Statement Of Purpose: Medical-Surgical Nursing

1. Please list any course work or experience gained through your degree that is relevant to your internship goals*
As a nursing major, I have been able to take a variety of courses pertaining to the scientific aspects of healthcare. These courses include Nursing Fundamentals; Integration of Pharmacology and Pathophysiology; Medical-Surgical Nursing I; Health Assessment; and many more. The content I have learned and utilized in these courses has prepared me for the scientific intricacies of a healthcare profession, considering that they require me to draw from a large background of science. In addition, a sole requirement of the Medical-Surgical Nursing I course is the clinical portion. I am required to practice my nursing skills in a weekly
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I am excited to explore global healthcare in a city that is rich with history and facilities pertaining to public health and medicine. Working with varying demographics in a different environment (notably one of the healthcare hotspots in the world) will open me up to new pathways for my nursing career and goal of advocating for different populations in healthcare. My path of academia includes working towards pursuing a career that allows me to merge a professional healthcare degree with the knowledge of public health and law. An internship with the CAPA London Program can assist me towards my path by preparing me as a professional and helping me to become a well-rounded intellectual. Learning is a life-long endeavor to me, and I believe that this specific CAPA program would enhance my learning by providing me with a plethora of exciting, new resources. I would like to take my nursing career further by being able to defend patient rights in a legal setting, and by advocating for improved healthcare legislation. All in all, I know that acquiring substantial backgrounds in law and public health would better help me to apply my nursing knowledge to fighting for social justice. I believe that the internship opportunity offered by the CAPA London Program would help to pave my path of life-long learning and intense preparation for the career I …show more content…
This goal may be embodied through field work, clerical work, clinical work, etc. I would like to gain real-life experience on the job, learn from professionals, and contribute to the health and well-being of the community. I envision myself performing the following duties or others that are similar: assisting at public hospitals, conducting nutrition classes, providing treatment, implementing health programs, supporting cancer patients, assisting the elderly, working in a community clinic, teaching a language, etc.
6. If you are seeking a political placement, how important is it that your site reflect your political beliefs? Please give an indication of those beliefs if applicable
I am not seeking a political placement, and it is not important to me for my site to reflect my political beliefs. I am eager to work with organizations that represent a breadth of beliefs, as it will broaden my perspectives and experiences. I intend to keep my personal political views and professional responsibilities separate.
7. Please provide any additional information that will assist us in locating the most appropriate and rewarding placement for you. Include any special skills you may have i.e. computers, languages, strengths, personal qualities

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