Peter Lik: Panoramic Landscape Master

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Josh Way
Professor Jo-Ann Campell
GRA-K131 - Digital Photography
12 May 2016

Peter Lik “Panoramic Landscape Master”
I found it quite a difficult task to find a photographer that would inspire me, beyond just one photograph, but with an entire portfolio. Since I’ve taken photographs, on and off, with varying degrees of amateur equipment for the past ten years, time and time again, I’ve always been drawn to bright colors, landscapes, and water. So with this project, I wanted to find a photographer with similar interests and focus. While trying to narrow down a photographer, an episode of “Pawn Stars” on the History Channel came to mind, where I remembered seeing a stunning landscape photo printed on canvas that sold for quite a large sum of
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Riding the high of that huge accomplishment along with also selling his first million dollar photograph that same year titled “One” he sprinted into the public’s consciousness by starring in his own TV Show produced by NBC called “From the Edge with Peter Lik.” In his TV show he went back to what he did 1989 with a camera crew in toe this time and traveled the country searching for that elusive perfect landscape shot. During this time he didn’t give up on his business ventures either with now 13 galleries and growing across the world, all supplied by Lik USA, producing the prints and framing them to his very high standards.
Peter Lik has managed to collect hundreds awards over the years for his amazing work. Including these few of note, the Master of Photography Award from the Australian Institute of Professional Photography in 2002 and the Master of Photography Award from the Professional Photographers of America in 2010. As years go by I’m sure he will accumulate even more impressive accolades and much of his work will stand the test of time, cementing him as one of the best panoramic landscape photographers of all time, and inspiring generations more to come, including
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May 9th 2016.
“Peter Lik.” Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia Foundation, Inc. May 2nd 2016. Web. May 9th 2016.

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a paper Professor Campbell, 10 years or so to be exact! I hope I did ok! I was confused with the MLA citing in text stuff, not sure if it’s needed if only two sources?! Both sources had some identical information as well which would have made it difficult! My entire paper was sourced from the two works above and due to the limited amount of material on Peter Lik, much of the information about him I paraphrased and did the best to put in my own words! No plagiarism is intended! If you would like me to go back and put in text citations please let me know!

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