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    – A description of four different examples of accidents and/or sudden illnesses should occur Asthma Attack – An asthma attack is a sudden worsening of asthma symptoms caused by the tightening of muscles around the airways. During an asthma attack, the lining of the airways also become swollen or inflamed and thicker mucus, more than normal, is produced. All of these factors, cause symptoms of an asthma attack such as difficulty breathing, wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath and difficulty performing

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    in my life. I was an average player, who had a drive to succeed and go far. Early in my soccer career I began to have difficulty breathing, and was struggling to run normally. I was then diagnosed with asthma. I was frustrated with the way I was playing, but decided I was not going to let the asthma control my life, or my dreams. As in The Pact, George, Rameck, and Sam tried not let the distractions of their home lives interfere with the drive to succeed in college, and fulfill their dreams. In George’s

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    and/or mold spores found within the home or office. According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (ACAAI), Allergic Rhinitis affects up to 50 million Americans each year in the United States, which corresponds to almost 30% of the adult population and 40% of children (ACAAI, 2014). Another study published in 2013 in the scientific journal of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology found that 75 percent of asthmatic between the ages of 20- to 40-years-old, and 65

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  • Essay on Asthma and Its Types

    Van Beethoven all have in common? They all have or had Asthma. Asthma has been part of the world for many of years and anyone can have Asthma. According to the Center for Disease Control 18.7 million adults and 7.1 million children in the United States alone suffer from Asthma. Over 3,300 people die from Asthma each year. Asthma is also called hyperactive airway disease. It affects the airways (breathing tubes). When people have asthma attacks they have trouble breathing and sometimes they

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  • Family Assessment Paper

    Jackson, MS. Mrs. BH is also African American and is the mother of the family. She is 35 years old and teaches at one of the local high schools in Jackson, MS. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey have 2 kids. CH is a 13 year on girl who is in the 7th grade and has asthma. Her brother, DH, is 6 years old in the 1st grade with no present known medical history. The whole family takes weekend trips every other weekend. They enjoy hiking, amusement parks, computers, shopping, and site seeing. Parents’ perception is that

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    Allergy Asthma and Immunology" (2015), “The number of people with asthma continues to grow. One in 12 people (about 25 million, or 8% of the U.S. population) had asthma in 2009, compared with 1 in 14 (about 20 million, or 7%) in 2001.” Another scary eye opener is that more than half 53% to be exact of people with asthma had an attack in 2008. Out of that 53 percent of people more children suffered from asthma attacks then adults. In 2007 a whopping 185 children and 3,262 adults died from asthma ("American

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  • Essay The Dangers of Smoking

    problems. These includes servere asthma attacks, respiratory infections, ear infections and also sudden death syndrome. Their lungs grow less than the children who are not exposed to secondhand smoke. Wheezing and coughing are more common in children who breathes in secondhand smoke. They also have severe and frequent asthma attacks that can put their life in danger. According to the American Cancer Society, more than 40% of children who go to the emergancy room for asthma lives with smokers. Secondhand

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    Pharmacogenomics is the whole genome application of pharmacogenetics, which examines the single gene interactions with drugs. Pharmacogenomics is being used for all critical illnesses like cancer, cardio vascular disorders, HIV, tuberculosis, asthma, and diabetes. In cancer treatment, pharmacogenomics tests are used to identify which patient will have toxicity from commonly used cancer drugs and identify which patient will not respond to commonly used cancer drug. Over the last couple of years

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  • Nature and our responsibility towards it Essay

    responsibility and pollute the air with these factories and vehicles the air will only get worst in the upcoming years. Asthma attacks kill more than 3000 people every year in the United States. Particulate matter which is dust, ash, and diesel exhaust goes up into the air and causes pollution. When a person with asthma or other breathing conditions breathe in the air it attacks the lungs and cause asthma attacks or respiratory failure. There are about 81 million people that live in an area that does not meet

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  • Chapter 29 Nursing Management Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

    would not be given until after the baseline pulmonary function was assessed. DIF: Cognitive Level: Apply (application) REF: 566 TOP: Nursing Process: Implementation MSC: NCLEX: Physiological Integrity 4. Which information will the nurse include in the asthma teaching plan for a patient being discharged? a. Use the inhaled corticosteroid when shortness of breath occurs. b. Inhale slowly and deeply when using the dry powder inhaler (DPI). c. Hold your breath for 5 seconds after using the bronchodilator

