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  • My Internship Experience : An Intern At Eggleston Family Services, A Foster Care And Adoption Agency

    My internship experience has been phenomenal; I am an intern at Eggleston Family Services, a foster care and adoption agency. The first week at my internship they had me review files of different children that are a part of the foster care system. These children have different background and all have experienced trauma due to abuse. Each file is organized in different section detailing the child’s personal information and court orders. It is extremely devastating to read what these children have

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  • My Internship At The University Of Saint Francis

    My Internship at the University of Saint Francis consisted of me assisting the athletic department staff with any responsibilities from their corresponding jobs. In the athletic department, I was under the supervision of Mitch Ellisen who is the Associate Athletic Director and the Head Men 's Soccer. My responsibilities included: • Helping with scheduling, budget, and maintaining of the soccer program. • Maintaining equipment. • Working on marketing and promoting the soccer program and

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  • My Experience At A Computer Science Internship

    This summer I participated in a computer science internship that helped me realize a lot about not only a future job but also a lot about myself. This was my first job that I had to go to on a daily basis for more than just a few hours. Naturally it was shocking because I did not only have a job where I had two work for almost ten hours a day but I also had to deal with teaching children about computers. IDTech is a company around teaching kids about computer programming in a camp environment so

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  • Summer Internships : A Summer Internship Opportunity

    and digging out your best suit to begin the search for a summer internship opportunity. Although this could lead to beginning a whole new life halfway across the country for 3 months, the experience is worth it in the end. Summer internships provide students with an invaluable educational opportunity while receiving college credit, gaining experiences within their field of study, and forming professional contacts. Many summer internships allow students to receive college credit while working during

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  • Summer Internship Project Essay example

    FINAL (SUMMER) INTERNSHIP REPORT BY EMMANUEL EKIBA BAGENDA On secondment by the International Human Rights Program (at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law), I served as an intern with the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) during the summer of 2006. My internship lasted from May to August and, during this time, I worked under the immediate supervision of Mrs Christine Birabwa Nsubuga (who heads the Legal and Tribunals Section of the UHRC) and Mr Remmy Beauregard (who is the UHRC’s Institutional

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  • My Experience With A Internship Semester

    reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest” ~ Confucius. When you take pride in your work you will reflect upon it. I take great pride in my internship. Therefore, I will reflect on these last few months. Not only have I changed the way that I view my own strengths and weakness, but my view of others has shifted dramatically. This internship semester has given me insight that I never thought I would know. In every situation

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  • A Internship On Pediatric And Adult Nephrology

    twelve students from around the country selected for a premedical internship that focused on pediatric and adult nephrology. During the first week of this internship, I worked as a camp counselor at Camp Okawehna, a summer camp for pediatric nephrology patients. I spent the remainder of the summer following physicians at Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital in the South Texas Medical Center in San Antonio, TX. The internship reaffirmed my desire to become a physician and provided me with several

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  • Internship

    GUIDELINES FOR WRITING THE REPORT OF INTERNSHIP ACTIVITIES Revised February 2013 Master of Science in Counseling Psychology Frostburg State University Frostburg, Maryland 21532-1099 (click on Guidelines for Writing the Internship Activities Report) Guidelines For Writing the Report of Internship Activities 2 Table of Contents What You Should Know Before You Start Your Paper…………………………………………… (including what is done with

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  • My Summer Internship At Hotze Runkle

    My summer internship at Hotze Runkle concluded in early August, bringing my total time with the firm up to about three months. Many of the daily tasks remained the same from the first half of the internship; my primary duty remained working with the asbestos paralegal on settlements in order for the clients to obtain monetary compensation from asbestos trusts. In the last month of my internship, however, the new practice area of pharmaceutical litigation was beginning to become fully functional

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  • Internship Report On The Topaz Internship Program

    Internship Program Program Goals The Topaz internship program focuses on partnering with colleges across the country to provide year-round internship employment experience to undergraduate and graduate level students. This internship program provides students experiential learning experiences in preparation for the job market. The internship program does not provide college credits nor are interns guaranteed a job at the conclusion of the program. According to the National Association of Colleges

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  • Unpaid Internship Is Worth It

