Paul Strand Research Paper


Paul Strand

The following paper was written in part by Gwen Ifill and Luke

Note, the following paper contains adult content that is not recommended for toddlers. Please use viewer discretion before reading this paper.

This is the very awesome and delightful paper on Paul Strand. If you are reading

this paper and wondering who the heck Paul Strand is, I am about to explain it right

now! Paul Strand was a photographer who was around from the late 1800s to the

1970s. Specifically, he was born on
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When he lived in Mexico from 1932-1935, he worked on the film Redes,

which was a film commissioned by the Mexican government, released in the US as The

Wave. In the 1930s, Strand became increasingly concerned with addressing social

issues, and so he switched his focus from photography to motion pictures (aka videos in

modern terms) as a means to reach a greater audience and to tell a clearer story. He

returned to the USA and worked as a cameraman for the director Pare Lorentz on the

government-sponsored documentary film The Plow That Broke the Plains, released in

1936. In 1937 Strand formed Frontier Films to make documentaries with social and

political content. Of the nonprofit company’s seven films, Strand photographed only

Native Land, made in 1942.

Shortly after returning from serving in World War 2, Strand became upset with

the situation with the US government and politics, and so he decided to move to France.

Upon doing that, he worked throughout Europe. He then shifted his focus over there to

community life issues. During the last years of his life, he started writing

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