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  • Psychology Essay

    The aim of this essay is to consider the psychological factor of social influence could be contributing to the current situation of an 8 year old girl who is suffering with asthma, she lives with her Mum in the area of Springburn in Glasgow, and after a recent review has presented some issues that have raised concern. Conformity, compliance and adherence are all forms of social influence and these can occur when a person’s behaviour and emotions are being affected by other people, or groups

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  • Acute Exacerbation of Asthma - Case Study

    Nursing Care Study This assignment is a case study of a patient who was admitted to a respiratory ward with acute exacerbation of asthma. This assignment will discuss nursing an adult patient with asthma, also it will aim to critically assess, plan, implement and evaluate the patients nursing needs using the Roper, Logan and Tierney nursing model (1980). This case study will focus on the maintaining a safe environment. It is worth noting that the activities of daily living are interlinked e

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  • What Is Asthma? - Paper

    WHAT IS ASTHMA? Asthma is a chronic disease of the airways that makes breathing difficult. With asthma, there is inflammation of the air passages that results in a temporary narrowing of the airways that carry oxygen to the lungs. When this inflammation occurs, the asthma symptoms start to show, such as, coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and chest tightness. Even though there are many treatments for asthma symptoms, it is still a very serious disease that affects more than 22 million Americans

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  • Exploring Asthma Essay

    Exploring Asthma Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the airways in which many cells and cellular elements play a role, in particular, mast cells, eosinophils, T lymphocytes, macrophages, neutrophils and epithelial cells. In susceptible individuals this inflammation causes recurrent episodes of wheezing, breathlessness, chest tightness and coughing, particularly at night or in the early morning. These episodes are usually associated with widespread but variable

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  • Asthma Essay

    million individuals worldwide suffering from asthma (WHO 2006). It is expected by the year 2025 there will an additional 100 million persons diagnosed with asthma. As the prevalence of this non-communicable disease continues to rise there must me methods implemented to control and monitor. It is with this foundation that a needs assessment was conducted in the emergency department (ED) of the Princess Margaret Hospital in Nassau, Bahamas. Uncontrolled asthma places an enormous strain on individuals’

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  • Asthma Essay

    Asthma is such a common disease. For instance, a negative response to an emotional stress can cause an asthma attack (Mark 1007). Have you actually seen someone have an asthma attack? It is the scariest thing because you cannot do anything about it. They say that there are no cures for asthma, and they also claim that there is some natural therapies that may help to manage symptoms of asthma. Weather your asthma is completely manageable and only shows up from time to time, or if you only have to

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  • Essay Pulmanary

    chronic bronchitis, and small airway disease Emphysema-structural change via destruction and enlargement of alveoli Chronic bronchitis- chronic cough and mucous production Small airway disease-generalized narrowing of bronchioles, may include asthma COPD-4th leading cause of death in United States Risk factors- smoking, outdoor air pollution, occupational dust and chemicals Candium exposure can cause COPD Alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency- hereditary COPD cause air trapping- mucous obstructs

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  • Essay on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

    the walls between the air sacs are destroyed, the walls of the airways become swollen, or if the airways are clogged because they made more mucus than usual. Three main conditions of this disease are emphysema, chronic obstructive bronchitis, and asthma. Most patients who suffer from COPD also suffer from emphysema and chronic bronchitis as to why they are commonly just defined as COPD. The patients who experience one or more of these conditions usually find it even more difficult to breathe. It

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  • Essay on Smoldering Ashtray: The Effects of Second Hand Smoking

    Williamson states “The exposure of children to [second hand smoke] is [a] particularly important public health issue” (423). Young children growing up with secondhand smoke are more vulnerable to the health risks of SIDS, pneumonia, ear infections, asthma, and other respiratory deficiencies. Maranzo and several others inform us “[I]t has been estimated that [about forty] million children are still [being] exposed to SHS” (1299). Having a more sensitive immune system and a lower tolerance for pollutants

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  • Asthma Essay

    Asthma Introduction In today's society children are faced with many problems in their day to day life. However, there is one disorder that affects many children and can be potentially fatal if not caught and treated correctly. This disorder is call asthma. The National Center for Biotechnology Information defines asthma as, "Asthma is a disorder that causes the airways of the lungs to swell and narrow, leading to wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightening, and coughing." Asthma mostly effects

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  • Essay about What is a Data Mart?