    Unpaid Internship Is Worth It Internship is an efficient method obtaining work experience only leading to strong resume for graduate job applications. Internships have significantly become a reputable stepping-stone to employment for student or graduates to kick start their careers. However, some internship is done without being paid. Hence, how do we decide whether an internship is a respected opportunity or new age slavery? In order to gain success, especially in architecture field, one has to

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  • The Writing Of An Internship

    Most students take an internship in order to gain experience and complete their course. However, some students set their minds on getting jobs via their internships. Companies hiring interns to work full-time is not unheard of, but it is certainly not as common as you may think. Here are a few foolproof tips that will push you over the finish line in your race to become gainfully employed. There is no guarantee that you will get a full-time job after your internship Your first job should be

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  • Objectives Of A Enterprise Internship

    Enterprise Internship Enterprise has been recognized by Fortune Magazine as one of the top five internships for real World experience. The beginning of the internship at Enterprise was about teaching the interns about the qualities and business morals that Enterprise has built. The mission statement is “to be the best transportation service provider in the World, to exceed our customers’ expectations for service, quality and value, to provide our employees with a great place to work

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  • Unpaid Internships Should Not Be Paid

    ambition. Internships have become an innovation to begin a job, the kick-start to ones career. Most involve a graduate who applies in hopes of gaining knowledge and practice for their new occupation, paid or unpaid. Many of these students land an internship and trust it is the best method to launch their new career. Although some students argue unpaid internships are unjust to struggling college graduates, internships paid or unpaid drastically benefit students by providing experience and assist

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  • My European Internship Reflection Paper

    European Internship Reflection Paper My European Internship at Kaiserslautern High School in Kaiserslautern, Germany was an unforgettable experience. I say this with both the most positive and highest regard someone could use to define a once in a lifetime and life-changing opportunity. I was able to grow as a future special education educator, a Western Michigan University student, and as an individual. I was pushed out of my comfort zone in many ways inside and outside the classroom, and through

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  • Internship At The Montclair Historical Society

    Internship at The Montclair Historical Society From September 6th – December 22ed, 2016 The Montclair Historical Society or the Montclair Historical Center as it will be called in 2017, is a nonprofit organization promotes preservation, study and appreciation of local history. It was originally founded in 1965 to save the Israel Crane House, a Federal Revival style landmark home built by a local entrepreneur in 1796. It was relocated from Glen Ridge Avenue to its current location on Orange Road

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  • An Internship At A College Student 's Resume

    “Of the 75% of students that said they had an internship, 61% had a job offer by the winter of their senior year” (Rodkin, 2014). This is just one of the many statistics that emphasizes the need for internships in today’s business economy. The use of both paid and unpaid internships has been occurring for as long as humans can look back. Originally, internships were more like apprenticeships, in that the employer worked with one pupil to help them gain a specific trade. Now, “As an intern, you’ll

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  • Internships : Paid Or Unpaid Internships

    Internships: Paid or Unpaid Internships for college students is the gateway to the work force, it gives the person a little taste of the major they have chosen. Some companies offer paid or unpaid internships, but it is up to undergraduates to choose which s/he will benefit from. I know that when I get my bachelors in Speech Pathology, I will be required to do an internship. Personally a paid internship will benefit me more for many reasons, but to any average person like myself these reasons would

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  • Internship Report

    Internship Report by Nigel Ng Ding Xun (BIT) I am Nigel Ng Ding Xun from Business Information Technology. During the ending of my second year in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, I had to go through what may be the toughest thing I faced during my time studying in Ngee Ann. Internship. I was placed in the company Lau Chin Huat & Co. Lau Chin Huat & Co. is a firm of certified public accountants. In the company, there are a total of three different departments. The IT department, the Accounts department

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  • Assignment : My Managerial Internship

    Midterm paper My managerial internship with W.S. Badcock corporation this summer so far has been an essential learning experience in the working world. Overall my time this summer has been enjoyable, albeit tedious and repetitive. My co-workers and supervisors are all pleasant and reasonable, and I feel well respected throughout the company; however, my status of intern is made evident on a regular basis. My jobs revolve entirely around preparing, shipping, and installing components for

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  • Proposal for an Internship Program Essay

