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    Informative Journal Assignment Speech Communication 1113 Assignment Overview This assignment requires that you identify and analyze the most effective and least effective elements of your informative speech. Approximate time needed to complete assignment: 2 hours Assignment Instruction 1. View the video recording of your informative speech, paying specific attention to the effectiveness/ineffectiveness of the content and delivery elements listed below. CHOOSE ONLY FROM THE ELEMENTS LISTED

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  • Informative Speech Outline Example

    Names Here Communication 103 Informative Outline October 7, 2014 General Purpose: To inform the class about the Maasai. Specific Purpose: To teach the audience certain aspects of the Maasai such as their culture, food, living conditions, and language. I. Introduction: A. Attention Gainer: Mika: “Mambo rafiki! Maji maju?” Kelsey: “Ah poa, asante sana dada!” Mika: “Karibu sana.” B. Reason to Listen: This is an example of a simple conversation between the Maasai, a unique African tribe whose culture

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  • Outlining an Informative Speech: Anabolic Steroids Essay example

    | Outlining an Informative SpeechAnabolic Steroids in Sports | | | OUTLINE OF SPEECH ATTENTION-GETTING OPENER An athlete is a person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina. Athletes train and practice year-round to prepare for the competition and challenges. Most high school, college, amateur and professional athletes participate in sports for the opportunity to pit their abilities against those of their peers, and

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  • Writing and Informative Essays Informative

    hehehehe i actually only wanted toExamples of Informative Essays The purpose of an informative essay, sometimes called an expository essay, is to educate on a certain topic. It is not for giving an opinion or convincing someone to do something or change his beliefs. In addition to being informative, it needs to be interesting. Structure of an Informative Essay The basic structure of an informative essay is very simple. It needs to have a beginning, middle, and end. The beginning needs

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  • Types of Communication Essay

    three ways to communicate: informative, explanatory, and persuasive statements. A quality persuasive essay includes a mixture of informative, explanatory, and persuasive statements because to persuade someone you must: Inform people about the topic Explain your argument, and Convince your audience of your point of view. Complete the following matrix by: Choosing a concept (different from the topic of your persuasive essay) and writing it first as an informative statement, second as an explanatory

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  • Speech : Speech On Speech

    Speeches are always a hard task to complete. Some more complicated then others depending on the situation, the topic, and the audience. The informative speech was one of the harder speeches I had to give since it had to include more research, and more hard facts then the previous speeches. Therefore, it needed more preparation. During preparation part of the informative speech a key learning moment for me was that you can’t procrastinate and do it the night before. That means don’t procrastinate on topic

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  • Language Is The Complex System Of Communication

    they serve one main purpose. To make expression of one’s idea, thought and feeling. Specifically, language has four functions. They are expressive, informative, directive and survival. The first use of language is defined as expressive, it allows people to express how they feel. It is a combination of multiple form of languages. Here an example, Tom’s face was cheerless, when he stared at rain through the window. “Today is gonna be boring” he whined. Notice how Tom was sending a message? He was

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  • Speech On Rising Sea Level

    about it and get them to think or do what it is you want to do. For example, if I have to give a speech about rising sea level in an audience of environmentalists, engineers or scientist, then I will have to give an informative speech with new, interesting, and intriguing information since they are most likely experts on the field. If I have to give a speech to the general public, then I would make a persuasive and informative speech to get the audience caring and to understand the importance helping

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  • Speech Quiz answers

    their heads as the speaker presents information, they are providing the speaker with feedback. 17.Misty is presenting a speech in class. Shawn is having trouble listening to Misty because he is worried about a test in his next class. This is an example of noise. 18.What is the most important element in the public speaking process? – Audience 19.Communication among members of a team or a collective about topics such as goals, strategies, and conflict is group communication. Chapter 3 – Listening

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  • Informative Essay : An Informative Genre

    the informative genre relates to anything that is informative. A photo essay is an essay, which contains photos, and very little text. A news article can be seen as part of the informative genre, but if the news article also contains little text and numerous photos, it can also fit into the photo essay genre. Furthermore, a genre can depend on the view of the audience, whom also may be considered authors according to Michel Foucault. For example, one reader may view an essay as informative, but

