Margaret Peterson's Double Identity

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Imagine your parents dropping you off at an unknown aunts house and then keeping a huge family secret from you. In the book “Double Identity” by Margaret Peterson Bethany begins coming of age as soon as her parents drop her off and leave. Coming of age is the term used to show the transition of teen to young adult. A person can mature faster when something extreme happens in your family. Bethany comes of age by taking responsibility, handling her emotions, and knowing who she is as a person. “Double Identity” is about a 12 going on 13 year old girl named Bethany. Bethany’s parents dropped her off one day a her Aunt Myrlie’s house but she had never met her aunt. Her parents were sobbing when they dropped her off and they never told her why they were dropping her off. As soon as she was dropped off she began questioning herself about why she was dropped off. In support of Bethany coming of age she is taking responsibility towards her actions. Responsibility for your actions means that you think about what you did wrong and to not blame something you did on someone else. Bethany shows her …show more content…
Bethany finds out she’s a clone of her dead sister Elizabeth she begins questioning who she is as a person. While she stays with Aunt Myrlie everyone keeps comparing Bethany to someone named Elizabeth. Bethany doesn’t know who Elizabeth is so she assumes she must have something to o with her parents leaving. Aunt Myrlie finally tells Bethany that she is a clone of Elizabeth. Bethany then thinks if she’s exactly like someone then she isn’t unique. She focuses on the similarities not the differences of her and Elizabeth. She starts showing maturity when she notices the differences like that she’s good at swimming and Elizabeth is good at gymnastics. She then knows that she’s not an exact replica cause she’s her own person. She finds out there were multiple clones but she was the only that strived which makes her

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