    creating a data mart, we can explorer that data in your Electronic Health Record (EHR) system and leverage that information for disease management. You can utilize the data from EHR’s applications to report on patients with a chronic disease like asthma. Performance reporting about those patients can be achieved in a much shorter time with information from a data mart. The wonderful features of data mart includes pre-summarized stats about the subject, simplified report writing, improve query performance

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  • Human Anatomy and Physiology an Introduction to Respiration Essays

    upper and lower respiratory tracts with a note on the control system. Secondly we will consider the physiology of respiration. Thirdly we will discuss some of the major common disorders and diseases which affect the system with a special focus on asthma. A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE STUDY OF RESPIRATION Hippocrates "counted air as an instrument of the body" just as food was eaten. Galen (129-200) felt that respiration served a triple purpose: 1) breathing cooled the heart, 2) air needed for production

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  • Asthma Outline Essay

    Chronic Disease: Asthma Outline Kyle S. Leister SCI-162 08/12/2012 Dr. John Wallman Chronic Disease: Asthma Outline I. Introduction: Looking at Asthma and breaking it down to fully understand the chronic disease. II. Description of Asthma: A. Meaning of Asthma 1. Asthma as a word means, “To breathe hard.” Just as the definition of the word, people with asthma have a hard time breathing, tightness in the chest and wheezing can occur. It is also a chronic disease of the respiratory

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  • Unit 3 Health Notes Essay

    diabetes prevention focus. | Asthma | A chronic condition that affects the small passages of the lungs and restricts breathing. | Due to its high prevalence and the physical, social, economic and emotional burden it places on the community | -Biological: age, sex, genetics and ethnicity.-Behavioural: tobacco smoking-Social: occupation, socio-economic status.-physical environment: geographic location | Asthma Friendly Schools Program

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    Case Study 2: Session 7 R.J. is a 15-year-old boy with a history of asthma diagnosed at age 8. His asthma episodes are triggered by exposure to cats and various plant pollens. He has been using his albuterol inhaler 10 to 12 times per day over the last 3 days and is continuing to wheeze. He normally needs his inhaler only occasionally (2 or 3 times per week). He takes no other medications and has no other known medical conditions. Physical examination reveals moderate respiratory distress with

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  • Essay on Health Issues Concerning African American Population

    to many diseases and health problems throughout the last number of years. The male and female citizens of the African American population have been struggling with high rates of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, cancer rates, stroke, diabetes, asthma and HIV/AIDS just to name a few. The African American woman is more likely to be a single mother and more likely to have more children than the non-African American population (U.S. Census Center, 2004). This puts the women and her children at a higher

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  • Neighborhood Scholarly Paper

    Neighborhood Scholarly Paper: Effective Control of Asthma Using Peak Flow Monitoring Tammy Harris Alvernia University Neighborhood Scholarly Paper: K.Y. Management of Asthma Using Peak Flow Monitoring The client focus of this paper is K. Y. She is an eight-year-old, typical third grader at the local elementary school, where she enjoys playing with her friends. K.Y. lives at home with her father, mother and two brothers. She takes swimming lessons, piano lessons, and enjoys family outings. Bur

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    the patient having an acute asthma attack, the FEV1% decreased to _____ %. | 40% | 1. Which of these volumes or capacities changed the most in the person doing the heavy aerobic exercise? a. TV b. ERV c. FVC d. TLC | A-TV | 1. What happened to the RV for both the emphysema patient and the asthma patient (before inhaled medication)? a. It decreased for both patients. b. It increased for the emphysema patient and decreased for the asthma patient. c. It remained

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    Asthma (from the Greek άσθμα, ásthma, "panting") is a common chronic inflammatory disease of the airways characterized by variable and recurring symptoms, reversible airflow obstruction, and bronchospasm. Symptoms include wheezing, coughing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath. Treatment of acute symptoms is usually with an inhaled short-acting beta-2 agonist (such as salbutamol). Symptoms can be prevented by avoiding triggers, such as allergens[4] and irritants, and by inhaling corticosteroids

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    Childhood Asthma This Ad Council uses two different partners. One is U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as Sponsors; another is The Barbarian Group as Volunteer Agencies. This campaign first launched in March 2001 and includes PSAs of all media types in both English and Spanish. This activity provides a simple technique for parents and caregivers to eliminate certain incentives to reduce asthma symptoms and prevention of asthma. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency mission statement is as

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  • Obesity and Overweight Essay