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  • Essay on Film Posters

    anticipation and excitement for its release date, which would boost their cinema attendance and DVD sales. Film posters usually contain examples of different persuasive and informative techniques, such as a: Title (a title is a persuasive and informative technique, it is hard to differentiate between the techniques a title uses because it is being informative by telling the audience the films name, but the title can also be persuasive because it can be used to subtly hint the genre and plot of

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  • Join The Flu Fighters : Informative And Persuasive Leaflet

    Flu Fighters’ is an informative and persuasive leaflet given out to adults across the UK, whose employers have decided to use this service. This means that there is a specific audience to relate to – working adults – so healthy males and females aged 18-60 generally. The background context is relevant for this leaflet as working adults have similar basic desires – to save money and have an easy kind of life. The author of this leaflet seemingly plays on these desires, examples include “free flu vaccination”

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  • Speech On The Culper Spy Ring

    The second guideline is “Relate the subject directly to the audience.” In order to give a successful speech, the speaker must keep the audience interested. Relating the subject to the audience is one clear way of doing this. For example, in my informative speech on the Culper Spy Ring, I started out by showing a picture of James Bond. The entire audience recognized the character, and was almost immediately interested simply because of the familiarity. Usage of the words “you” and “your” helps

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  • Siegel And Abbott's Article 'The Work Lives Of The Low-Income Welfare Poor'

    theme of upward mobility in America and how if you are born poor you are likely to stay poor. The guests joining her were David Leonhardt, Richard Reeves, and Scott Winship, who all had their own ideas about opportunity, wealth and mobility. For example, Leonhardt discussed how being born with the parents that he has made it possible for him to go to college and that may not have happened if he had been in a family without the knowledge of how to make that happen. What he is saying is that his grades

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  • The Sit 4 Life Website

    following components by Mike Markel in our new website: 1. Informative headers and footers 2. Easy Navigation using a site map, a table of contents, back-to-top links, and textual navigation buttons 3. Extra features such as FAQ, a search box, resource links, etc. 4. Links to social-media sites 5. Simple backgrounds and conservative color combinations 6. Easy to read text that is short, chunks information, and is simply written 7. Clear, informative links Moreover, I will be sharing my opinion about the

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  • Argumentative Speech : Andrea A Lunsford

    descriptive writing argues that everything's an argument, why arguments are made, and what arguments should take place at certain times. She supports her claim by giving a story and examples surrounded by facts throughout her writing. She then explains how arguments are written as informative. Lunsford purposed an informative writing in order to present an argument and tell her readers how to write an argumentative writing piece. Expert on ethos, John J Ruszkiewicz in his persuasive text argues that

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  • Essay on 10k vs Annual Report

    layout. Different segments such as the company’s CEO letter, highlights for the year, operation of business, financial reports, and corporate responsibility are created for easy access from an website. The 10k report is much more detail oriented, for example, there are 5 sub-segments under its operation section to explain various marketing strategies to approach the U.S. and international markets. Verbal techniques The annual report uses a simple language, because it serves as a rapport builder. It

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  • Mondale Ferraro Campaign Analysis

    This appealed to the Asian Americans, as they were the ones being targeted. The evidence that the Mondale-Ferraro campaign was using this strategy was that one of their buttons had a target towards a specific ethnic group. This strategy is not informative, because the ethical targets on these buttons were not giving you any valuable information, just trying to get certain people to vote for their party. This was an effective strategy, because most of the United States are minorities, and when you

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  • Operations Essay

    Communication, Eighth Edition III. Basic Business Messages 10. Informative and Positive Messages © The McGraw−Hill Companies, 2008 C H A P T E R 10 Informative and Positive Messages Learning Objectives After studying this chapter, you will know: 1 When to use common business media. 2 How to use the chosen channel effectively. 3 How to write letters and memos. 4 How to compose some of the common varieties of informative and positive messages. Locker−Kienzler: Business and Administrative

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  • Pro Life Pro Choice Debate

    the article is going to be about. This is a good example of an informative article because is has a focused topic, well researched information, and various writing strategies. Ultrasound technicians should find this informative article useful in reference to the pro life pro choice debate. An ultrasound technician may find themselves in a position of preform an ultrasound for someone who has chosen to have an abortion. This article is a good example of a focused topic the writer shows both sides

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  • Themes Of Public Speaking By Suven And Susan Beebe

