nearby. I loved the time I spent out west with my father. Friday nights consisted of pizza, nick at night, family matters, 7th heaven, and buffy the vampire slayer. Early Saturday mornings I would wake up early enough to help my grandmother in the vegetable garden, then I would head …show more content…
My son started getting electronics at a very young age. He started off with the play computers that had educational stuff on them. Now he has just about every gadget known to man, excluding a cell phone. At home, he has an Xbox gaming system in his room, 3ds and a tablet that he carries everywhere he goes. My mother also bought him a Wii for when he is at her house. When my son goes to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the summer, he has another Xbox system along with a PlayStation. Although he has a lot of gaming systems, we try to make sure he balances out his time between playing video games and doing things outside. There are not many kids in my neighborhood so while at home, he will try to sit and play games or watch television all day. When my son is at my mom’s house, which is almost daily, he is nearly outside all day playing with the neighborhood kids or riding his bike. When out to dinner with my son, I make sure he has my undivided attention. We bring small board games or cards to play while we wait for our food. We engage in conversation and most importantly, I have my cell phone in my purse. I never want him to lose touch with how to properly communicate and enjoy someone’s …show more content…
There are a lot of electronics out there that try to help people get out and be more active. The new wave with Pokémon go is a great thing. Families who maybe wouldn’t spend that much time outdoors are now out and about hunting Pokémon as a family. The fitness trackers are getting people to want to stay fit rather than sitting indoors playing games and watching television. After years of never using it, I within the past 2 years started using my calendar that’s built into my cellphone. I used to carry the two-year planner and write everything down, but the problem with that was there is no alert or alarm to give me a heads-up of an event approaching. I consider Facebook a gift and a curse. If used properly, Facebook can come in handy when looking for an old friend, or staying in contact with a family member that has moved away. If not used in proportions; technology can cause ruin to family time the we once knew. I think as parents and adults, we have to monitor and control how much and what technology is being used. I don’t think technology is bad. Just like with math, you are taught the basics, the fundamentals but there is always a way around to make things easier, i.e. calculators. Children need to be shown how to live life without some of the major technologies first before they use it. Don’t just allow your child to sit inside all day and play video games. Don’t allow your teenager to just send text messages, make

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