    Objectives……………………………………………………………………9 Devising Transfer of Learning…………………………………………………………...10 Designing Instruction…………………………………………………………………….11 Formulating Evaluations…………………………………………………………………13 Making Recommendations………………………………………………………………15 Format of Internship Program …………………………………………………………....16 Identifying Programming Staff…………………………………………………………..17 Budgets and Marketing…………………………………………………………………..18 Facilities………………………………………………………………………………….20 Appendices: Appendix A: Caffarella’s Interactive

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  • My Internship With The Nz Tradings Limited

    Situation 1 In my internship with the NZ Tradings Limited, I had the responsibility to conduct the benchmarking survey for the various restaurants. In order to do that I had to work very closely with each and every department of the organization and unfortunately there were many departments which were not ready to cooperate at all because they thought that I am just an intern and thus they did not took me seriously. For fixing this problem I arranged meeting with Mr. Kuldeep Singh Randhawa and explained

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  • Essay on Internship with the Police Department

    Internship with the Police Department Throughout my one hundred and twenty-hour experience with the Gloversville Police Department, I learned many skills, values and the ways of this Police Department. Many of the calls and situations I went to often could relate to a certain theory that I learned in any of my law classes. I would recommend any student majoring in Criminal Justice to try to take an internship with a local law enforcement agency. I am currently signed up for the civil service

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  • An Internship Experience Has Been A Blessing

    This internship experience has been a blessing. I have learned discipleship, work ethic, honor and respect. I have gotten to see and partake in the behind scenes of children 's ministry. The pastors I follow have done their up most to help me learn. They have taught me that in ministry I have to maintain teach ability and patience. They taught me to be punctual. In ministry, you can never have enough time to prepare. People respected me for keeping up with where I was supposed to be. They saw me

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  • Finding An Internship On Business Management

    Finding an internship in business management was a difficult task in the beginning. I was asking anyone and everyone that I knew if there were any positions available. I put in numerous applications trying to locate a position. I was fortunate enough to came across my great Uncles step granddaughter that has worked at VA for years and she gave me a recommendation. She gave names and contact numbers to get me started and then I went from there. I was really excited about the VA because they have

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  • Internship Report Essay examples

    ANZ Vietnam Internship Report ANZ Vietnam Internship Report Internship Report Synopsis Name | Nguyen Tran Tuan Chau | ID | 03001011011003 | Program | Bachelor of International Management | University | Banking University Ho Chi Minh City | Duration | April 2nd – July 1st, 2014 | Advisor | Hoang Van Chien | Supervisor | Nguyen Huynh Phuoc An, Manager of Credit Assessment Nguyen Xuan Phuong, Assistant Manager of Credit Assessment | Type of Internship | Credit -

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  • The Internship With Pepco Holding Inc

    The Internship with Pepco Holding Inc. was a complete learning experience all the way around. As, interns we worked independently and had to work towards the goal of our company to develop a diverse workforce. We was told our object which was to develop a diverse applicant pool and execute a recruiting strategy and participate in job fairs and recruitment activities. We had to come up with a way to make our object happen and be successful for us. Also, we had to figure out ways to interact

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  • Marketing Internship Final Report

    MKT 353 Marketing Department Internship Final Report Fall 2004 1. Brief description of the company and its marketing strategy. Bolthouse Farms is a family company known for their quality premium fresh produce and innovation. They are a 4th generation family farm since 1915. As a leader in their industry, Bolthouse Farms is the #1 baby carrot producer in the world. With over 2,400 employees, the company produces over 35,000 tons of carrot products every month. After

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  • Internship At ' Million Words Publishing, Llc

    Summer Semester 2015 internship at “Million Words Publishing, LLC”. I mention the experience and training received while working as Senior Media Assistant. The experience and responsibilities expected of all interns. During the eight weeks of working the internship, I write the accomplishments accomplished and the resourceful information to prepare me for a position in the media arena. In addition, I will explain the reason I choose this organization to perform the internship hours. Also, I will

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  • My Experience At My First Day Of Internship

    development throughout my internship and explain what areas of my knowledge have been improved since I started my internship. Some of the topics that will be covered include orientation advice, daily experiences, and communication skill enhancement. Although more topics will be covered, you cannot value enough the lessons learned while working in the real world. The experienced gained has helped me to better understand the information that was taught in the classroom. Internship Orientation and Preparation