    How does being overweight or obese affect my health? The beginning health problems included; Type 2 diabetes, Asthma, Sleeping problems and Hypertension. Having Type 2 Diabetes means “Type 2 diabetes is a lifelong (chronic) disease in which there are high levels of sugar (glucose) in the blood” (National Library of Medicine). Also being overweight you will have Asthma which means “Asthma is a disorder that causes the airways of the lungs to swell and narrow, leading to wheezing, shortness of breath

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  • Gaseous Exchange Questions for Your Exam Essay

    | | |Demonstrate the effect of cigarette smoking using cotton wool, bicarbonate indicator, etc | | |Explain one breathing disorder, e.g. from asthma and bronchitis | | |Give possible causes of the disorder

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  • Personal Narrative: Overcoming My Asthma and Completing a Marathon

    Overcoming my Asthma and Completing a Marathon It all started when I was first born, “ Mr. And Mrs. Sadler I’m sorry to inform you but your son has asthma.” After that my life was going to become a roller coaster of medication, emergency room visits, and life long lessons along the way. There are many life long messages that I could explain to people, doing the right thing comes with consciences, being nice doesn’t always get you first but you feel better about yourself, and probably coming to

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  • Essay about Asthma

    people have a superior possibility of surviving and recreating than ordinary people in districts where jungle fever is predominant. ASTHMA Asthma is a state of the bronchial tubes described by scenes of tightening and expanded mucous generation. A man with asthma has bronchial tubes that are super delicate to different jolts, or triggers, that can deliver asthma indication. As such, asthmatics have uncommon affectability that causes their lung tissue to respond significantly more than is ought

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  • Physiological Disorders

    enable the diagnosis of these physiological disorders and assess possible difficulties involved in the diagnosis of the disorders from their signs and symptoms. P1 The two physiological disorders that I am going to talk about are Diabetes and Asthma. Diabetes: What is diabetes? Diabetes is when your body does not make enough insulin or cannot use its own insulin as well as it should. Insulin is a hormone and also a protein, which is made by the cells within the pancreas. This causes the

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  • Epigenetics

    done in rats, but a rat’s physiology is sufficiently similar to a human’s to suspect the same thing may be true in Homo sapiens. In a nutshell, Dr Rehan showed that if pregnant rats are exposed to nicotine, not only will their offspring develop the asthma induced by this drug, so will the offspring of those offspring. Dr Rehan and his team injected their rats with nicotine when they were six days pregnant. (Rat pregnancies last 22 days.) They then allowed them to give birth and raised the pups to

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  • Pediatric Assessment Essay

    exacerbation of asthma. My client’s mother brought her to the Emergency Room January 14th at 9:30 am due to respiratory distress. My client was running a fever of 101.8 and had been coughing and wheezing for two days and was not showing any signs of improvement. According to Moby’s Pediatric Reference, asthma is a lung disease where there is an obstruction, or inflammation in the airway, airway hyperresponsiveness, or spasm of the bronchial smooth muscle. A flare up, or exacerbation of asthma can be precipitated

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  • Essay on Ottawa Charter

    resilience skills of patients and people at risk of disease or depression; grief counsellors | Asthma | Increase taxation on tobacco | National asthma council Australia - a support service for people that suffer of allergies and asthma, which provides a supportive social environment.Removing asthmas triggers from the physical environment | Self help groups for asthmatics on how to manage their asthma. | Asthma education programs in schoolsDistribution of accurate information via mass media (TV, newspaper

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  • Comparative Ultrastructural Analyses of Platelets and fibrin Networks Using the Murine Model of Asthma

    de/etp Comparative ultrastructural analyses of platelets and fibrin networks using the murine model of asthma E. PretoriusÃ, O.E. Ekpo, E. Smit Department of Anatomy, School of Health Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Pretoria, BMW Building, P.O. Box 2034, Pretoria 0001, South Africa Received 10 October 2006; accepted 13 February 2007 Abstract The murine Balb/c asthma model has been used successfully for a number of in vivo immunological applications and for testing novel

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  • The Presence Shortage of School Nurses Harming Our Children's Wellness

    most school districts. As a result, accidents occur and must go untreated leading to serious conditions and even death. Negative patient care outcomes are even more common now that there are environmental health concerns leading to the increase in Asthma and genetically induced obesity-related diseases that can develop in children. The nutritional aspect is not completely met since a nurse is not always in attendance to educate students and their parents about healthy eating and other habits. There