    Public Speaking: An Audience - Centered Approach by Steven and Susan Beebe is an excellent text that is very informative and easily explained for students interested in public speaking. By reading the text, it is clear that the authors have three overarching themes that they want the reader to keep in mind: ethics, diversity and communication apprehension. From beginning to end the main theme is that public speaking is an audience centered approach. The author keeps this motif throughout the

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  • Persuasive Speech Essay

    Compare and contrast the three major speeches that you gave (informative, persuasive, and the redone one). Discuss what went right and what went wrong. Of the three, which was the strongest when delivered and why? Which one were you most comfortable with? Why? Discuss what you might do differently had you the opportunity to do your speech(es) again. The three major speeches that I gave in class were the informative, persuasive and redux speeches. They were distinct in their rubrics except for

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  • Essay on Informative Speech Outline

    statements of another person in your writing without stating to whom these ideas or statements belong to. A student suspected of plagiarism can be given a zero mark, and possibly fail the entire course. Assessment: Impromptu speech 10% Informative speech (15% speech, 5% outline) 20% Show and Tell Poster Session (10% speech, 10% poster) 20% Assignment : Group Interaction 10% Final Examination 40% __________________________________________________________________

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  • The Contorical Analysis Of Grice's 'Logic And Communication'

    are not solely a succession of disjointed thoughts or remarks , they are a cooperative efforts between one another . According to conversation analysis , the cooperative principle is the supposition that when two speak they try to be truthful , informative , clear and relevant . thus , in order to achieve these essential principles , we have maxim of conversation or “ Gricean maxims “ , involving in the maxim of quality , quantity , relevance and manner ( Yule , 2010 ) . The quality maxim : telling

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  • Speech On The Sunflower And Sunflower Oil Production

    On Friday, October 21st, I presented my informative speech on the history of the sunflower and sunflower oil production. This was my third speech of the semester and my first informative speech. I felt that I had done adequate research on my speech topic and therefore felt confident about giving my speech. In my next speech, I believe that I could improve my use of visual aids, nonverbal communication, and improve my speech time. However, I do feel that there were components of my speech that were

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  • Essay on Advertising

    aware of the goods and services that producers and trader share to offer. There are many media through which advertising may take place. Each of which has a varying degree of effectiveness and costs. There are three main groups of advertising: Informative advertising Persuasive advertising Sponsorship advertising The aims of this study is to increase the usage of a certain product, attract more customers and to indicate the introduction of new products or replacement of the old products. To

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  • Just Mercy By Bryan Stevenson

    makes you look deeper into the world of the offenders and see why most deserve mercy and justice. Stevenson’s book was very informative without burying his readers with the facts. The whole book floated smoothly even as he introduced new topics. The book’s structure of shifting back and forth from stories worked favorably for me because it kept me focused on the book. For example, Stevenson did not finish Walter’s story in just one or two chapters, but told it throughout the entire book. I like how

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  • Effective Essay : Goodbye To My Twinkie Day

    The first sentence paragraph can be an effective tool that can illustrated the core message of the essay. The purpose of beginning paragraph is illustrate the core message of the topic; its either informative, descriptive or narrator. Once the purpose has been set, next the author must illustrate to audience the thesis/theme; which is usual done with a sentence or two. In this article the author decide to use a one-sentence to paragraph as both the introduction and as the thesis/theme. The one-sentence

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  • My Reformative Speech : Running Through Life

    in order to improve for next time. My informative speech, “Running Through Life” was on Thursday, September 21th, 2017. This speech was in Mrs. Brown’s classroom at DeKalb High school. The topic of my speech was running, specifically the nutrition or preparation, practice, and competition. I was given the opportunity to record my speech and watch it later on to reflect on how I can improve my public speaking skills. This paper is an analysis of my informative speech on the topic of running that will

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  • Analysis Of Richard A. Bierschbach And Jeffery Toobin

    Professor of Law at Wayne State University Law School. Bierschbach’s piece was a scholarly article that was reviewed by the Northwestern University Law Review. Unlike Jeffery Toobin, Richard A. Bierschbach article was more informative. Although Bierschbach’s article was more informative than Toobin, his argument was very prevalent throughout his article. Bierschbach’s argument was that the constitutions fragmentations on punishment enhances influences perspective, which is becoming a special concern (pg

