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  • Personal Narrative: My Internship Experience At The Quicken Loans Arena

    Introduction My internship experience at the Quicken Loans Arena was amazing I was extremely honored to get the opportunity to work as an intern for this organization since I already work at this organization as a GSR Ticket Taker. It really was a great experience for me and I can say thank you to the Quicken Loans Arena for allowing me to have this incredible experience. Organization Overview The Quicken Loans Arena, originally known as "The Q", is a multi-purpose arena downtown in Cleveland, Ohio, The building is the home of the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Lake Erie Monsters, and the Cleveland Gladiators Football League. The Quicken Loans Arena seats about 20,562 individuals in the arena and up to 20,056 for the ice hockey, making it the third…

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  • Gladiator Movie Analysis

    The movie Gladiator, directed by Ridley Scott, tells the story of general Maximus (played by Russell Crowe) that stands against crazy Emperor (played by Joaquiem Phoenix) is considered to be one of the best historical movies in modern history. However, as it goes in historic movies, Gladiator is showing the audience the popular recitation period and masks the real perception and the real course of government. It is true that most of the changes made in the movie could only strengthen the…

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  • Gladiator Spartacus

    As we aggressively protect our freedom, we admire the rebels who have fought for it. Writers of history flatter these individuals in stories. Their admirable traits make them very susceptible to immortalisation through myth and legend. Two individuals who have been thus immortalised are Roman gladiator Spartacus and Scottish rebel William Wallace. They continue to inspire people to strive for freedom. As long as rebels survive in the public interest, such as through story, myth or symbolism,…

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  • Gladiators In Ancient Rome

    Gladiators, or “swordsmen”, were the main attraction in the colosseum. They reenacted famous battles, tragic plays, and even flooded the whole colosseum to perform sea battles. Gladiators could be prisoners, free men, and sometimes even women. When they fought it was it was all about the entertainment, if the people weren’t entertained then you were killed. Gladiators were a huge part of many civilizations cultures because they kept traditions alive. People would come from all around just…

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  • Essay On Life As A Gladiator

    Living Life as a Gladiator What would life be like to live as a gladiator? Some gladiators loved the thrill of fighting. Gladiators were worshiped and hailed by the spectators. Many gladiators hated fighting to the death in arenas and coliseums. Most gladiators were enslaved and forced into this lifestyle. What is a gladiator? According to American Heritage Dictionary (1985) “A gladiator is a person trained to entertain the public by engaging in mortal combat in the ancient Roman arenas” (Page…

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  • Similarities Between The Colosseum And The Ball Games

    By forcing the prisoners to play the game/fight in the arena, the war captives were basically being executed in a way of a game. The gladiators who fought in the Colosseum were trained to fight. Any prisoner forced to fight, most likely, wouldn’t stand a chance against a gladiator who had been trained under certain circumstances and with certain weaponry. Another similarity between the two is that the prisoners of war were forced to participate in the activities. The same goes with captives…

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  • True Heroes In Robert Ray's The Thematic Paradigm

    word “hero” people tend to start with the thought of a super hero, such as Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Captain America and countless other super heroes. That is fine except you are thinking of super heroes. True heroes don’t have any special ability. This is pointed out quite clearly in Robert Ray’s “The Thematic Paradigm.” Ray also argues that movie heroes that are from an American background can be classified as either official heroes, outlaw heroes, or a combination of the two; this is known…

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  • Roles Of The Gladiators

    The Gladiators and games were not what they are historically described as in most history textbooks. History teaches us that the gladiators were murderers, rapists and the dregs of the Roman Empire and they were forced to fight. However, this is not entirely the case. The role of the Gladiators and the Gladiatorial games on the Roman Empire was long-lasting and far-reaching. When the games first took off, many of the soldiers were actually volunteers who wanted to fight to increase their social…

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  • How Did The Munera Influence Roman Society

    In both the temporary seating erected in the fora for early games, as well as the permanent amphitheatres constructed later, spectators were designated seats based on social status1. This physical organization of Roman social hierarchy not only reminded each individual of their place in society, but also that they were part of the social community, in contrast to slaves, criminals and other outcasts. For the munera sponsors, these games were an opportunity to gain favour with the people by…

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  • Essay On Roman Empire

    after Roman temples. The beauty of Roman architecture has stood the stand of time and will continue to because it has left a legacy of people trying to model it. The Romans were some the first people to make a spectacle out of fights. The Roman Colosseum held gladiatorial contests for people to fight. In these contest gladiators would fight for people in the stands to watch. This showed that people enjoyed watching other shed blood in a contest for entertainment. Today people still watch…

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