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  • The Central Nervous System and Chiropractic Care Essay

    pain, and promote healthy body functions. Females make up approximately 60% of all chiropractic patients, while the majority of chiropractors are male. Studies show that within 60 days of routine chiropractic care in asthma patients that asthma attacks were lessened by 44.9% and asthma medications were decreased by 66.5%. Many people are hesitant to see a chiropractor from a fear of injury but one is twice is likely to be struck by lightning than injured during chiropractic care. When Chiropractic

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  • Childhood Obesity Essay

    their motor weaknesses, because they are less demanding and involve little to no large muscle movements (Stodden & Goodway, 2007). Furthermore, physical activity has been found to benefit children with chronic conditions, such as cerebral palsy and asthma. Styler-Acevedo (1999) reported that children with cerebral palsy have difficulty doing everyday activities, such as going up and down the stairs, moving from one location to another and walking over uneven ground (as cited in Olaf et al., 2008).

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  • Environmental Science

    and Radiologic Terrorism, Environmental Public Health Tracking, Health Studies, and Radiation Studies. Asthma is a disease that affects your lungs. It causes repeated episodes of wheezing, breathlessness, chest tightness, and nighttime or early morning coughing. Taking medicines and avoiding triggers that can cause the attack can control asthma. Under air pollution and respiratory health, asthma remains an important cause of illness and death in the United States. The EHHE works with state grantees

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  • Hcs 245 Week 4 Essay

    Asthma Misty Kroenke November 29, 2010 HCS245 Timothy Coleman Asthma is a widespread disease that affects many cultures and has no boundaries. It does not care about country, race, religion or sex. Asthma can affect anyone and can develop at an early age or later in life. People who have asthma the airways in the lungs narrow and swell. They produce extra mucus and breathing becomes difficult. Some common signs and symptoms of asthma are coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. Asthma

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  • Importance of Research Essays

    presentations for work research is the most important process of the writing process. This paper will discuss the three segments of the TEDTalks: Award –Winning Teenage Science in Action video. The three segments discuss carcinogens, chemotherapy and asthma. Segment 1 Lauren Hodge conducted a research study on carcinogens in grilled chicken. The hypothesis developed by Lauren was “could possibly the carcinogens be decreased due to a marinade and could it be due to the differences in pH?” ( ). This

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  • Legalizing the Selling of Unpasteurized Milk Essay

    (Maples). Asthma and atopy are serious problems in young children who live in rural areas. Unpasteurized cow’s milk has been found to be a possible protective factor for these diseases (Sozanska). Atopy is an allergic reaction to something and asthma is a serious respiratory condition. Sozanska found that there was a 95% confidence interval. This made a lot of people confident that raw milk has a lot of health benefits. Early-life exposure to unpasteurized milk may protect against atopy, asthma, and related

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  • Smoking Prohibited with Minors in Vehicles Essay

    million American children have been diagnosed with asthma. The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta report that in 1993, 159,000 children under the age of fifteen were hospitalized for acute asthma, and 5,300 people died. The American Lung Association states that the annual health care cost for asthma is 12.6 billion dollars. "The value of reduced productivity due to loss of school days represented the largest single indirect cost related to asthma, approaching $1 billion." The National Institute

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  • Cultural and Disease Paper

    The disease that I am writing about today is Asthma. This disease is a severe allergic reaction in which the bronchial tubes in the lungs swell and become blocked with mucous. The membranes lining the inner walls of the air passages become inflamed, causing the airways to narrow and making it difficult to breathe. Asthma affects roughly 17 million Americans. Five million of those affected by this disease are under the age of 18, making asthma the most common chronic childhood disease

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  • Essay about Asthma

    Running Header: Asthma Paper on Asthma September 10, 2010 Abstract Chronic bronchitis is a preventable disease highly linked to smoking. Once a patient is diagnosed with chronic bronchitis through pulmonary function tests and other exams, it is not curable but there are medications that may help in alleviating symptoms. Chronic bronchitis patients are often referred to as “Blue bloater.” In chronic bronchitis, there is a marked increased in the proliferation of the goblet cells that results

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  • Characteristics and Treatments for Asthma Essay

    Characteristics and Treatments for Asthma Asthma is very common, but it isn’t well understood. Current treatments for the disease are getting to be more effective. In the future, hopefully advances in medical research will lead to even better treatments then the ones we currently have. We use our lungs to breathe they work by taking oxygen from the air we breathe in and then disposing it as carbon dioxide; Carbon Dioxide is a deadly waste product made by the cells of the body. Once this exchange

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