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  • What Is Victoria's Music?

    Victorias music, which was Composed at the end of the 16th Century, and the beginning of the 17th Century, was part of the music that he had written for the church. His music was to be sung as a part of the Catholic liturgy and all of the texts are to be written and read in the Latin language, the official texts of the church. One thing that many people found surprising about his music is that despite his Roman training and years of living in the city, Victoria so strongly retained his Spanish roots. Some of Victoria's finest works were composed after his return home, and many of them contain features that seem to display the deeply mystical approach of so much Spanish Renaissance music. In comparison with Palestrina Victoria's works reveal a greater emphasis on chromatic color and use of dynamic contrast; Victoria's block harmonies and multiple choirs look forward to the Baroque.These early efforts are highly personal compositions displaying a wide range of expressive intensity and…

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  • What Are The Problems Of Church Music

    many things, which people try to be, or to do. Music is one of the things, which people have been using it to be delivered from problems, to get joy and to feel freedom either by listening or composing/ being an artist. As I grew and living in the society, who has love, respect, and great appreciation for a music from ancient times either in church or anywhere for any kinds of music, which people classify in any categories. Contrary, there may be problems to be solved in order to have better…

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  • Definition Essay-What Is Music?

    What is Music? When words fail, music speaks. Music is an unavoidable part in everyone’s life. Whether its music you play by personal choice or music you hear in supermarkets or on the radio in the car. Society is all about music. Music has been a part of every culture; it has been there from the beginning of time and will be there at the end. Music is not just noise, music is another language to express your thoughts and your personality, it is a type of therapy and motivator, and it is a…

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  • What Music Means To Me

    “What Music Means to Me” Music could inspire anyone in numerous amounts of ways, because music inevitably consists of everyone’s daily life through the 3 elements of music which are rhythm, harmony, and melody. I listen to music because of how soothing and relieving it can be especially during rough times. I don’t only listen to music when I’m down; I’m basically always doing so in any of my emotions because there are many different types of music to reflect your mood. When I’m listening to…

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  • Process Essay: What Is Music?

    Music has been around for centuries. Nobody is sure how it even sounded when man had first invented it. There are early traces of some instruments, but they are nothing like what you would see today. There are a number of differences in music today than in the past. So that raises the question. What is music? Many people may have many different answers. Some people may say it is just a bunch of instruments playing together on stage, but does it even have to be that? Music can have absolutely no…

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  • What Is Music Therapy?

    93% of American citizens listen to music according to Music 360 2014. With, on average, 25 hours per week devoted to this activity, does it have any alternate uses other than for pure enjoyment? The answer is yes, with music therapy. “Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program.” (American Music Therapy…

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  • What Is Music Appropriation

    visual culture is the imagery in the music industry. The music you listen to as child influences your style throughout youth; this has also historically created many different types of subcultures such as hippies, Punks and Mods, in addition, this extends to regional musical cultures. Musically the idea of appropriation is transferable, with bands & musicians taking heavy influence form the past and because of the advent of sampling; the act of taking a portion, or ‘sample’, of one sound…

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  • Aaron Copland's What To Listen For In Music

    Aaron Copland book, What to Listen for in Music, seems helpful to me because it explained music, and where music comes from through the eyes of the composer. His essay creates the foundation for an scientifical musical appreciation, beginning with basics as harmony, melodies , and pattern. It also has implicitly caused me to start asking some questions when I'm listening to a piece of music. Aaron Copland classifies and discusses three levels of listening to music : sensuous place, expressive…

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  • What Is The Influence Of Music In The 50's

    During the documentary, we could watch the influences through some musicians in the 50´s. Those musicians had been inspired mostly by the times that the world was living. For example, segregation, and Vietnam world. They used Jazz as a kind of expression, as a political believes. The most notable musicians in these time were Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, Ornette Coleman, and Dave Brubek. All of them moved the Jazz to another level. A new kind of Jazz became, some improvisation, no guides, new…

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  • What Are The Common Misconceptions Surrounding Music?

    Music isn’t a real subject. Music is easy. There’s no career in music. Music isn’t important. These are all some common misconceptions surrounding music. Today I will be informing you of the incredible benefits music can bring to our society. This includes the correlation of emotions, brain development and activity via music and music therapy and healing. To begin I will be enlightening you about the correlation of emotions with music. There is little dispute over the fact that music evokes…

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