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  • Business Plan For An Internship

    There are several courses that were beneficial in preparing me for this internship. The first and most evident is MRKT 4328 Advertising. I did an entire advertising plan for this company and this was the class that helped with the most. The second course that helped was MRKT 3330 Brand Management. There was a substantial amount of material I learned in that class that I used for the advertising materials. For example, being consistent throughout your entire brand and knowing what consumers look

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  • The Science Program Internship Program

    There are many reasons why I would like to participate in the Science Research Internship Program. Most notably I am interested in going into a career that is in the realm of science. Secondly, I strongly believe that this internship would be a great learning experience for me that will take my interest in science even further. In addition, it would also be beneficial for me to work in a more mature program especially since it is located at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This is one of the

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  • Personal Growth And How An Internship Experience Offers

    early. In Chapter 3, of our reading text discussed is, personal growth and how an internship experience offers you a tremendous opportunity to grow and develop as a person. I came out here two weeks before school started because the job asked me how soon could I start, and I wanted to make sure it was right away. Being up here alone has taught me so much responsibility and makes me feel independent. I think experiences like these are the ones that will help mold me into the woman that I am becoming

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  • Internship Essay

    Submission: 30th January, 2014 Internship Report On: Financial Performance Analysis of Grameenphone Ltd. Submitted To: Mr. Abdullah Iftikhar, Lecturer, School of Business Studies, Southeast University. Submitted By: Fakhruddin Ahmed Rubaiyat, ID: 2010010000199, Batch: BBA-24th, Major Subject: Finance. Letter of Transmittal January 30, 2014 Mr. Abdullah Iftikhar, Lecturer, School of Business Studies, Southeast University, Dhaka. Subject: Internship Report on Financial Performance

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  • Internship With The Divisional Clerks Office

    In the beginning of the semester, I would admit I was nervous to start my internship with the Divisional Clerks office. Before these past few months, I had only set-foot in a courthouse once or twice in my life for past tickets. Ever since I was eight years old, I have always wanted to be a lawyer. Growing up I enjoyed watching the television show; Law and Order Special Victims Unit, with my grandfather every day after school. When we would sit and watch the show together, my grandfather would

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  • My Internship At The 7 Rivers Alliance

    My Fall 2016 internship took place at the 7 Rivers Alliance: a “tri-state leadership council dedicated to regional economic growth by fostering collaboration in Southwest Wisconsin, Southeast Minnesota, and Northeast Iowa.” My title at this organization was Public Policy Intern, a generous but not entirely accurate label. My time at 7 Rivers was evenly split between menial tasks (copies, printing, putting stamps on envelopes, etc.) and the analysis/summary of certain works or data. I worked at the

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  • Internship Plan For Internship At Internship

    Internship last semester was not at all what I envisioned. While at internship I really didn’t do much. All I was really able to do was sit and observe. Emilie my supervisor was every stern when it came to observation. She would only let me interact with individuals when I had an assignment to do. She would interrupt sometimes and do everything herself. She is very good at her job and is a good person in general. She just isn’t so good at being a supervisor. She is just very controlling and likes

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  • Internship report on Ananash travel

      Internship report   Recruitment and selection process Of ANANASH TRAVEL RELATED SERVICES LIMITED     Submitted To: Ms.Afsana Akhtar Supervisor Internship Submitted By: Shettalumna Nasir ID:06304069 BRAC Business School BRAC University December 9th,2010 December 9th, 2010 Ms.Afsana Akhtar Internship Supervisor BRAC Business School BRAC University Subject: Submission of Internship Report Dear Madam, I have completed this report as part of my internship program. This report has completed

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  • Should Unpaid Internships Be Paid?