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  • How Social Media Can Be Defined Through Various Definitions

    permanently. Take social media for example, Facebook comments or tweets may be deleted by the click of a button but that does not necessarily mean it is gone forever. Social media has taken over my generation and I personally have made comments that I wish I could take away for good. Though I realize they are out in the internet universe forever. However, in some cases typing or writing your ideas and thoughts onto paper may not be as long lasting. For example, my writings have been lost or misplaced

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  • Bill Kibbben's 'Now Or Never' By Bill Mckibben

    what the essay says. One of the many examples is, “In 1988, when scientist first testified before Congress about the potential for… rapid climate change, they were still describing a hypothesis” (828). Had the author used a short sentence saying, “The scientist testified before Congress in 1988,” the audience would not have been provided as much information, making it harder for McKibben to support his argument. As the essay develops, the tone goes from informative to critical. At first, the author

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  • High Stakes Testing And Students With Disabilities

    reaching their government-set goals (Katsiyannis et al. 160-161). Each of these larger points emphasize the main purpose of the article, to educate the reader on assessments, as they relate to students with special needs. Although this article is very informative and addresses the implied purpose, it falls short, as the article relies heavily on out of date legislation, opinion-skewed augments, and an assumed knowledge of legislation associated with education. This article was written in 2007, although this

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  • Gladwell Malcolm's 'The Tipping Point' By Gladwell Malcolm

    “tip” and the rules of tipping society forever. The “Tipping Point” has many important and vital elements to it. One of its many key elements is the way the text brings up factual and true stories that relate to its ideas and examples of tipping points. For example, on page 216 to page 217, Chapter 7, there’s an excerpt that gives a story about a young boy named Sima who committed suicide in Micronesia. The excerpt says, “Sima took his own life because his father yelled at him. In the midst of

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  • Peer Review : Mason 's Essay About Depression

    I chose to peer review Tashara Mason’s essay about Depression. Mason chose a couple of fantastic sources to gather her information from. The Mayo Clinic website makes every attempt to provide credible information. For example, they adhere to the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information which can be verified and the Mayo Clinic follows the Consumer Reports WebWatch guidelines which promote credible information on the Internet. Furthermore, the Mayo Clinic has an extensive list of accreditations

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  • Air Asia Advertising Types

    be classified. Informative advertising, persuasive advertising, and product advertising are the three majors advertising objectives. Like other components of the marketing mix, the objectives and form of advertising depend on a product's stage in its life cycle. The three primary objectives of advertising are to inform, to persuade, and to remind buyers about a company and its products. Below are the relationship between advertising and the product life cycle. [pic] Informative Advertising

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  • Annotated Bibliography

    Pro-life advocates believe that life begins at the time a sperm fertilizes an egg, also known as conception. This article is full of unbiased informative because it gives a clear understanding of both opinions on this subject. It also provides explanations and examples from both sides to help the reader get a full understanding of each party’s ideas and opinions. For example, in the article is states that, “Pro-choicers believe a bug has more characteristics of being a living creature than a fetus before

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  • America's Smoke Screen-Portion

    Communication as Action model, the sender sends the message, and the receiver gets the message. For example, the actors and actresses from the 1930s and 40s sent a message to the public, and the public got the message, which was smoking is glamorous, and pleasurable. In the Communication as Interaction model, the sender sends the message, and the receiver gets the message, and sends feedback. For example, in covert advertising in the film industry the actors and actresses send the message that smoking

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  • The Speech Is A Communication Apprehension Is The Level Of Fear, Or Anxiety?

    what my strengths were, as well as my weaknesses. First, I will be reflecting on two strengths, I believe I had when giving my speeches. My first strength would be my transitions and second strength would be my introduction. After, watching my Informative Speech video, I feel like my transitions were pretty solid. Once, I was done with one point, I made sure to summarize that point and then give a preview of what my next point would be. My second strength was the delivery of my introduction, because

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  • A Technological Cloud Hangs Over Higher Education

    past. Because there are easier ways to get notes, PowerPoints, and lectures simply by downloading them from the internet. Whereas, before the internet, the student had to actually take notes during class. Williams asserts his statement by giving examples throughout the essay about not having to use hot projectors anymore to do lectures. Also, not having to use an actual textbook, but rather use the internet or an eBook. The author feels that with this new phase of technology it somehow takes away

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  • Speech On Big Game Hunting On Bush Alaska

