The Importance Of An Internship Experience

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The importance of an internship experience cannot be overstated. Today, employers favor prospective employees who have done not only one internship but multiple internships. A college education will serve to propel a graduate into a profession by conferring a degree, which demonstrates an academic proficiency in various theoretical and practical examples of ways that a job might be performed. An internship makes the classroom’s abstract theories and learned examples concrete by placing the student in a real life work situation with real live co-workers performing actual professional tasks, which the job encompasses.

Therefore, the payoff of an unpaid internship is that you will gain invaluable professional experience, where you might
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Not every, but many internships have the possibility of developing into full-time employment. The closer you are to the terminal point in your education, graduating, the likelier it is that an internship can develop into a full-time job. For example, let’s suppose that your career choice requires that you get your Doctorate Degree. Doing an internship in an area related to your curriculum when you’re pursuing your Associate Degree is a valuable experience. You can get credit toward your Associate Degree and the experience goes on your resume as professional experience. However, a student will in all likelihood not get offered the job you would get when you’ve earned either your Bachelor Degree or your Doctoral Degree. You may be offered a job that you would like to do while you’re continuing to go to school to get your advanced degrees, but you’re advanced degrees will be necessary to achieve your ultimate goals. During the pursuit of your Advanced Degrees you can do additional internships for credit, (following the outline and requirements of the degree conferring institution,) which in turn may also lead to other employment opportunities. While you’re a student this is an ongoing fluid situation offering enormous, exciting, and endless …show more content…
Being able to earn practical experience and credit towards your degree is an exciting prospect that adds an additional virtual dimension to the educational process. No longer is simply a classroom education with a 4.0 GPA enough. Employers want to see the multi-dimensional thinking necessary to succeed in the very dynamic and ever-changing workplace. The process of to successfully applying, interviewing, obtaining, and fulfilling the responsibilities of an internship demonstrates an understanding and ability to sequence and carry out a complicated plan. The plan to do an internship in turn is perfect practice to finding a job. The process is virtually the same. Searching, planning, applying and doing; whether it’s an internship or a job the process is the same. The saying, “Practice makes perfect,” is directly relevant to the internship/job experience. If you have successfully carried out an internship you have all of the necessary skills to do the same for employment. When the time comes for you to seek and find your “Dream Job” you will be well prepared and groomed to get what you want in

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