    Internships have been a great way of getting connected with a job a person might apply for in the future. Internships can also save ones time by experimenting in different career fields and gain a lot of experience from working there. According to a natural survey by vault up to 84% of students planned to complete at least one internship before graduating and some will require to do internships to receive college credit. There is a lot of debate on if internships should pay students or not pay students

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  • Science And Engineering Research Internship

    Why do you wish to participate in a science & engineering research internship in the U.S.?  What type of research are you most interested in conducting and are there any potential host labs at Rice University that you would particularly like to work with? (Maximum of 500 words)* One of the reasons why I would like to participate in the program is that I would like to have a research experience in the US, which is the most advanced in technology. The other reason is that I would like to work with

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  • The Work Environment At The Beginning Of The Internship

    3. THE WORK ENVIRONMENT At the beginning of the internship the work environment was very friendly and welcoming, any questions the new employees had were answered and you felt comfortable, although shy in the environment. Employees worked as a team because new employees and old staff were constantly together, which made it easier to listen to how transactions, complaints and questions were to be handled. Lead Hands job were to supervise transactions and help out if a difficult customer was not

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  • Internship Resume : Program Services Intern

    Internship Title: Program Services Intern Program services intern provides the student an opportunity to research about Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV co-infection. Hence, an intern has researched about these diseases and the relationship among them. Finally, the intern should create the PowerPoint that Liver Health Connection (LHC) can use to educate the providers, community, and the patients about these diseases. Organization Name: Liver Health Connection. Formerly called- Hepatitis C Connection

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  • Internships Essay example

    with change in the workplace that is positive and beneficial to all. I asked questions, I was patient, I admitted when I was wrong and most of all I tried my best to be positive and not to get ‘bogged’ down by the change. This year I began my internship with Dart Container Corporation in the Human Resource Management Department. As I entered began working with the company I learned that they had installed an applicant tracking system in 2007. To this day the Human Resource Department is still

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  • Internship Conclusions : Internship Report

    ENVR 393 Internship Conclusions Summary I began my internship on Monday, May 16, a week after I finished up classes at Dordt. I jumped right into things starting with programs with school groups. Sunday and Sarah, the two Sioux County naturalists, the other intern Hailey, and I did all sorts of activities the first few weeks with various school groups across the county including things like fishing, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, and archery. During the time between programs, we did lots of planning

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  • Responsibilities During an Internship Essay

    Providing analytical support to senior traders and product specialists Generating daily P&L and risk management reports Generating client presentation materials Qualifications - click on those links 8:45 a.m. Walking at a brisk pace through your city's financial district with laptop bag in hand, you are off to meet your engagement team at a new audit client site. After spending a month and a half in the Tax practice

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  • Internship Report on Citi Bank

    INTERNSHIP REPORT CITI BANK LIMITED [pic] SUBMITTED TO: Head of internship committee. Department Of Business Administration Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan Sub Campus Sahiwal SUBMITTED BY: Muhammad Umair Waqas BBA(Hons.) 6th semester Roll no: BBS-06 Department Of Business Administration

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  • Argumentative Essay : Unpaid Internships

    percentage of students that completed a paid internship receiving one job offer was 63.1%; however, those who participated in an unpaid internship was 37%. Internships are temporary work positions, where young professionals may gain knowledge and experience in the field they are pursuing. Although it is helpful for young professionals to learn and experience the career path they are pursuing, unpaid internships are not suitable for all applicants. Unpaid internships may also be illegal. According to the

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  • An Internship At Mccauliff Financial Services

    Nationwide Financial Services Over the fall semester, I had the opportunity to perform an internship at McCauliff Financial Services within Nationwide Insurance. Through meetings with new and existing clients and being given tastes of industry experience, I have a greater awareness for selecting and applying personal financial concepts. As a student entering into my first internship, client meetings were my most anticipated sector because the advisor must engage the introduction of products to

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  • My Internship During The Fall Semester

    My internship during the fall semester for US 460 consisted of being a teacher’s aide for the sophomore class in the President’s Leadership Program. I was actually lucky enough to be able to work with two amazing leaders this semester in Steven Trujillo, and Shanna Farmer. They both have previously graduated from the program, and have teamed up this semester to lead the sophomore class of US 260 through their learning experience and shadowing process. The leadership program works under the rules

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  • The Career Goals Of The Internship As A Manager Trainee

    extremely influential on my career goals following graduation. The internship as a management trainee has given me knowledge and insight into the business world. I have had the privileged in working with talented, skillful people as well as building relationships with coworkers, customers, and mentors. While being an intern at Enterprise I have been able to obtain experience in value, customer service, and sales. Each experience has helped me in my career decision and on the path of becoming a successful

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