    In my informative briefing project, I choose to speak about big game hunting in bush Alaska. If I could redo this project to make it better, I would probably change my topic to the life and times of a celebrity instead because I think that would be easier to plan and speak about. In my informative briefing speech, I had some good qualities and some bad qualities throughout my speech. I believe that my strengths were my visuals on my google slides and the tone of my voice which was loud and clear

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  • Mandatory Online Presentation And Test On The School Shootings

    routine” meaning school shooting are starting to be more common around the U.S. (“Obama on Oregon shooting”, 2015). In past events, there have been terrible outcomes in school shootings. One example is the Columbine High school shooting, which had 15 deaths and had 20 wounded (History.com Staff, 2009). Another example is the Virginia Tech shooting, which had 32 deaths in total (“Massacre at Virginia Tech leaves 32 dead”, 2007). In addition, there was 10 people killed in the Umpqua Community College shooting

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  • Jjdsn Essay

    ). This course will also enhance effective public speaking skills, and research methodology techniques. Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to: * differentiate between the basic forms of speeches: informative and persuasive. * become articulate in speech making * increase your confidence in your public speaking ability. * learn principles of effective public speaking. * demonstrate effective aspects of speech preparation. * apply

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  • Analysis Of Good People Do Bad Things Essay

    side of a hostile situation versus a large crowd. The author’s strategies are very effective as far as I can see; most all theories are backed by facts and statistics. Understanding this article isn’t difficult at all. The author’s language is informative and completely serious. Explaining the personal experience of a woman names Cikara and the horrors of being engaged by several angry people for wearing a red sox cap at a Yankees game. “What I decided to do was take the hat from him, thinking I

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  • Analysis Of Jones ' Speech And Debate Tournament

    with 10 to 15 people; three of those in the audience are there to evaluate her speech and give her feedback. In Jones’ speech, she discusses the rise in the Islamic faith and the decrease in Christianity in European countries. Throughout Jones’ informative speech, she addresses how the audience can make a difference to spread Christianity. Although Jones’ speech has some shortcomings, Jones’ knowledge of the topic is clear through her professional delivery. Before delving into Jones’ speech, it is

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  • The I Have A Garden

    opinion. The pathos element shined in this piece, and that is why it is last. To leave a lingering impression. Having a narrative, informative, and a persuasive makes my argument much more solid. I also believe having them in different genres conveyed my interest and kept my audience intrigued. The narrative appealed mostly to the visual learners, while the informative appealed to the scholarly group. The persuasive, to me, really appealed to the personal side of things. That is why I wrote it as

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  • Themes Used In Truman Capote's In Cold Blood

    about Herb Clutter and hoped to rob him and his family of their money. Capote utilizes a variety of rhetorical devices to convey his complex perspective of Holcomb. More specifically, he uses visual imagery to describe the setting, establishes an informative tone to provide an unbiased view, and includes specifically chosen diction to describe the townspeople. From the start of the novel, Capote begins to incorporate visual imagery to paint the physical description of the town. He describes Holcomb

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  • The 9 / 11 Myths : Special Report

    workings of the U.S. government. In “The Conspiracy Industry: Afterword to PM Expanded Investigation”, Meig effectively discredits conspiracy theorists through an easy-to-follow deductive argument, surprising anecdotes, derisive diction, a candid and informative tone, and several credible sources, which appeal to ethos. Meig’s argument in this article could be difficult for some to understand because unlike the first article where he simply disproves the conspiracy theory through factual evidence, in

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  • The Problem Of The Medical Genre Of Television

    newer, and has captivated audiences around the nation the last 50 years. Unfortunately, the medical genre has slowly evolved from being informative television, to something you laugh at, and finally to high budgeted soap operas that are corrupting teen minds everywhere on what true medicine is. To see this change you have to start at the beginning: the informative side. To start, we will review the show, “Emergency!”, one of the first medical shows to come on television. Airing in 1972, this show

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  • The State Of Union Address

    specific he uses the cause and effect structure. For example he says that taxing home base American manufacturers will bring back the ones overseas thus making more jobs for American citizens. Obama also uses the informative pattern of narrative. Some aspect of his speech is obviously about informing Congress and citizens on the condition of this nation. So, of course Obama uses the informative speech strategy. He uses the narrative aspect of the informative pattern too. When Obama is giving his speech,

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